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 -Arabs moan: History o =origin: in Middle Ages Arabs flourish. Arab nomads in deserts versus cities
Saudi Arabia/ARAB 'veroveringen'/ Conquests
Debate: Arab= islam = male- = no Balance
< more countries. The Arabs: to HISTORY.1
Analyze Risk of Arabs
Male Arabs discriminate:
religious and tribal rules
..., an islam doctrine,
... male rules a religion

EGYPT was highly influenced by Byz. and Iran. Now peace Israel :
- stop males' tribal law

- Identity/ - education religious Power over Rights

- S. Africa is example of good governance.
- Arab
is ruler, trader:
--Mecca for Saudi is income

Rights over power
file to anti-Risk Protocols

file Fate. Now go Modern?
file to Good governance

Intro Arab countries

Arab identity a RISK?

SAUDI + the Origin: -HISTORY 0: Arab Rules and 700 the cause of Arab crisis? Source: - Hourani: history of Arab people
HISTORY origin: Arabs, EGYPT, etc, Identity since early HISTORY of 'Arab conquests'
Foundation KOA stimulates a MODERNIZATION- view in sports terms; Arabs conquered since 700 as from Mecca
1. ARAB, desert people, power of tribe+ religious: group doctrine, Rulers, slavery till 1962
- they conquered since 700 areas from empires of Byzantium and Iranians up to Syria and Iraq
- 'onderwerpen'/ submission is their way. Arab nomads already lived here and there; that made it easier
- 'vetes'/ disputes, murder is part of their reality. Quarrel: cities of nobility; who is closest to Mohamed?
- in Egypt were Kopts. Arab moslims came as minority after 700: taxation converts all into islam
- desert Arabs spread a culture of trade between cities and a culture of poetry at courtyards
- camels as useful means of transport in trade between desert cities. Cairo is founded.
- Mecca a religious center long before 700. ... islam, since 700, is a culture of the dry world and very International
ARABS: debate on culture, fundamentalists in mosque; male EMNITY in ETHICS, religion

- debate: grassroots/ country... Change 40 years of unqualified ISLAM governments of males only
FATE = Patriarchs, traditional law|: for women no islam justice, also by tribal laws
- Ibn Chaldoun was a very important historian, based in Tunis and, a period, the Iberian peninsula
- souvereigns dictate, dynasties as style in Arab culture are feodal, family rule by power
- Characteristic: haraam is holy place; qasieda favourite poem style; MANI is punish in islam
- Egypt, ... moslim tensions: - poor Suni versus rich or Kopt minority : chaos; -power over rights.
- No revolts against sad male rules in Suni- church ?

Saudi, Mecca. More NEWS: - Identity crisis? /so educate for modern behaviour + freedom?

- Arabs, menu1...; menu2: - bad Arab government. Religion: -women cry under sharia
.. Hisa al Hilal => disgust tribal, male law in traditional religion/ ... modern religion allright
Country conferenceViewer: only moslim-light is oke, jew-light, christian-light. Change

- Video of Dutch news. Arab moslim rules differ from strict nomad rules to FREE CITY rules. - Take Mbeki's State of Union 08

Democracy is for the sake of change: - 'only males' rules in leadership to be changed for ... more feminine leadership, every 8 years: - this is FREEDOM
- is it nowhere in the koran that we find a word to apply so many limitations on women? ... THIS is a later, males' interpretation/ invention of Suni-church
- Nomads and cities // ... Arab islam nomaden doen: 'alsof bijbelbelters in NL, wanneer die steeds op stedelingen kerk-wetten zouden trachten op te leggen'

Today: rich States around the Persian Gulf. , Modern life

........... RULERS, WHY do they enjoy to threaten / have stories about devils and to act like monsters?

... they think they lead a real State, however, it is just a Clan they lead. So they are mislead and misuse their presidency like monsters.

SAUDI as SYRIA………………………………………………………………………………….
SYRIA is no State: political science of State is 1stly science of ETHICS. It needs help of organizational theory on behaviour: analyses, 8 x
SYRIA is a Group society, with ASSAD presenting one Group only. I Will explain in 8 steps why disasters of States+ leader keep on repeating.
=====> SYRIA: by the knowledge in 4 steps of Analyses about Syria, we can create 4 Solutions. It pushes Group society towards Rights for all Voters


SYRIA, cause 1 is the TRUTH, which is used against other religions or for intimidation ( e.g. Foreign workers in Emirates). It gives murder.
SYRIA, cause 2 is Group society with Gettho behaviour. It gives isolation, mania of Truth against other Groups of Untruthful. Women? Change?
SYRIA, cause 3 is Juridical NIHILISM of Groups; murder. So, national LAW must help freedom, protect RIGHTS of VOTERS against narcist Leaders
SYRIA, cause 4, Pockets of poor wild wests of isolation, uneducated, distrust, looser, murder. God's rules in Male Extremists, one-sided hands?

=====> CHANGE in ARAB World ... Hopefully by ARAB Spring. ////// It needs 4 SOLUTIONS, coming NeXT in 4 steps, created by a struggle of best ideas.

, 4 x -
SYRIA, soltn 1, DIVERSITY gives better Result. 5 different identities per person are accepted instead of 1 Truth. Is Tunisia, Oman free? LAW
SYRIA, soltn.2, LAW in a FEDERATION: civilized+ isolated zone. Elections deliver 2 parties for president /vice pr. POWER over 2 zones/2 speeds
=====> e.g. Kenya made 2 fighting leaders president+ vice pr. for PEACE. ...//// follow THE example in ARAB world.
SYRIA soltn.3, must live in 1 street; if Group Ghetto, pay ghetto TAX. +ETHICS of female rules of social play: 2 sided/ 2 wing/X+Y type males.
SYRIA soltn. 4, pockets of Reserves for Truth, unable to participate in a Diversity. So NO VOTER. 2nd: ZONE of diversity, which freedom 2012?

=====> X-type is Group Male of one Truth.///// Y-type Male does not like one truth in a Group/ religious dictatorship by Group Leaders in States.

... er zijn veel moslim groepen
- Groepsdenken volgens Suni- kerkwet overzetten naar ... een denken in verlichting door Individuele waarde voor de landsrechter
- van fatalistisch angstige voor groepsmacht en mans doctrines en Suni-kerk naar ... geluk hier door individuele dromen na te streven
- onderzoek van feiten over Mohammed naar ... hoe de moderne wet jou beschermt en je eigendommen (ook juist vrouwen)
- onderzoekvraag: Mohammed bracht vrede, maar hadden Arabieren een 'heilig boek' nodig voor veroveringsoorlogen na 700?
- onderzoekvraag: worden moslim-jongens getraind een zondebok te zoeken: meisjes in gezin, jood, geweld, vrouwen 'n bezit?