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  Arabs moan/ dictators alike?: Why this male behaviour? ... - Religion, Culture, Males Mani everywhere ... Leaders en francais
SOMALI.1, male X, 2008 - '12 ... Somali2
islam: males' rules of Saudi's a problem, debate
< more countries. The sea, factor in Somalia?
Analyze RISK Somali
Males are useless/cruel. Women never want at home a husband again.
why women resist potentats/ male laws?

a folder, spotlight leaders

in 'debate' find a country library

- S. Africa is the only example of good governance in Africa

file Mandela
Next country, Africa

file Modern behaviour
no fanats, 21st century

- males fear shame for their honnour, because of violation by women?

per november 2008 till 2010 . - set Limits to a Stone Era .............. HISTORY MECCA
Develop SOMALI - NEWS ... crises DUE TO ALL TRIBES. Wildwest trade in PIRATERY

Foundation KOA ... stimulates a MODERNIZATION- view ... in sports terms
- deserts in SOMALI, a life as nomads. So, no unity: North and South, a different history
- trade supports strong characters; old conflict between tribes and status now culminating there
- many recent wars; antropology and culture of no unity; psycho of regional war lords
- Ethiopians interfered in Somalia, with a stronghold, well organized, a disciplined unity
- make SOMALI a Federation with rotating presidencyfom south and north
- militia to schools in Oman. Omani's to participate 4 years in power, bring discipline
- a new MODEL AGAINST REGIONAL warlords with weapons from overseas.

..MENU's for a debate on this INTERNAL WAR, culture and a transition to development?

- debate: grassroots/ country... Change 40 years of unqualified governments in Africa and instability
CORRUPT: => E.U. be a tutor, COUNSEL the Functioning of a president of SOMALI:
- I like African people, but a bad male system of rule or islam/ women have ethical brains
.2. Somali males say to take care for women, ethicly'? IS: -women the property of males
- moslim male, Type X a mani,. manage bottoms of women, break bones, cut tongue
- SOMALIA, a failed State! A plan for ZONES: - ships, ports, transport, service
RISKS of leaders: a folder, how to spotlight leaders. Train new, young leaders for better leadership.

.. Now 'LEZING' CONGO, leadership is a PROFESSION, not a tradition of FATE. MORE, 2010

- also CONGO today, menu ........; People in Holland do not respect such an African government.
- WOMEN (50%) are a must in better leadership, not cruelty, however, law and freedom.
- Video of Dutch news. ... ... Africa, take an example to Mbeki's State of the Union, 0302'06!