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Arab = Islam= no education: terrorists?
Debate: moslim Arab => power over rights  
< Arab terrorists= males' rules => Enmity
Analyze RISKS - E.U
- tribist church- state
...., an islam doctrine,
mani, dictatorship is the consequence ... of a lost imperium (Arabs moan)

- but Iran = educated now
Analyses as to RISKS

Arab country library: males' one-sidedness

Arab= not a phylosopher as Italians; Iran publi-shed maths, in Arabic.

Mani = explaining the KORAN... with nasty rules,
- slavery e.g.against women:
- demagogues = no education

Be against extremes:
file Risk analyses

file Arab country/ leader
file Good governance

Styles of countries

Terrorist MOSLEMS, as moaning tribists, are neighbours in Mumbay or London, => RISKS
Foundation KOA wants a MODERNIZATION-/ in sports terms/... FATE of Arab RULES.
- Arab moslims feel insulted (lossed state of 700), do attack wild, do not take own responsibility
- religion: Arab moslim males feel: -Arab means 'perfect' as moslim; really a macho danger.
- assimilation: they feel this as destruction of Arab- imperialist in Holland/ E.U.=> enmity.

..ARAB ISLAM debate on culture, mosque; RISK: no education means they loose/ enmity

- debate: uneducated ARAB grassroots. Change 50 years of unqualified ISLAM governments
- slavery ended in Arab world between 1923 (Egypt) and 1962 (Saudi Arabia)- no education
- tribal, uneducated pieces fall apart in Moslim countries; it results in 21st century religious fanatism
- translated books in 1 year in Spain equals all translations since 800 in the Arab world ...
- so no knowledge there. Result: economy of Arab countries is smaller then economy of Spain
- Arab, Moslim imperialist. Religion versus state in antagonism; it delivers a standstill

- Africa-viewer is a search formula for country information on dictators and Mani-terrorists.

.. RESEARCH: ARABS - NEWS on modern, balanced behaviour by emancipation, 2016

- Arabs, menu1 ....; menu2: people in Holland do not respect bad Arab government, slavery rules:
-males..- disgust extremist mani-behaviour in tribist religion. Modern religion is allright!
-mindset - feodal, tribal, male dictator. It's time for Universal declaration of Human Votes
............ - e.g. moslim women in Gambia and Senegal benefit from those rights, per dec.'08
............ - So, turn this male mani-ism around: Arab moslim males have to SHAME themselves.
-maniism- this religious puritanism is an antagonism to the real world and delivers enmity
-rules...- Arab wants sharia law (male mania : honour, guest-slave); enmity in Europe.

- Video of Dutch news. ... .. Arabs, take as example Dubai, so no national - religious, internal wars!

Democracy is for the sake of change: -'only males' rules in leadership changed for more feminine leadership, every 8 years: - this is FREEDOM
reading, a danger
This is the Netherlands around 1900.
- when do women in Saudi Arabia, etc. conquer the streets from males?
- Maroc changes law. Oké
- when is even Tunisia liberated from a dictatorship as government? - Rosemoller can not interview families

Males-only RULES/ dictators are a problem in religions, due of no balance-
1. there are to many young males, who fight each other as a consequence in the streets (e.g. in GAZA)
2. religions, in the 1st place ISLAM, only bring males in the streets, who create fights and chaos
3. traditional religions, moslims and orthodox, make males dangerous in attitudes against others
4. males make misuse of religions, SPECIALLY AS RULERS; - with power over rights
5. religions, e.g. islam, discriminate women. They consider them as sheep. Also by religions in India, China and Africa


Iran religious leaders and Taliban (Pakistan border) are awful: - compare these males with awful bulls, who are dangerous
compare their rules /'law' with Ethics:
- these males are with thousands in the streets. So a moslim world is a dangerous world in male misuse in sexual matters
- ............................ - masculin is not with best results. ... So, we see very poor, moslim countries and sadness of women
- Arabs in Europe : - they escaped from authoritarian standstill of Arab rules. Why import those bad RULES here?

