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 Leaders en francais ...Leadership, a supportive organization offers plan & acculturation courses. For Unoy peace builders?
debate news: - RULERS, in nations, 1963 - 2016 
< Dictators fall; social media educate us:
Criticism on patriarchs:

- fanatism, 21st century

websites, documents and photo's. NEWS of fate:
Arabs-Israel: war Gaza

in 'debate' + find a country-Risk library

- S. Africa is the only example of good governance in Africa,

ex. Mandela. Countries:
Now: - Africa, - Arabs?

Know. Modern behaviour
or fate.
Better: Power sharing, it is so African. NOW create such protocols.
Speakers ACADEMY
- Type Y solution

No real State:
otherwise ... Freedom, Equality for all would be real

A real State:
yes, majority leader wins, but is President for all ...
and achieves for people

=> it works!

per 2009 - 2013, good governance responsibility is not shown by Rulers, males Syria, Egypt.
HAITI, bad example // male, religious DICTATORS of SYRIA. ... ENMITY? - NEWS
Foundation KOA ... LinkedIn, stimulate a MODERNIZATION- view ... in sports terms
Haiti, a MAXIMUM of CHAOS, no plan for houses:
- it is horrible what happens in 100 years of riots in Haiti up to today: - chaos and guns in Haiti
- Rulers/ religious Groups create church-/ police States. FATE of RULERS IN ARAB WORLD
- males in enmity, 40% women minister in governments ARAB countries, in mosques
- women to lead implementation of change towards modern protocols of governance. Males better, else.
- Government: - males are worse then women in ETHICS and in Management/ organizing
- still a majority of dictators in police states and church states in moslim and African countries
E.U, ... catch Assad of Syria as Mladic ... and Saud for bloodshed in Bahrein
..MENU's for a debate on culture and governmental responsibility. ... Dictators who fell: -information!

- debate: grassroots, Africa... Change 50 years of unqualified governments under Clans and patriarchs -
6 Fates of these males in Africa, Russian world and moslim Arab world: - Saudi+ roots
- I REMEMBER THE DICTATORS ...WHO FELL: ... crisis 1963 UP TO 2013, ...
1. Portugal and Spain and Greece ...... fell in the 70'ees
2. most Latin American dictators ......... fell in the 90'ees
3. Eastern European dictators .............. free after 1989; Moskou changed 10 years due young inflow
4. CHINA dictator MAO and wife ....... .. free after 1989, roughly ... and South Africa

5. Paraguay and Servia ...................... free after 2005
6. Cuba's Fidel Castro........................ 2010, free market now after decades of communism?
7. Oman, the father, a Ruler.............. free , since son Qaboes bin Said Al Said (slowly since 1970's)
8. Bangla Desh, Moslim males ......... free, female President resists terrorists: males adapt
9. Tunisia, 11 years, 3 terms Ali.... ... free'11 after riots;
...Good elections 2011+'14
10 Egypt, Mub., 18 years, 3 terms.. after revolt feb.'11. Army again '13: no enmity
11 Lybia, Khadaffi, 42 years=>dead ..... free after revolt oct..'11. CHAOS, TRIBES , NO Constitution
.12 Birma, Myanmar, 40 years generals after freedom for Aung San Suu Kyi

2011.. MORE NEWS on dictators... Males a problem in religions! After 12 year presidency, get him out.

AL jAZEERAH = Qatar ( Y -change) versus AL ARABIA = Saudi ( X , behoud) => the news,
NOW it happens, ARAB REVOLTS: feb.'11 in Lybia, Bahrein; Yemen? 2013, Syria war: anti Sectarism
- From Haiti, menu ..........; dictators, not respected. We require a leader park anti Risks: K.O.A.
Khomeiny +Saudi exported a BAD church state: . freedom revolts after decades in the Middle East and helped by social media. :
------------------ ... INTERVIEWS with leaders ON CONFLICT
------------------ ... television on leaders and their behaviours
------------------ ... writing on evaluations of masculin leaders . ..............FATE of male rules only ... or individual freedom ?
------------------ ... WRITING and supporting organizations like Unoy peace builders
------------------ ... realize funding and a supportive organization ... Do coaching, conferences and courses

- Video of Dutch news. ..YouTube: now Arab. religieus + police states=> Iran+ Saudi's Fates/ risks
Compared to good working businesses a government is often ... 1 Ethic only culture

If low respect for a STATE => :
Criticize TRADITION, religions as well as Groups, for they exclude women, other groups-
=> Pres. ZUMA: ik dacht dat NL. beter draait dan ... die African way van ZULU
- respect for Chinese culture ... A State works+ achieves for people
- respect for Indian culture ... A State works+ achieves for people
- low respect for 'African culture ...State does'nt Work, not for people => Africa stays emotional
- low respect for 'Arab culture ... State does'nt Work, not for people ==> is still blocked by Groups
- low respect for Spanish culture... State did not Work, not for people? => no rational mentality

. Karzai signs a law against sjiit women, april'09. STOP Karzai and put religious leaders behind doors of their homes.