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 -Arabs moan: why this male behaviour? - 700 to 1100 the Arabs flourish .... Around 1400 even the break of Byzantium . .. ARAB Nations are a culture MIX
Saudi nomad conquest;to HISTORY 2, Ethics
Debate: Arab= islam = male = no Balance
< more countries. Back Arab HISTORY 0
Analyze Risk of Arabs
Geography changed, more
Aridity brought nomads:
- religious, tribal rule
good and bad, male rules as religion?

Mameluks came from Kaucasus/ Central Asia
Arabs, + nations

- Identity/ education ?
religious male rules a Risk

- S. Africa is example of good governance.

Arab Nations to:

Rights over power?
- file anti-Risk
- Protocols

file Fate. or Modern?
file Good governance
Next Arab country
-Nations a culture mix
-identity a RISK?
- now in Dubai?

SAUDI and neighbours, HISTORY.1: - is 700/ nomad religious a cause of Arab crisis today ?
..HISTORY since 1st Dynasties of the 'Arab, moslim WORLD'= cities versus nomads
Foundation KOA stimulates a MODERNIZATION- view in sports terms; Arabs conquered since 700
S. ARABIA, GEO a desert - power of tribal religious, collective behaviour- Slavery till 1962
- . 700 -Mohamed* did not live long time. His successors started explaining/ but males quarreled
- Arabs expanded to Syria, Iraq and more; biggest centre became Bagdad to the Arab world:
- . 800 - Oemaijiden ........ in Damascus: - rivers and agriculture a key:
- 1000 - Abbassiden ...... in Bagdad ---- trade succes. + Sjia. Why has this success vaded away?
- 1100 - Boeijiden .......... in Bagdad --- trade success till 1100. Nomads broke to organize/ irrigate
- 1300 - Ajoebiden........... in Cairo ----- trade success //. Next to Byzantium, powerful Venice
- 1500 - Mameluks ......... in Cairo .....// not really Arab// +/- 1300 Bagdad and Iran are split off
- 1700 - Ottoman empire.. in Istanbul// not Arab. Rus and Dutch stop Arab sea-trade routes
- 1900 - nations, colonies. french revolution breaks O-empire. Railways, roads.
- Mecca, Arab governments: => which identity? Source: Hourani: history of Arab people
..ARABS: debate on organization; Sunni sharia in mosque: - RISKS; - a male is oké without religion.

FATE = Patriarchs, tribal rule: she is moslim, but there is no islam/ justice due to tribal laws
- dynasty means : army, tribes, religious; lawyers, language, families and slaves: -unstable
- any imam explains; delivers fatwa's based on their merits; fights with other dynasties
- nomad religious, new dynasties deliver LIMITATIONS TO OTHERS: - it's Power to them
- Dutch research in Mecca, 1884

.. Saudi, Mecca. More eNeEwWsS: - Identity crisis? /- education for modern behaviour and freedom?

- Arabs, menu1; menu2: Fate of bad governments. Imams make women cry under sharia
..Hisa al Hilal. She/we disgust tribal, mani law in traditional religion. Modern religion is allright!
Country-conference Viewer: -only moslim-light is oke and jew-light, christian-light. c change

- Video of Dutch news.Arab Identity a Diversity? Take an example to Mbeki's State of the Union '08!

Democracy is for the sake of change: - 'only males' rules in leadership to be changed for ...more feminine leadership, every 8 years: - this is FREEDOM
Today: rich States around the Persian Gulf. black dots = central towns1)
- not Bagdad/ Iraq today: - Bagdad and Basra were always rich and influencial thanks to rivers and sea, like all key Arab towns.
- Algiers is young and created by Ottomans against Spain. --- Aden is younger and created by the British.
MIDDLE EAST: - juridical nihilism, due to nomad, religious, Mani rules: - women cry under sharia. ... Nations have few nomads, area a MIX of Arabs and others
= a struggle between Arab nomads/ religious Suni rules versus the Cities, situated at rivers 1)
- moslim nomads conquered the desert and cities,with a mixed population, as from 700. / the GULF had Spice trade to Damascus as International centre
- is Arab identity down in power and influence due to loss of spice trade in the 17th century?

A central government was impossible, because of SO MANY dynasties: - so 3 regional parts are very independant:
--- west = Maghreb
--- central = Damascus, Mekka, Bagdad, Cairo
--- east = east of Bagdad till India
- Christians (a lot Greecs) were the majority in 700 and thereafter in the area. Many Jews also. Now being a minority since around 1100?
- the DUTCH V.O.C. blocked in the 17th century the GULF and they took over the Spice trade, as from 1700 over the CAPE.
--- in the colonial period of Europeans, local Christians got back their role. .... - Today: - distrust/ problems?
--- in the 20TH CENTURY: - 'Heersers'/Rulers as president bring instability per country. Becoming a Modern, Arab Identity crisis is a problem?