Arabs moan: -Group Culture, Religion, Males Mani; BETTER IS -accepting diversity (twijfel) in a secular State  Leaders en francais
Narcist Alavit President, neighbours of TURKEY
Syria: Alavit Clan anti Suni Islam = Group Hate
< more countries. Middle East= Groups , not concensus
Analyze RISKS - E.U

Risks /6 Fates
- in Iran, church- state
.., Suni islam doctrine
.is hate of religieus dogma's:
- catholic and Suni-islam - they fight other groups

CLANS, narcist

- S. Africa is example of good governance for Arabs

Narcist Rulers do not quit
file Risk analyses

file Modern behaviour
file Good governance
Next Arab country,
> Damascus cultuur- historisch centrum v/d regio + best bewaard.

Identity crisis ARAB LEAGUE. CRAZY Clan LEADERS, as Assad+Alafists are narcists
SYRIA, IRAN +khanaat irrigation. NEWS: crazy neighbours for TURKEY
Foundation KOA: let ARAB League stimulate Modernization . ... Middle East/ country; in sports terms
TURKEY wants to be E.U. - MEMBER, because of its nasty neighbours?
- inhuman leaders in Arab police- and religious States
- good governance requires responsibility, which is not shown by Clan+ religious males in islamic countries
- religious fanatism is good for the Group, however, Group members suffer, anywhere, there
- males should be replaced by women for 40% of government staff in the islam world
- women do implement modern, good governance better. Males do any other job well.
- show acceptance in your diversity, SO respect others, implant 1 mln. protestants, budhists, non religious.
=> Arab States need protocols, because a SUNI RULER serves his family/ his Clan only.

- debate: grassroots/ Arab country... Change 40 years of unqualified ISLAM governments
- Sjiite countries have better governments, than Suni. SO, help freedom of Sjiites in Bahrein, Yemen
- SYRIA, Iran 'male-only' institutions in church+ state in moslim countries create instability by hate
- ROLE of ALAVITS in Syria must be stopped.
- after more than 40 years people are still without freedom and without perspective.
- Arab governance:
- Arab countries fall apart in tribal pieces, religious fanatism in the 21st century.
- in ARAB world ; why not any MIX in Arab States and role of president / vice president?
- Risks /6 Fates/ 'Valkuilen': what about Saudi groups and groups in Israel?

CHURCH STATES as neighbours E.U.: Clan+church government. This AREA of 3 religions means hate

- From Arabs, menu1 ....; menu2: people in Holland do not respect bad Arab government.
... I disgust behaviour in traditional catholic and Suni religion; ... modern religion is allright!
- Beautiful cultural cities, below, in a half moon
- Video of Dutch news. ... .. YouTube: now Arab. police statez. Saudi Fates/ risk. IRAN church State
a CRY for Arab freedom!


S.W.O.T. of Risks:
Politique d’état: -
=> het FALEN in vb. van CONGO/ geldt ook voor Saudi, Egypte, Syria, etc

..Saudi sterk door Mekka+ oliehandel// tradition = gebieden van ergste kerkcultuur en achterlijke mannen-dictatuur. Narcisten... CHANGE:
how? - we need protocols

................................ - Souvereign est pour sa famille/ Clan, alors ce n'est pas un Gouvernement pour tous.

..............LinkedIn........... ... SPEAKERS ACADEMY

SYRIA is no State: political science of State is 1stly science of ETHICS. It needs help of organizational theory on behaviour: analyses, 8 x
SYRIA is a Group society, with ASSAD presenting one Group only. I Will explain in 8 steps why disasters of States+ leader keep on repeating.
=====> SYRIA: by the knowledge in steps of Analyses about Syria, we can create Solutions. It pushes Group society towards Rights for all Voters

Lattakia ... AREA of Alavits as moslims
- after French decolonization it had to become part of SYRIA
- the Alavits resisted...
- when the sought to be Syrian => most of them went into the armee/ Baath party
- they were and remained so afraid for the SUNI majority group

- EITHER the Alavits return inin Lattakia and we split up SYRIA?
- or Alavits integrate in SYRIA under conditions below ?

CHANGE is needed ... initiated by a Foundation The Hague <==> SYRIA
- we need 1 Constitution for all
- and also to SHARE power...: presidency and vice presidency for political opponents

Syria initiative to be developed: ... Passion ... GOAL:
=> F. The Hague - Syria to bring the ideas into publicity / events

1. CHANGE to be negotiated, because
=> CHANGE ALAVIT presidency of fear into ALavit vice Presidency of hope

2. CHANGE the role of religieus Groups for fear, fight as group behaviour, because Suni want their religion for all to be a LAW. ... SO =>
Suni must learn as President to SHARE power with other groups; do this in SYRIA by respecting each individual and his/ her freedom within the State LAW
- being a religious group member must be an individuals choice
- the constitution / State Law must secure women against the claws of religious law of marriage