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  .................................... Arabs moan/ dictators alike?: Why this male behaviour?....................... Leaders en francais
CORRUPT ZIMBABWE. september 2007
Africa Viewer, in debate news 
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Analyze RISKS
Clubs are invited to send freely...
why women not resist Mugabe? So debate Zimbabwe ? Failed
election 1st april'08,
Tsangirai defeat Mugabe:

in 'debate' find a country library

- S. Africa is the only example of good governance in Africa

file Mandela
Next country, Africa

file Modern behaviour
no fanats, 21st century

- let army Africa, Brazil and India kick Mugabe out ... to The Hague.

per 8 DECEMBER 2007 till 2010 . - set Limits to a Stone Era
ZIMBABWE - NEWS .......... women needed as change leader

Foundation KOA ... stimulates a MODERNIZATION- view ... in sports terms
- Mr. MUGABE, LIKE MILOSEVIC, Ceaucescu, Taylor and Bouterse you get your end soon:
... people, not military revolt against him as against colonels in Greece, Franco ans Salazar.
... pin on his generals, they are not safe; bring young killers to the Court/help of 'HOF' in The Hague.
Everybody becomes a dictator after 12 years. I want you to be emprisoned in The Hague, without ho-
nour, due of having a killing, traditionalist ( no 'sissie') behaviour. So be ashamed, as cruel
+ unprofessional- AFRICAN LEADER, compared to amazing good presidents like Mandela and Mbeki.

..'Leaders and wise' responsibility: Liberia, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana criticise Mugabe

- debate: grassroots/ country... Change 40 years of unqualified governments in Africa ... ; e.g. -
cholera is the fault of Mugabe. Revolt against dictator Mugabe, dec.'08, as against Ceaucescu
CORRUPT: so let us be a tutor and COUNSEL as to the Functioning of this president of Zimbabwe:
- Zimbabwe has no professional governance. NOW, even Mugabe uses chemicals and killed many.
- You killed inhabitants during the last decade. Your Africa centralism ideas crashed. Everything got
.. worth in many decades in Zimbabwe. Your 'uncle' behaviour, money and power, is killing everyone
- people applaude for this last dance of crazy Mugabe. Sharing Power president/ prime minister
- Mugabe, you are disfunctioning as president! .......... SEND THIS TEXT to


- From Zimbabwe, menu ........; People in Holland do not respect such an African government.
- Mugabe is the worst Catholic, I know, worse than Mgr. Gijsen in Holland. Their god a monster
- Video of Dutch news. ... ... Africa, take an example to Mbeki's State of the Union, 0302'06!

1. .. Mugabe's advantages ...... - none. How childish is the little boy Mugabe, when crying about the U.K. Do we see Asian leaders like that?
2.... he causes disadvantages. - he has: not built institutions ... not built public services ... not built change to modern culture
...- find him, while shopping .... - he is a subjective factor of RISK as local, fatal, feodal, tribal, racial, material man doing cruelties.
3. He is the source of problems -he is not a leader with ideas. He is sidelining other good powers in institutions and in the people.