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  Presidents only for family: onmacht // Africa moans under dictators, gangs in failed states, dividing wars?: Congo?...Leaders en francais
AFRICA 2009-'12 =>Ruler, mr. X , corruption
Church+State: debate: dividing wars, chaos  
< more countries. > dividing wars, non states
Analyze RISK of mr. X
Clubs are invited to think ... about type X:
- why women not resist Rulers and church?
- why internet helps Africa? Also Life is good when healthy; education is bad. Unity in identity in Africa? (like YougoSlavia?)

debate: 40% of Leaders to be women = Y

- S. Africa is the only example of good governance in Africa

III. Dictators, e.g. Zimbabwe

file Mandela
Next country, Africa
CHINA, 2011
- a new player /NO CHANGE since CHINA left in the early '60' s:

= FEAR in a forest mentality, ... CONGO:
identity ( in 2): ONTMENSELIJKING

file Modern AFRICA, how?
no fanats, 21st century

or Lunacy of Leadership


TYPICAL traditional


versus other continents!

TRADITION + Clan make a man to be childish and ready to fight. Being individu in modern society this fighting behaviour has been passified.


Look to South Africa, influenced by Dutch:

- freedom, EQUALITY
- no uncertainty
- tolerance
- free moral and ethics

- decent
- calm
- women free in the streets

2009 till 2011. - set Limits to a Stone Era. A new MODEL: - government contracts with Chinese
NEWS ... Chinese do deliver management in projects; ... MORE e.g. country Congo

Foundation KOA wants a MODERNIZATION- view / in sports terms. ..The CHINESE CAME.

I. Dividing wars: split
1.. Nigeria / Biafra ; 2.. Ethiopia / Eritrea; 3.. Congo / Katanga; 4.. Angola / FNLA;
5.. Mozambique / frelimo .6.. Somalia/ part1,2 ,3; ... 7. Ivory coast / 2 presidents; 8.. Sudan / Sudan south / 9. when Congo?

Traditionals' corrupt behaviour +Lunacy of Clans, RULERS // need changes by LAW, defends voters.
Traditionals do'nt perform, are corrupt, think of 1 identity/kill. CITY teaches 5 identities for diversity.

Non States, free for gangs: rape, a 100% lack of Ethics / no binding unity; only family

- debate: grassroots/ country... Change 40 years of unqualified governments in Africa AND Ethiopia
II. Non States deliver gangs:
1. Liberia ... and neighbouring countries ... and child soldiers // ..... they are punished in court
2. Ruwanda ... and Hutu gangs , who killed near a million Tutsi's // ..... they are punished in court
3. Congo and Hutu gangs / undisciplined armee soldiers, who rape // when are they punished in court?

CONGO, I expect a SPLITTING proces. DUE: distance west /East (as Pakistan, BanglaDesh)

- CONGO, menu, no Unity/ -traditional misuse and gangs. State Ethiopia, yes, a Unity
.fate3+6, masculinity, extreme violence in sex // Fake States, male Ethics, miss identity (2)
- a Masai girl sees inequality for girls, no chances. They work/ not males. Oppose together
- males are indolent. So, CHANGE (compare Arabs: use foreign workers, negatively)
...fate 4+5=> bad education and a lack of organization power and distance desintegrate Congo in West and East, where in the west we see pidgin and french, a bit swahili; the East is Swahili speaking. In the west a low forest // in the east a high savanne, till Katanga in the south- east.

WOMEN (40%) are a must in better leadership, now; ... => Congo fails in fate 3,4,5, 6
- Video of Dutch news. ... ... Africa, take an example to Mbeki's State of the Union, 0302'06!

we need Protocols anti Fate of male Rulers, Africa/ Congo ... - change a history ... - power sharing in Africa. It is so 'African culture

2. NOT AFRICAN LEADERS, except a bit in -
... => 3.Ghana ... -4. Tanzania .... 5. Zambia .... 6. RWANDA ... 7. SOUTERN AFRICA ......, due to STABILITY AND SOME WEALTH

It is ETHICS and in ORGANIZATION that males fail by nature. CLICK on picture of 6 FATES, above
... the meanest of traditionals in the Far East is what did the red Khmers - 2 million dead / displace own citizens
... the meanest of traditionals in Africa is the dehumanization, of males against women and life: KILLERS ARE NOT WITHHOLD BY A RELIGION/ CULTURE LIKE ARABS, INDIANS, CHINESE have/ and: ARAB religion a risk. Strong identity, women unfree, clans unfree. Kongo's weak culture a risk? No identity: as Fighter/robber, dehumanized?

( in books: recently of Zimbabwen Petina Gappah in dance champion, character Martha; also : - W. Liking in 'jasper' and coral and more writers in West Africa; - hymne of women together about sexual pain, I noticed it in S.A.; - a wise mother of 35, who never anymore, wants a man at her body, I noticed it in S.A.)

Low educated remain more isolated in their own Group. E.g. Religious extremists, farm workers (S.Afr), the poor in Egypt, Congo
A lack of identity/culture makes fighters in Congo Kinshasa/ S.Africa, 'plaasmoorde', today, unacceptably cruel. Exploited, poor mix
A lack of organization power desintegrates CONGO; distance, Kabila from East+Swahili. Capital in west is 50% against Kabila, fight or free?
A Stone Era of Clans and RULERS means killings, caused by a 1 Identity only attitude. A Diversity, also by women, leads to better ETHICS.
=> het FALEN in vb. van CONGO:

CHANGE if Professional/ a constitution => DIVISION OF POWERS:
1. Voter versus clan / anti RULERS war => women demonstrate for
2. Sex no issue in religion .................. => women demonstrate for
3. Only President if modern……….......... => widely interested/ respects values
4. Organize (as mother/ man as child) .=> women demonstrate for

CULTURE HOLLAND FREE, AN EXAMPLE - after 1600, 500 years in Europe

WORK/ create, everywhere
- waterworks
- cartography ... coasts and countries
- freedom to print books
- art is free
- science is free
- religion is free
- agriculture and livestock an example