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  ...Arabs moan/ dictators alike?: Why this male behaviour? ..........Speaker on Leaders of Congo............ Leaders en francais
KIVU versus CONGO -Kinshasha. 2008- '11
Africa Viewer, dehumanization in debate 
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- S. Africa is the only example of good governance in Africa

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- nice player in Africa

Analyse Congo

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- 200 million speakers

per november 2008 till 2011. - set Limits to a Stone Era of Rulers. ....... Africa/ Congo problems
CONGO - NEWS ... crises in GOMA and KIVU. Wildwest Coltan trade in BUKAVU

Foundation KOA ... stimulates a MODERNIZATION- view ... in sports terms
- forests in CONGO, no road network. So, no unity; East Congo, a RIFT with all rich minerals
- coltan trade for war in KIVU; old conflict between Tutsi, Hutu now culminating there
- history of 3 wars in Congo; antropology, culture of no unity; psycho of regional war lords
- Tutsi, not allowed in Congo, but stronghold in N. Kuvu and strong in whole north-east
- make CONGO a Federation with rotating presidency for west/ north-east
- in S. KIVU brutal Hutu militia stay; militia be send to schools in Burundi, Tanzania

- Kongo and Rwanda, now together, fight the Hutu militions in Eastern Kongo. jan.'09

..MENU's for a debate on this WAR, culture and a transition to development?

- debate: grassroots/ country... Change 40 years of unqualified governments in Africa
CORRUPT: so let us be a tutor and COUNSEL as to the Functioning of this president of CONGO:
- I like the African people; they are the nicest, however,
- CONGO has no CENTRAL POWER:... a plan for ZONES. // coltan, mineral for cell phones ?
- not cruelty, however, law and freedom
- a new MODEL AGAINST REGIONAL warlords with weapons from coltan.

RISKS of leaders: a folder, how to spotlight leaders. Train new, young leaders for a better leadership.

.. CONGO, leadership is a PROFESSION, not a tradition of misuse. MORE NEWS 2008 - '11

- From CONGO, menu ........; People in Holland do not respect such an African government.
- WOMEN (50%) are a must in better leadership, now
- Video of Dutch news. ... ... Africa, take an example to Mbeki's State of the Union, 0302'06!

Kongo, 60 mln. totaal, maken inheemse Frans-Sprekers ongeveer 40% van bevolking uit.
- 3 talen: stamtaal, en in 't westen pigeon english In 't oosten Swahili en beetje frans

Protocols against a Stone Era of Leadership: ........................................a S.W.O.T. of Risks: = power over Right, now
Politique d’état: - c’est discuter l’éthique et d’ organiser pour bénéfice de la population (analyse France, Arabes, Congo)
make a man to be childish and ready to fight. Being individu in modern society this fighting behaviour has been passified.
let's have women as president in the CONGO to realy realize new Constitution, where a Voter is defended against corrupt Clan dominance.

Modèle: Fraternité d'individu's ou doctrines de Groupes/ Clans? (Groupes = les trappes d’inégalité et pas de liberté)
Congo, trappes 3, 4, 5, 6.
....................- Iran: - fates/ trappes 1, 2, 3 et 6

... the meanest of traditionals in Africa is the dehumanization, of males against women and life ( in books: recently of Zimbabwen Petina Gappah in dance champion, character Martha; also : - W. Liking in 'jasper' and coral and more writers in West Africa; - hymne of women together about sexual pain, I noticed it in S.A.; - a wise mother of 35, who never anymore, wants a man at her body, I noticed it in S.A.). Africa's dehumanization in dayly life.

- traditional misuse:
..fate 3+6 => masculinity extreme and violent in sex against women, and when no real State exists, bad male Ethics in gangs ... missing a moral identity
.fate 4+5=> bad education and a lack of organization power and distance desintegrate Congo in West and East ( by gangs)
========> THE LOWER EDUCATION IS, ... => the more populism/ Clan and Religious misuse of POWER: Power over Rights!
Congo, traps 3, 4, 5, 6 / now, Congo ... keep traditional misuse or choose modern life?
=> INSIGHT: any religion/ NATION goes from dictatorship in a Group-/ church culture ... towards an
--- Individuel Culture , which defends individuals by modern LAW as from today.

Organisatie van Stabiele GROEP en STAAT / => het FALEN in vb. van CONGO: