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...Arabs moan: there is no government. - Presidents, nomads behave as Souvereigns for a CLAN: - Police is all around to control. Source: - Hourani: history of Arab people
History: desert, Arab nomad, Group law
Arab Clan + islam = male, police states
Geography: no ARAB Unity. Revolts 2011
Analyze Risk of Arabs
ARID GEOgraphy, so:
- Rules of nomad- state
, islam/Clan doctrine,
... juridical nihilism of the moslim. Dynasties,
( Israel and a solution) ... stop males' tribal law

- Identity/ - education ?
Ruler of Clan/ no Government

- S. Africa is example
of good governance for Arabs: - Khadaffi and
.... - Assad are
So, C H A N G E
- from such souvereigns

to Rights over power?
( Religieus male rules a Risk )
file to anti-Risk Protocols

file Fate. Now go Modern?
file to Good governance
Next Arab country,
......... Ethiopia is christian
Arab History

Arab identity RISK and Islam/ country so different?

Arabs' 6 Fates: REPLACE it for a Turkish MODEL?

Failed States: all Turkey's neighbours, according to Turkish embassador: bad Arab rule
SAUDI FATE of Church State, Groups, Police States. Arab, moslim WORLD in crisis
Foundation KOA wants MODERNIZATION- in sports terms ; Turkey changed rules Ataturk
ARABS, 2011- 2016, IN CRISIS: XX ...................................after success in 3 revolts, 2011
1. Saudi Arabia, ..nomad/Clan: desert people .. power, money, oil; a traditional King ... - slavery till 1962; male rules
... Saudi .Sjia??.police state-sharia;. sex slavery/no women rights. ....- rich, closed, Gettos now
2. Oman, .......sea trade to Iran, flavours now: oil, rich, open+modern; modern King,Sjia ; free women
3. Syria, . I.S.? a center/ Byzant./commun..... now: Alawit 50 years police State; - Baath party-violent against Sunni
4. Jordan state ./ bedouin ....... now: descent; poor, calm; -Clans; King/ modern queen
5. Iraq* .war?. a center/Rome- trade ..... educated/sjia center/3 groups;. - internal war +change?
Yemen revolt. Ethiopia related historic cities. now: CLANS. State falls?... - communist.; tribes, change?
5. Bahrein ... Saudi invaded anti sjiites... /. Dubai MODERN without oil/ ..Lebanon, historic, christian majority
Maghreb, no Clans, centres (old civilizations); sharia groups bloodshed. Police States / no jobs

- debate: grassroots/ country... Change 40 years of unqualified ISLAM governments of males only
XX, due to FATE of Patriarchs, traditional rules - he is a moslim, but there is no islam (means justice), due to sharia:
6. Egypt revolt ..a center/ Kopt minority. -now: books, dictators, poor; a Nation/ police State: rights?
7. Lybia .war'11..fight/clan; aug.'11 free.... now: oil/ rich, english, educated change..- million foreign workers
8. Tunisia..revolt...a center/ Rome/ mix why 23 years control? B.Ali +riots...-modern. Police state fell'11
9. Algeria* state: Berber/mix french+ sharia trauma* -a lift of Police State rules
10 Maroc ......old: Berber/ Soefi traditition = bad education - modern King? Free religions?
11 Sudan*.Darfur.. Suni, a mix; Nubian....... now: Christian south splits of* jan.'11. .. - refer. / independance
.+ Kazakhstan ...... Rus and 65% moslim ....moslim light after communism. -was commmunism like Syria, Yemen?
...................................................................................................................\ Commun. was good for women rights
. MOSLIM*..STATE CRISES in Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan*/moslim Fanats in Africa

Saudi, Mecca: - Identity crisis ARAB LEAGUE? /- Education is for modernity, freedom

Arabs, menu1; menu2: Fate of Arab: Religious/ Clan law makes women cry under sharia
- Crete = 5000 years of ratio... Constitution versus tribal, male, religion; modern religion allright
Country conference Viewer: only moslim-light is oke +jew-light, cath.-, protestant-light. Change
. Mecca - as a Vatican - influences up to Central Asia, India, Indonesia and South of Sahara today.
- Video of Dutch news. Al Jazeerah= Qatar (left-change) vs. Al Arabia = Saudi (right,consrve)

S U P P O R T: U P R I S E and REVOLT of Arab youngsters against dictators. Change a S.W.O.T. of Risks
Democracy is for the sake of change: - 'only males' rules in leadership for - more feminine leadership, every 8 years: - FREEDOM
- Arab countries differ: how? / today Arab dictatorships, like Latin American dictatorships in the 1970's.

