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Administration and culture

FUTURE social justice in freedom/ Discipline?
- set Limits to a Stone Era in RUSSIA / - RESEARCH -
=> on juridical nihilism, kozak and Dutch in Russia

backgrounds: - RUS. ...Siberia is like Benelux; just a 30 mln. population
- blood now; Putin's primair talk; is it better to make Dagestan, Tsjetsjenie independant?
RUSSIA, ... government as maffia is not so European and ... RISKS of internal wars :

KOA: ... How to manage diversity ... and culture? The RISKS OF LEADERS
- ... in Russia individualistic culture/ Poetin- Medvedev: from narcist beating to modern? -
- 2010: is Putin a narcist KGB in destroying the Tsjetjiens'?; islam terror acts in Russia?

blog Kremlin and Russia today and Moskou times
and orthodox priests
Parties in Moskou. ... Racism ... ;
SO offer a MODEL for analyses and alternatives.
Foundation KOA................................... - RUS, Use your capacities: advice Sauer

More countries in this serie:

>> Netherlands. Culture of Holland

>> Arabs/ Moslims ... versus Turkey

>> Evaluate NL, chairing the E.U.

>> Africa Fails. Shame for education

>> China in progress.

>> India progresses in 2007.

>> religious fanatism, 21st century

RUSSIA: Poetin is not an economist. Behaviours of leaders/grassroots:

RUSSIA in 'CHANGE' ? Not succesful, because of a patriargical patronat
prevent those oligargical structures - do Poetin /Medvedev adopt a Chinese success model?

Private sector Moskou is vibrant.
Russia should compare with Brazil.

traditionel institutions: are they modernising: Y/N?

Symptom: there is an ugly gorilla on the table, PATRIARCHS . Russian potentats/ elite do'nt want to see it / nor take actions:
- juridical nihilism/males; so, women consider government is their ennemy? - Give officers death penalty for hurting coming RUS soldiers

- 'Kozaks'; the patriot: Rus at borders
- male apathy is a dangerous part
- Russia? as Norway'80: agro, basic
- SO the Chinese are more succesful, due-
. Chinese, 2008/9:70% trusts government.

Research as to risks of church; and
questions as to death of FEMALE journalists

 + Premier. Poetin wants an improved economy
+/- Russia tries the Arab oil model ?
- /- Premier, type old KGB, elite uses threats?
-/- why are women not 40% as minister?

1. External research:

Russia news, information on line.
- Rus is violent on holidays, because of Wodka. Really a North European problem.
- Rus knows 5 centuries of slavery (lijfeigenschap). It is like in Groningen, Holland with rich farmers, a century ago, who had workers as slaves. Horrible.


2a. Russia around Wolga river; traders between Baltic sea and Caspian sea
2b. the 3td ROMAN EMPIRE
after Byzantium
2c. culture of IRAN's Empire in Kaucasus, Siberia
.... and in Central Asia. Since +/-1800 it is Russia

Novgorod on line

- 'Tsaar', successor Byzantium
in 1452

- Art on line. Compare RUS /// IRAN empires

- Rus, More history: Kazan on line
.. old influence comes from Asia neighbours
.. Iran and Russia, both imperial + sathapen
.. influence of Greece + Rome is
high in Iran
.. identity Iran : truth, justice, free thinking
Asia historic empires: Iran, Rus, China, India 

Central ASIA/IRAN, a neighbour/ exchange:
- Expansion in Siberia, 17th century, in 100 years up to Pacific/Far East.
- STALIN defeated Hitler/ + Kozak/killer
.. he passed Oeigoeria on to China

- POETIN/Medv./ Modernize? CHANGE?


However CHINA IS GROUP behaviour;

vs. Russia: was authoritair/individualistic

- no power sharing, no protocols against neurotic, male, leaders - control it here


- nationalism and religion (N- R):
HISTORY of RUS is like history of USA: a 'trek' to the Pacific; a RUS is the American of Europe
- outlawed Rus, 'Kozaks', live at the border. It's like in S. Africa, Australia, etc.
with outlawed, free, 'boers' and expansion.
They created the country as a new people, Russian, USA, SA, with as a stronghold / identity their religion: - now
- N-R bond is a masculine 'valkuil'/ fatality
- Rus does not have freedom, as ideology




Constitute a COUNSEL of Evaluation with 1 outstanding member per ZONE; it's aimed to have talks. If needed, they talk with leaders about leader behaviour and that of their grassroots:
" they do audits and influence change processes: a young leader changes, insight and behaviour.
" they train young leaders in more insight in own behaviour; the effects shown in 2 risk-models
" they give advice about risks to young leaders: so stimulate governance/ acculturation, management behaviour


4. News about Pres./ Premier Poetin

-- the economy of Russia is half of France
-- Premier Poetin is aware of juridical nihilism in Russia ? Maybe.

