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... Arabs moan/ dictators alike?: Why this male behaviour? ..........Speaker e.g. Congo ........... Leaders en francais
CORRUPT NIGERIA. Februari 2006
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- S. Africa is the only example of good governance in Africa

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- nice player in Africa

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a Stone Era of Leadership:

per january 2006 till 2010 . - set Limits to a Stone Era

Foundation KOA ... stimulates a MODERNIZATION- view ... in sports terms

- moslims are killing close to hunderd people. Group aggressiveness against others is severe.

NIGERIA, LAGOS was DANGEROUS: - the oil region still is dangerous for all -
- Shell's risk of operation in Ogoniland compared to the sunk cost already invested in the delta
- more sabotage ? Yes, because Shell owns the resources, sharing it with government
- Shell remains a victem of a political power play between the moslim North and the South
- there is dissatisfaction in the south/ this oil delta about the leaders from the North of Nigeria
- Compared: I do not see so much respectable leaders in Africa. Yes, Mandela and Mbeki.
- The North of Nigeria is moslim, the South is Christian and African magic. It divides!
- Local people must fight corruption. Do share Power North/ South: president/ prime minister.

..MENU's for a debate on culture and governmental responsibility ... FOR WOMEN

- debate: grassroots/ country... Change 40 years of unqualified governments in Africa
- I like the African people; they are the nicest, however, there is no good governance
- in Nigeria all oil-money is going to the North. There is no sharing , nor development
- and there is African-typical corruption again. Shame, no good governance in Nigeria.
- Shame, because this country has a lot of money for development. No use, already 40 years
- 2 dec'08: North- South conflict in JOS. Again hundreds killed. GIVE POWER TO women
C H A N G E :
- Elections 2011 and economy: - in LAGOS agood candidate and clean city and 10 % growth


- From Nigeria, menu ........; People in Holland do not respect such an African government.

- Video of Dutch news. ... ... Africa, take an example to Mbeki's State of the Union, 0302'06!