Rights over power for ... a qualified government model in english here. ... RISK: no security in 1+2
money, power in old institutions =anti freedom
Africa: RISKS of PATRIARCHS in debate news
< traditional leaders fail! Need institutions
a. Leaders = money*
This behaviour delivers
One sided views:
- New York in 1700
- Arabs do like slavery?
- now church-state Iran

b. Leaders = power

The brains of a man copy dogma-behaviour

- and men do'nt learn
. from the disasters, if

- living in a small group
. or region. And:

- when church punishes
. keeps people dumm
- in 'males' there is 'kill'

- male Rules apply only:
- racial behaviour
- Rulers, no rights.
- such governing 'kills'
- behaves like monsters

... an acculturation course on culture, males RULES only, disfunctioning leaders and unsecurity
Undemocratic old INSTITUTIONS: ... MONEY and POWER, dominated by PATRIARCHS

History and politics. Organizing for risk/ managing risk: against m+p = males in church and patriarchs/landlords
------------------ ... Leaders , money and power versus ... the freedom of people
------------------ ... People ... live, learn, work and ... need security. However, they are mislead ...

Replace old culture Institutions/ elites, because of modern slavery - only male rules, enmity:
RISKS in power -- it keeps people dumm ...NO education is a big danger, but is their style -
- institutions of -- 1. church elites ..dogma's by only males, e.g. orthodox Christian + moslim still
- institutions of -- 2. tribal elites .. e.g. in Iraq cause all bloodshed. 80 scientists kidnapped. Kills
- institutions of -- 3. traditional elites .. e.g. Arabs want slaves, a wife; they like to kick a slave
------------------- 4. macho elites dominate, kick; such Arabs moan 'as slave', shout in chaos.
Often a mixture of 1 - 4, THEY ACT AS TERRORISTS/ monsters... and tend to make slaves
Foundation KOA ... an ORGANIZATION view of MODERNIZATION ...versus money & power

c. LEADERS in old elites need criticism: men in all jobs, alone oké, except in church/ State!

LIFE # -IS NOT- . suppression by State leaders and church. So, 40% WOMEN must be represented
- democracy ------ we need a struggle of parties in power ... in freedom ... plus democratic institutions
- organize it ----- ... by criticyzing the leaders in power .. ... ALL ... ... .... without bloodshed !
- responsible ----- .. by adopting a better model ....... democracy. + Improve it into a better one!

c. INSTITUTIONS against RISK ... must be based on consultation and leader a 'PRIMUS'.

Rights over power. So struggle/ critisize is not enough. All leaders in endless power get corrupt
- stop the approvel to leaders after 8 years. A complete change of leader and team clears all up
- enlightenment vs. monsters of Fate: Democracy needs commissions to sign with the leader / primus
- rights for ---------- this is a new INSTITUTION which should replace the old historic ones
- individuals ----- ... it offers really better SECURITY to the people, Human Rights and Protocols
- are equal --------- ... it offers EMANCIPATION of all towards a better future in real freedom.

Now CHANGE behaviour of leaders: they all have talent for money and power, ... however, the 3td, c. 'organization' is the difficult one!