IS ARAB DICTATORSHIP RELATED TO RELIGION? ... NR. 2, 5, 11 are Sjia and Suni, so better STATES
islam: => heaven as source of all // - Mani-ideas (origin is Iran) came to catholics and Suni in their religions:
AL-LAH means 'Heelal' als BRON van alles. Islam geeft zich over aan verering van Al-lah, 't alles/enige; de schepping
- Ka-bah in Mekka belichaamt 't onbegrijpelijke, eeuwige Heelal. Overgave hieraan door alle gelovigen. Allah a she?
- is kijk vanuit woestein en sterren 'n nomadische weergave van de schepping? 4 rivieren in het goddelijke paradijs?
MALES then interpret how to behave to Christians, Jews at the time: well and bad. They interpret the DEVIL as well
- our consciousnous in 7 levels is astonishing in islam. They see nice ships and 'hengsten' for males? Women a danger, devil?
- male Mani interpret, make rules, so incomplete in ethics and management: these are the TRAPS of all religions
- Al-lah, eeuwigdurend, dus moet IMAM weg van wereldlijke leiders blijven. IMAMS doen 't NIET? Hun valkuil?
WORST issue of islam, is 'personal law' for women. Arab Nomads + Saudi only apply this sharia: women cry
- nomads continuously want personal law of nomad desert been applied on cities at rivers of Middle East: city sharia.

a MIX of Sjia and Suni gives best States in ARAB world ; why not any MIX in Arab States ?
: - I saw Suni mothers' consciousnous suffer in Libanon
1. a GREEC .......... is - open and orthodox .......... he/she is happy in life; priest is married, unless bishop// old women in black// Distrust
2. an Italian ........... is - catholic/ rules of Mani .. he is sad in life with to many personal catholic church rules and distrust
3. a sunni moslim . is - sharia / rules of mani ..... she is sad in life with to many personal rules of sharia and distrust
4. a sjia moslim .... is - having own insight ....... she is modern in Iran. Still personal rules for women. -Is Al-lah, the source, a she?
. . ====sjia ====> is - in the GULF STATES ...... shia has modern sheiks, more open societies, than SUNI in other Arab States
5. a protestant ...... is - having own insight ........... he/she is christian with trust, and closest to a secular lifestyle
6. HOLLAND ........ is - open and protestant.......... he is happy in life with trust; a referent is married.
7. black woman .... is - open and conscious ..... she sings together to overcome sorrow of rape and HIV/aids. Males rape/ day

E.G. in Tunisia, Syria the balance between market, socialism, sharia rules are closest to a secular style
- rules of mani originate from Iran. In islam, only personal law of sharia is a problematic male Mani of SUNI, for women.

E.G. Suni male in Holland kills children. Are cousins to kill a mother in Zierikzee? - A personal law to let women suffer?
- We are against these males' ideas, send them back home to the desert, to their 'islam church-law' / mani-devil.

a S.W.O.T. of Risks
.. - tradition = in areas of worst clan/ church culture and backward male-dictators. ...................................................... CHANGE RICH SAUDI: HOW ???

Crise Jeruzalem, religious X jews forbid in streets women photo, -dance/songs as islam. Need Constitution change Israël, Syria, Qatar anti X.
in twitter
Question: COMPORTEMENT fondamentalist Yuif à Yerusalem provoque un crise YUIF, comme ARABES
1. le Journal => photo femme, en autobus, femme chantant ou dancant est interdit = X

=> L'INDE , c'est => Y ; L'HISTOIRE QATAR = Y?
Réponse :
2. femmes => demonstrations en faisant ad 1. = Y

