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  .......Leaders (francais) ....... A supportive organization offers plan & acculturation courses. For Unoy peace builders? - set Limits to a Stone Era
- KOA courses, ' country, its leader and Risk of leaders' ... or make a change to chances/ a BRIC?
 < Potentates...Stalin/Mao ; or concensus and anti-corruption protocols: RUSSIA: unstable stability; not back to the past
Slogans anti RISKS
- Rus bad management
..low productivity as Greece?

Stability comes through Legislation: is long term
- now poor agro, Russia
.. Arabs bring change?

- 1st middle class ever
.. not go back to the past
- freedom unsuccesful?
.. in Moskou? etc.

the success of Brazil/
S. Africa, compared

- S. Africa is example of good legislation :
- close to 40 % women in administration of SA
- social grants reduce poverty in SA in 2009

Russia needs a Mandela

file a Fall of dictators

CHANGE, febr.'09, not realized for a 145 million population. Russians are not structured/ organized
RISK ANALYSIS: - males' internal wars; - ... MOSKOU: modern/ young signs of HOPE
Foundation KOA (Afrika/'andersdenkenden') stimulates a debate on modernization- sports terms.

The ELITE is different in Russia. Their approach is threat at last: - gaz war, milk war, illegals
war , in the Far East, due to internal debates which do not result in decisions: - NO CONTROL.

SO: - this and internal wars or ... a slow Russia and it needs (economic) stability zones?

- Russian world in all eras has had a violent type of culture, with authoritarian joy; - now short term
- stop it:
I see Russia as a neurotic organization/ with symptoms of a not functioning state, because it
lacks 1 management aspect, how to control a process for the better:
Training the management subject
( the 'Deming wheel') is the only way to improve competitive position of old industries, like Rus car and
airplanes in the future. So, the issue is CHANGE of weak management (not: culture/ identity/ religion).

..PROBLEMs in debate on culture to realize governmental changes in new legislation

- Russia: grassroots. Training in the management subject ( the 'Deming wheel') is lacking
- Ministry of Finance realized the Moskou wonder +a small B.R.I.C-economy. Not yet as it is in China.
- living: a threatening power is felt: - e.g. as car driver or in business.... /AND: - not disciplined as in
China. It gives the RUS less productivity, less efficiency and less management/ control of/ in their job.

.. crises in 1993, 1998, 2003 CHANGE RUSSIA. Changes in new legislation? Victem help 3 years?

The ESSENCE of leaders AGAINST MISUSE of power by MASCULIN males worldwide'

- CHANGE male acts/control by legislation. It is FREEDOM (Feminin from/to M.) - historical examples
1. a need: legislation as to police. A policeman is not addressing victems to ask for help (now 20 years
a system in Holland). It is used to obly policemen to let victems sign a certificate with the help question.
2. a need for legislation via protocols in parliament against corrupt influences of groups and companies

................... .. Identity - In Russia orthodox is the majority. BUT a diversity with e.g. also many protestants, etc. makes Russia good:
................... - youngsters are a little religious with friends amongst all: - orthodox light, protestant light, catholic light , moslim light. I like it!