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  Leaders (francais) .. A supportive organization offers plan & acculturation. Speaker for e.g. Unoy peace builders? - set Limits to a Stone Era
- KOA courses, 'a country, its leader and Risk of leaders'.
 RUSSIA's FATE of Bad control, 'ITALIAN'? Boost as Brazil '09?
< Africa, Stalin/Mao potentates... ; concensus inspired by protocols:
Slogans anti RISKS
- Rus bad management creates sirene / chaos/
low productivity, as Italy?

- in cold north/ Moskou. Stability is easiest as in Cape of S.A./ in cities

- joy / early death and
poor agro in R. versus:

the success of Brazil/
S. Africa, compared

- S. Africa is example of good legislation for

Russia -protocols
- close to 40 % women in administration of SA

- social grants reduce poverty in SA in 2009

Russia needs a Mandela

file a Fall of dictators

CHANGE, febr.'09, not realized for a 145 million population. Russians are not structured/ organized
RISK ANALYSIS: - the FATE of 'power over law'; - MOSKOU: modern/ young signs of HOPE
Foundation KOA (Afrika/'andersdenkenden') stimulates a debate on modernization- sports terms.
- kernal of first Russians where wild Swedes or Normans. They were warriors for 'catch'. They copied
a culture of orthodox wealth of Byzantium in Ist./ Constantinopel towards rivers the Dnjepr and Volga.

Russia and (economic) stability zones?- oil, Chanty Mansjisk -internet, mainly Moskou -rich cities
- the culture/ history of Russia; Russia originates from patriots and an authocratic character of leaders
- the psyche of behaviour of Russians/ leaders is formed by a lack of management: ... - sirene: Stalin
. orthodox religion .. 'tsaars' /potentates/ sowjets/ 'kozaks'/ sowjets (at the borders): not anti women
- what went wrong, due to juridical nihilism?- a 'CHANGE' in legislation. Women the majority/ strong.

..PROBLEMs in debate on culture to realize governmental changes in new legeslation

- Russia: grassroots. Change centuries of potentats (25% fale in the army, due potentats. SO: wodka)
- the population goes down every year with 700.000, due to 25% males without hope (support Russia)
- the President ACTS in a free economy:- racial nationalism goes up, due to 'illegals and corrupt police'
- Russians are as U.S.A, rich; no social security programs; Russian budget equals BENELUX budget?
- Ministry of Finance realized the Moskou wonder + a small B.R.I.C-economy. Not yet as it is in China.

.. crises in 1993, 1998, 2003 CHANGE RUSSIA. Where to go? Political culture? Far East Zone?

The ESSENCE of leaders AGAINST MISUSE of power by MASCULIN males worldwide'
- CHANGE male fate of control by legislation. It is FREEDOM (Feminin from/to M.)- historic examples

1. women:- law for a change: up to 40% as ministers?- is Medvedev this attempt?- anti 'siloviki'?
2. stable culture: - legislation against juridical nihilism in parliament. It helps people/economy
3. social-economic: choose long term law for Russia; now Sirene'/chaos, due to short term only
4. binding regions requires more budget:- reduce army budget - ZONE: integrate illegals in Far East
5. bridging, not racial/ national anti-feelings -Rus: management skill lacks productivity to help regions
Russia as B.R.I.C.: now low potential; follow 1-5, success of Brazil / Mbeki's State of the Union, 02'-/08

Even culture in South Italy -
... Dictators: some Moslim groups + Russians are like catholics around year 1000/ catholics + moslims then learned 'catch' from Normans/Rus
................. Old identity - Rus could sacrifice/ not want anything till 1989 - RUS was used to a plafond. - Guus Hiddink: now bring own job control.
................. Still Machiavelli Rule or CHANGE?1 to 5/ and Young Moskou towards social justice, using capital, investments in a social market economy?
................. Get him after 12 years presidency ...Putin is a bad KGB guy, kills other KGB guys wih poison and continues Rulership over the Tsjetjenes.
.....................................Medvedev ( good guy) and Putin is maybe the best needed and a best team for needed transition in RUSSIA

..................ook Rusland: ..