Transform: => une influence Y sur X est NÉCESSAIRE pour droits féminines
- sex non sujet des réligions <=> contre introverti / clans
- femme voteur
- une Constitution nouvelle => Israel, Syria, Qatar

démonstrer: => en Israel et Syria
- par des mamans est condition pour la CHANGE
- Qatar active en changement de la Ligue Arabe
- Mamans Organisent que le president disparait
- mamans regardent le president comme un garcon
- Il est Étroit / introverti: => la guerre, X contre X

PAGE Arab, SPRING; van TWITTER Ed van Riemsdijk ... nov+dec'11/ 2012
In Holland newcomers are divers in colour, but go through one door
Conduct new Leadership with around you Clans and RULERS. Analyse the behaviour of Clans/ Rulers. Do Risk analyses of religion / culture.

danger of TRUTH of religious groups versus untruthful, when NOT embedded in National LAW. Law puts RIGHTS for all: this is our fence.
CREATE FEDERALE ZONES for cities, e.g. EGYPT, to APPLY National LAW there against TRADITIONAL / rural majority Groups that overrule RIGHTS.
EGYPT, bring Rights and diversity to the DELTA + Caïro + Fahroum. Let the rest of Egypt be traditional in groups as part 2 of a Federation.
East coast Saudi Arabia is Sjia, open trade India. Central is Saud Tribe: rules the country; west: mountains as Yemen. No individual Rights, SO FAR.
Push any religion/nation from dictatorship in a Group-/religious culture towards an Individual culture, which defends RIGHTS by national law
Last wars, mainly internal, are rediculous religious wars of the Middle East. Religion is to feel happy in life, not males misinterpretation
3 religions of the Middle East are overdate. Their laws cannot be accepted. Those guys are subject for fun and sarcasm. THE law forbids it.
God's rules, in males hands, on buses, girls clothes are ridiculous. Female Rules forbid stupid Male Rules. Now, oppose the Male idiot.
Fear of a Girl in Yerusalem. Religious groups of males a danger: Jewish here; Sunni, Sjia, Qom in Iran, the Middle East. Push those male groups in-house.
Iraq, SAudi, getto Jews in Yerusalem create GETTO's for GROUPS. This is today 's situation. THE trend is expansion of a GROUP THINK.
Let female law oppose stupid male GETTO law of religious = sex rules for women. 1st law is to obly getto males to stay at home: pray to god.
Iraq, getto Jews, SAudi prefer their Group getto and war to others. Tax them and LAW defends all citizens as individual with many identities
The psyche of authocratic /many religious Leaders is as of MACHIAVELLI: do all that is good for a Group/fight: war/ all Group members suffer
Punish all religious GROUP LEADERS that intimidate other groups and own Group members. All are equal for national LAW/send Leader to Iceland
Honour of a raper in ARAB+ moslim world (any Male X) adds to a culture of slavery and possession. SAudi slavery till 1962. ARAB possess a wife
In African wars Male X is cruel raper. Culture /Moslim males see themselves as raper, so they forbid women a normal life. Males create Rules for unequality.
Honour is a crazy Male X ETHICS which is for him, missing empathy for another. It is applied in sex. Male X is not honest to another. Raper.
Authoritarian weapons of Group society or modern individu? 1. Truth or untruthful ... 2. Honour or honest ... 3. Distrust or trust in law?
Model of competitors together, Kenya, a succes. APPLY IN CONGO: president Kabila sustains democracy in big cities; vice-pr. improves country? / =====> and in Egypt ?
Holland= 500 years free religion &books. France has 'laicite'. It excludes religions from school/government functions. Diversity
THE role of religion must be questioned, because it brings internal war between Groups, when educational level is low. This/ traditionals applies in EGYPT
Internet stops traditionals in power/ be corrupt, due people get info, know, be educated and protest in Russia, ARAB world, Africa, S.Africa
Extremist religious punish SEX+WOMEN as priority in religion. TAX them extra, because wrong. Religion is about hope + a God between planets.
Religious must be oblighed to stick beliefs to themselves/ within their Group. Do not bother other groups with their pressures even threats.
I dislike traditionalists, due the less educated being more authocratic, power over Rights, and more religious anti other Group identities.
The salafists exclude women in dayly life. So, many of those leaders must be pedofile.
Religion must mix female+ male. SEE danger of religious in Egypt/ SAudi
Forbid religious males any opinion on women. Males have less social brains. The RIGHTS of women to decide on clothes + anything depends her.
Low educated remain more isolated in their own Group. E.g. Religious extremists, farm workers (S.Afr), the poor in Egypt, U.K.islander: war?
Deny the Rights in elections for Salaf/ Jewish extremists. They fight/seek reserves/ getto's. Their ETHICS cannot participate in a DIVERSITY
Salafists in power would declare elections Egypt useless. They accept only their Group. So, deny their right in election. Declare a Salaf reserve
The Stone Era of Clans and RULERS means killings, caused by a 1 Identity only attitude. A Diversity, also by women, leads to better ETHICS.
ASSAD, traditional, Clan, childish says he has no power as president. His Clan has+kills thousands: power over Rights. Teach rights via iPad
Egypte suni moslim brothers soon in power. Their task is to deliver for minorities and to create peaceful diversity for Kopts, Sjia, atheïst
CHANGE: let's have women as president in the ARAB world to realy realize new Constitution, where a Voter is defended against Clan dominance.
Egypt Constitution CHANGE: fight by introvert Male groups (clan+armee) is a failure of TRADITION. Give women right to vote. Males no longer?
ASSAD, Syria fights protesters, defends Syria, his duty as president. His right is overripe/ must be eliminated, because sits over 10 years.
ARAB religion a risk. Strong identity, women unfree, clans unfree. Make Arab female a voter. Change Constitution for Y now. women must demonstrate against introvert X: president, clans, mosques. Qatar, go Y
Al Yazeerah in Qatar ( Y, change) versus Al Arabia = Saudi ( X, Stone Era of Rulers ) => the news in 2012, voter versus Clan and Ruler war.
10.000 mothers should surround ASSAD/ unclothe if necessary, and force him to peace. Then ASSAD quits in peace.

