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 Arabs moan: why this? - Identity = Religion, Culture, Males Mani everywhere; No Balance. ... BETTER IS - balanced Leadership of a diversity ('twijfel')
Debate: Arab= islam = male = no Balance
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Analyze Risk of Arabs
Males discriminate:
- religious, tribal rules
..., an islam doctrine,
... male rules a religion

male is a souvereign by
... strategic, religious power
- stop males' tribal law

- Identity/ - education ? religious male rules a Risk

- S. Africa is example of good governance for Arabs.

Arab Sharia is male law
- it is not to satisfy God/Allah
- It delivers male Mania

To Rights over power?

file to anti-Risk Protocols

file Fate. Now go Modern?
file to Good governance
Next Arab country,
....... Leadership
All Arabs

Arab identity a RISK?
- what now in Dubai?

SAUDI and neighbours; Ethics in HISTORY 2: - is 700/ nomad the cause of Arab crisis?
.. NEWS ABOUT Arab ETHICS since the 1st Dynasties of the 'Arab, moslim WORLD'
Foundation KOA wants a MODERNIZATION- view in sports terms; Arab conquers since 700
S. ARABIA, desert people -power of tribe+ religious and collective behaviour- Slavery till 1962
- Arab ETHICS: - in the desert it is oké for nomads ('the sea is bad' and as 'against Al-lah'?)
- Geography: Sahara dried out; agriculture is replaced by nomad life influenced a system of behaviour
- camels, nomads: rulers, thought being most noble with their honour. All others of minor values
- families are a clan, being a village,part of town. honour is related to love. + distrust/ revanche
- SHEIKHS rule families/ clans in village. A Souvereign/ Ruler in power of more villages
- system of males, behaviour of 'villagers'. imams went on explaining/ -males quarreled
- MANI, Suni system of punishment, 'because females are bad': practice, women always punished.
--woman = fitna: it's a sex taboo doctrine
..ARABS, debate on ETHICS of ISLAM and TYPES 1,2,3// religion, system of behaviour

THREE ACCEPTED ETHICS by islam: - to people - ( FATE of terrorism, due 'church-law' , kill )
1.Soeffi phylosophy is enough 'as phylosophy of human behaviour' - moslim in Europe?
2.symbols/ religious rules to help 'have a system of moslim behaviour' - sunni, sjia rulers in Iran
3.must obay sharia, for ordinary people/ villagers, as system of male behaviour'-Saudi rulers
3a. males are rule/'law' machines. Male honour, related to sex, is Distrust of women: is MANIA
- 3b. distrust, not any Ethical spirit of compassion. ...( is nomad conquest)

Saudi, Mecca. More eNEWS: -Identity crisis? Education for modern behaviour, freedom?

Arabs, menu1; menu2: Fate of bad Arab government. Religious 'law': women cry under sharia
- Hisa al Hilal. She/we disgust tribal, male law in traditional religion.Modern religion is allright!
Country-conference Viewer: -only moslim-light is oke and jew-light, christian-light. Change

- Video of Dutch news. Arab moslim rules differ from strict nomad rules to FREE CITY rules. - Take Mbeki's State of Union 08
- Sources: Hourani: history of Arab people ... - Snouck Hurgronje: Dutch research in Mecca, 1884

is for sake of change of 'only male' rules in leadership to feminine leadership, every 8 years: -this is FREEDOM
Arabs zijn 'aanbidders van Heelal' (= Al-lah, source of all). - Iraniers met Zaratoustra waren VUUR -aanbidders
- prive overgave aan Al-lah is keuze en oké, maar niet aan islam- of Suni kerk-wetten voor relaties tussen mensen
- religieuse leiders moeten zich in islam ver houden van wereldlijke leiders, landswetten"(: die ze dus niet uit de koran halen)
Vreemd Inzicht:
- semitische talen maken geen onderscheid tussen 'denkvermogen, lichaam, psyche en geest'; - letterlijk en figuurlijk?
- OOK: -semitische talen hebben een 'fluide karakter ten aanzien van westerse begrippen als ' tijd, ruimte en niveaus '
- koran: 1ste 2 dagen is 't Heelal met sterren geschapen; 2de 2 dagen levende wezens; 3de 2 dagen 't bewustzijn van de mens
- Religie: katholiek of Suni-islam (en alle religie ) verdedigt Ongelijkheid man en vrouw. ... Mani- regels zijn de basis
en onderdrukken vrouw
- Islam: 't is een serie uiterlijke handelingen, die men onder bepaalde condities uitvoert... en die ze wettelijk maakt voor God. ... 't is Flut