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 .....Arabs moan/ IRAN's religious alike?: Why this male behaviour?... MALES ARE WEAKER IN ETHICS THAN WOMEN! ......... Leaders en francais
AH-MADINEJAD - dictatorship in IRAN'12
2 systems: AH-m./religious rule, in debate news 
< countries. Male systems. Not concensus:
Analyze RISKS
Clubs are invited to send freely...; The Elders-
Population blames fate to the religious in IRAN
a folder, spotlight leaders

Male Group Doctrines

- S. Africa is the only example of good governance for IRAN

file Mandela versus Iran
Next country, Arabs

file Modern behaviour
-ETHICS male Type X:
..autocratic RULERS
..males in religion bring a Stone Era in Leadership

Irans group doctrine :
-religious males manage
, rule a females bottom?

- player in Iran? How?

per 2010, new elections should 'send president AH-MADINEJAD and the unilateral 'MALE SYSTEM' to history'.
IRAN - NEWS ... crises due to 'the male system', you get male FATE together with any religion
Foundation KOA against male Type X... stimulates a MODERNIZATION- view ... in sports terms
- Mr. AH-Madinejad, an engeneer. He is a technocrat and one-sidedness is his TRAP: stupid in ethics
... people should revolt against military as against colonels in Europe 70-ies: Greece, Spain's Franco.

I want AH- Madinejad to resign as president immediately, see the book 'blogs, we are Iran', Alavi.
He is able to stimulate and lead the atomic technology in progress. Also for Weapons???.
. he feels a king and is one-sided and unaware of ethics. This makes him the dictator he is?
- over 80% of people did speak out. Majority is against him? Now, police used to block change.
- its male system is hurling, not corrected by women/ relations. THIS is the cause of failure and FATE.

.Debate on IRAN: since Arabs brought Islam in 800, there is no islam (= justice) OR PROGRESS?

- debate: grassroots/ country... Change 40 years of unqualified governments in Africa. Now also in Iran
UNETHCAL : so let us be a tutor and COUNSEL as to the Functioning of this president of Iran:
- I like the Iranian people; they are the nicest, never colonized and proud Iranian. Islam brought fate.
- Iran has no professional governance IN ETHICS - and the religious male system killed inhabitants. ...
INSIGHT: RISKS of leaders: a folder.
- every religion/ NATION goes from dictatorship by means of a Group-/ church culture towards an
--- Individual Culture, which defends all individual rights with STATE LAW of TODAY.

IRAN, unethical: leadership is a PROFESSION, not a tradition of FATE. MORE NEWS febr. 2010

- IRAN menu../ unethical government. Let women take text from Koran against suppression/ doctrines of males
- Women as minister (40%) are a must for a Transition to better, Ethical leadership: -a tool against male Type X
- Video of Dutch news. ... ... Africa, take an example to Mbeki's State of the Union, 0302'06! ..... AND to President AHmadinejad. Your message has been submitted. - sept. 8th, 2010
DO NOT KILL A WOMAN WITH STONES ( CUT TEN TONES of these males, decision makers, who have less ETHICS than women?)

Dear ambassador,

Males in a religious group as SUNI are unethical. They need in Iran a new group of a million protestants as me or Buddhists, etc.; another view ...
(It happened in e.g. Brazil. One-sided views are gone.) to make a society in balance. Groups learn to accept the others and women, as in HOLLAND.

Would ALLAH, as a protestant, use stones against president Ahmadinejad to impress him on Ethical issues and give him fear like a little boy ( as males are)?
This president must stop a situation that the LADY is killed with STONES.
- KILLING with stones shows that males are acting on the level of 'baboons with an erected cock'? This happens in IRAN, now.

I hate the group behaviour of males, type X, in church and mosque. I AM MALE, TYPE Y. We, type Y= 50% of males, protest against stupid Ethics of male X
and HIS unacceptable, religious rules.
- the ETHICS of male X ORGANIZES SOCIETY in a cruel way, e.g. against women.


- males are weaker than women in GOVERNANCE OF SOCIETY in ETHICS and to ORGANIZE.

1. Ethics ( = spirituality) - group autocracy and group doctrines (ALL CHURCH-/ MOSQUES AS MALE GROUPS) or
... ACCEPT individual freedom of a social life and of religion ?

2. Lead and organize for all - ministry of education, etc.; - AND organize the budgets (ministries)
( - IN AUTOCRATIC COUNTRIES MALES ORGANIZE ALONE and very bad. - WOMEN organize better than males)

I lived in IRAN. IRAN has an old history, like the GREEK and its PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL.
- I DESCRIBED the bad side of males in ALL RELIGIOUS GROUPS. And Asian males, e.g. in IRAN, can be as bad as white males.

It is time to put QUESTIONS as to RELIGIONS and the unethical behaviour of males in those religions, being a GROUP.

With Kind Regards,
E.R. van Riemsdijk
Autocratic COUNTRIES: - develop Law to protect ALL and Sustainable Leadership or continue a STONE ERA in male leadership?

...IRANs' leaders as church group moslim males are the worst best moslims are in modern, free Dubai?