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  ............................ Arabs moan: why this male behaviour?
ARABS- ISRAEL. 2006 - 2008
Africa Viewer, debate (internal) wars 
< more countries. Not concensus:
Analyze RISKS
- in Arab states, we see a tradi-
tional islam doctrine
dictatorship of crazy males is the consequence.

- the mosque comes before the state, and democracy. In Gaza, all E.U. aid creates birth. Stop the help/ to much young males fight each other. Disarm Gaza.

Exchange ground/ trade

Syria & Gaza no peace
- Arabs, no secularity

- extremist religious Jews and moslims hinder us in society. Marginalize them, out

file Risk analyses

file Modern behaviour

file Good governance?

per ARAB country.
* Jews, 40-'45; all extremist-
. religious Jews now make
. victems in the Westbank

WAR ISRAEL- HEZBOLLAH/ IRAN, 2006 .. .and Gaza war, dec.'08
ARAB , hezbollah and Hamas,- behaviour and todays NEWS ... and Israel
Foundation KOA ... stimulates a MODERNIZATION- view ... in sports terms
DO'NT KILL LEBANON ... the only modern 'ARAB' country with Dubay:
- it is horrible what happens since 1949 against Israel up to today, August 2006 :
- religious, islamic hezbollah males are now killing anyone, whith the power of Iran
- good governance requires responsibility, which is not shown by males in IRAN.
- males should be taken out of 50% of government staff and church in the Iran
- dec.'08, Egypt supports Israel against Gaza. Stop Islam, it is a religion of males;
- female is discriminated. Turks/ E.U. are afraid of all uneducated, crazy-male Arabs

.. debate => Arab States need protocols, because a Ruler serves his family/ his Clan only.

- debate: grassroots/ Arab country... Change 40 years of unqualified islamic governments
- I like all people, but hate 'male - only' institutions in church and state in Arab countries.
- fight/ catch crazy Hezbollah leaders in Libanon and IRAN. How can mosques behave?
- dec.'08, Gaza rockets led to airraids of Israel against Hamas. Egypt: Hamas asked for it
- during 8 years thousends of rockets fell on Israel, after Israel made Gaza independent
- Crazy males shout / create aggressiveness. Let women take-over streets of Gaza
- the solution is a fence at Egypt's border, to stop rocket import via all the tunnels
- Gaza is a little island. It cannot go on like that, without a government. A kind of Dubai?

.. ARABS, MORE NEWS on their outdated behaviour. ... Also 'leaders', jan '09

- From Arabs, menu1 ....; menu2: people in Holland do not respect bad Arab government.

- Israel, please bomb the colonists. I think that Israel must accept journalists in Gaza against 1-way news
- Mr. van Agt. I disagree. Westbank: all people of Gaza go there? ; kick Jewish Colonists out?
- Video of Dutch news. Let Arabs take an example of Mbeki's States of the Union, 0302'06/'07/'08!