Ed van Riemsdijk
Happy new year and work for a free 2012 for any individu allover the planet.

Mr. X has a Machiavelli way of thinking. It is suitable for an armee (goal to kill), but it is not a way to govern a population. Why suffer?
Authocratic mr.X/ dictators must be withold by Y: mrX or mrY each are 50% of males. Mr.Y must wake up: X is not suited for government, alone
ARAB countries and IRAN have no national LAW, but are a Group or getto Society with Juridical NIHILISM. It gives 1 religion a bad dominance.
THE danger of a TRUTH of religious groups versus untruthful, when NOT embedded in National LAW. Law puts RIGHTS for all: this is our fence.
Other things must count in Society, than counting/ the Economy alone, in the relation between people. / er moet meer gelden dan geld alleen.
Religious hatred of moslims threatens countries in Asia/Africa, e.g. in Indonesia they threaten others; in Nigeria they want Christian leave
Religions bring males easily to war. Without a silly belief in eternal life males would not go to that meat factory with such a conviction.

We/ Organizational people + Risk analyst, are better equiped to give INSIGHT in attitude, causing war Governance. NOT historians. CHANGE now
HOW stupid is humanity to ask Killers to make peace? Male X, as narcist, manouvres himself in a POSITION of Leader-Ruler. CHANGE: Y+ women.
ALL being an INSIGHT in Male and LEADER behaviour and cannot be generalized. It is applicable for mr. X, so many, many. However 50% males =Y
From anthropology we know, that males are hunters or Killers. Women are social and humans in order to build youngsters towards social doing.
Failures in IRAN show us a confirmation, that males can build canals, work excellently. But in ETHICS we fail: as killers cannot make peace.
IRAN, why are religious leaders from QOM governing a country? They should help god, but create war/ suppression. This groundpersonnel is bad
THE best atmosphere of a soccer match was in Turkey in a full stadion with only females. What a joy. See: normal with 98% males is like war.
SYRIA, how stupid are males? Can we only kick in Civil war? Are we boys? Yes OBLY us 2 days at home. LET only women in streets change ASSAD.
IRAN in thousands of years till now is UNIQUE for underground water canals, from mountains to all villages/ towns. Even in Dubai and Qatar.
The Truth in IRAN empires was real by better information than ennemies through signals by fires/ roads for horse drivers of government only.