- the incompleteness of males is shown in these ETHICAL matters. Misuse happens in Iran even under 'Gods leaders', all Mani-religious
- males do so. Saudi's do, however, also have a kind of GODS- King in all Mani-religious matters.

PROBLEMATIC PERSONAL RULES FOR WOMEN: - I saw Suni mothers' consciousnous suffer in Libanon
1. a GREEC .......... is - open and orthodox .......... he/she is happy in life; a priest is married, unless a bishop// old women in black
2. an Italian ........... is - catholic/ rules of Mani .. he is sad in life with to many personal catholic church rules and distrust
3. a sunni moslim . is - sharia / rules of mani ..... she is sad in life with to many personal rules of sharia and distrust
4. a sjia moslim .... is - having own insight ........... she is modern in Iran. Still personal rules for women. -Is Al-lah, the source, a she?
5. a protestant ...... is - having own insight ........... he/she is christian with trust, and closest to a secular lifestyle
6. HOLLAND ........ is - open and protestant.......... he is happy in life with trust; a referent is married.
7. black woman .... is - open and conscious ......... she sings together to overcome sorrow of rape and HIV/aids. Males rape/ day

E.G. in Tunisia, Syria the balance between market, socialism, sharia rules are closest to a secular style
- rules of mani originate from Iran. In islam, only personal rules of sharia are a problematic mani for women
- rules of catholic should be changed into Anglican, Greec orthodox, Rus orthodox church: - they have married priests.

........... RULERS, WHY do they enjoy to threaten / have stories about devils and to act like monsters?

... they think they lead a real State, however, it is just a Clan they lead. So they are mislead and misuse their presidency like monsters.

SYRIA is no State: political science of State is 1stly science of ETHICS. It needs help of organizational theory on behaviour: analyses, 8 x
SYRIA is a Group society, with ASSAD presenting one Group only. I Will explain in 8 steps why disasters of States+ leader keep on repeating.
=====> SYRIA: by the knowledge in 4 steps of Analyses about Syria, we can create 4 Solutions. It pushes Group society towards Rights for all Voters


SYRIA, cause 1 is the TRUTH, which is used against other religions or for intimidation ( e.g. Foreign workers in Emirates). It gives murder.
SYRIA, cause 2 is Group society with Gettho behaviour. It gives isolation, mania of Truth against other Groups of Untruthful. Women? Change?
SYRIA, cause 3 is Juridical NIHILISM of Groups; murder. So, national LAW must help freedom, protect RIGHTS of VOTERS against narcist Leaders
SYRIA, cause 4, Pockets of poor wild wests of isolation, uneducated, distrust, looser, murder. God's rules in Male Extremists, one-sided hands?

=====> CHANGE in ARAB World ... Hopefully by ARAB Spring. ////// It needs 4 SOLUTIONS, coming NeXT in 4 steps, created by a struggle of best ideas.

, 4 x -
SYRIA, soltn 1, DIVERSITY gives better Result. 5 different identities per person are accepted instead of 1 Truth. Is Tunisia, Oman free? LAW
SYRIA, soltn.2, LAW in a FEDERATION: civilized+ isolated zone. Elections deliver 2 parties for president /vice pr. POWER over 2 zones/2 speeds
=====> e.g. Kenya made 2 fighting leaders president+ vice pr. for PEACE. ...//// follow THE example in ARAB world.
SYRIA soltn.3, must live in 1 street; if Group Ghetto, pay ghetto TAX. +ETHICS of female rules of social play: 2 sided/ 2 wing/X+Y type males.
SYRIA soltn. 4, pockets of Reserves for Truth, unable to participate in a Diversity. So NO VOTER. 2nd: ZONE of diversity, which freedom 2012?

=====> X-type is Group Male of one Truth.///// Y-type Male does not like one truth in a Group/ religious dictatorship by Group Leaders in States.