Russians do not control, but attack (Hiddink).
-- they attack with enthousiasm, with skill and in groups, like wild dogs (small and continouusly).
-- like Swedes a cold behaviour, however, Swedes do not like risk where Russians take risk and create opportunities (in the attack): - creative.


Political content FOR STABILITY:
-- Rus: uncontrolled, neurotic chess players?
-- birth rate is much too low. Action, in hope?
-- Abchasie and Ossetians do not like Georgie
-- Russians in Belarus and Ukraine. Be wise. How?


Start economic ZONES in Russia?
-- train all to be moderate and give insight in
traditional risks: a folder, spotlight leaders.
-- Russia and traditional culture: change it
-- not threat and fear, but debate and trust
-- is this why Russian population goes down?
-- Pres. Poetin has oil money / starts to threaten
again. He will lose/ spoils Russian interests
-- isn't Medvedev strange? Where are women?
.. OR A GOOD TEAM? ( as Breznjev-Kosygin)

FATE of RUS or -

Change. Questions for leaders

Professionnal states and cultures with freedom in discipline,
not a masculin religious
one -
Goals for a new culture in new institutions :

- ends old institutions; styles of countries -

.. is growth towards freedom in discipl.
.. private sector in Moskou is vibrant;
.. stagnation allways in the public sector
.. - so like in China in a big change,
...- as to find a modern IDENTITY.


HOWEVER, where are politicians going?


RUSSIA as a National-Religieus bond ?

- twice the population of TURKEY
- drunk/wodka; psyche of slaves/ 'lijfeigene'


China and Singapore learned.

- Singapore transformed itself after 1978 ... by using international capital to set up a succesful state with social(ist) justice, because every citizen gets chances and all are relatively rich
- its goal was to be the richest in a poor environment of neighbouring countries. Singapore succeeded.


- China's leader Ping WAS SHOCKED DURING A VISIT TO SINGAPORE end 80ées :
He saw how rich the country was in the end 80ées. It was the trigger for his modernization programs for China ... with new economic ZONES ... and to develop a socialist market economy with social(ist) justice in China as we see it today. Good spirit and succesful (no centralism).


- we see the market economy and social(ist) justice develop in South Africa and
Latin America (e.g. Brazil and Bolivia).




- is it chaos/ having no control?
- as in the example of Koetoezov?




President Kalmukkia - NO
- (in 1), it is an example of a not- functioning government (last 20 years)
- demonstrators were beaten, just as in
.. the dictator period of the Franco era
- CHESS CITY ia a social/econ. failure
- tax paradise of K. is a corrupt place
+ The people are Buddhists. Remarkable
+ I like these Asians more than North Europeans /North Russian


59 is age of death Rus; 36 in Swaziland
- understand and recognize wodka and HIV as a masculin/ male disease, due to masculin behaviour 'of not understanding and not recognizing it'.
- 100% masculin rule has not the best results
- it is male, juridical nihilism (the RUS army?)
- it is internal conflict/ not against women
- it is a signal of no balance
- women are not allowed to work as journalist
- Russia is like Swaziland. Both kill the female journalists (REAL and MENTALLY). 30% of Swazi have AIDS, because the king/ leader is a MR. NOTHING.


Masculin males think they know better
--- not interested to serve community


- was a tradition in RUSSIA
- still in SWAZILAND


It is just a matter of attitude. It's stupid

SO :

- people die at 59 and 36 and under.


- is Russia like Congo a set of 'islands in a (frozen) forest', which disconnects communication and a binding and bridging between people? NO! Does Russia want to be
- like Saudi Arabia a rich oil state. YES!


CONTACT: old or new
Moskou University clubs? Or designers?



Neerlandistiek in Moskou


Open Universiteit in Moskou


Is Russia comparable with China? No,
- just 2 CITIES, Moskou and Petersburg with a size of half the FRENCH economy:


- oil price in 2009 low as in the 80's; the Sovjet Union broke up in pieces ('80's)
- does it in 2009 risk the break up of RUSSIA in parts? - internal wars?
- is Russia an oil state , however , with its existing industry in big problems now


G20 and Russia's role - apr/june'09
- why is Russia saying nothing?
- bad management: - no control






Political and economic culture, Russia 2009:


..... a land of 4 key rivers



- land and expansion
- geography: - history, culture


- people : - type in Russia

- leaders : - anthropology, psyche
and - management

............. leaders of the Russians

............. risk of those leaders


- institutions and 'internal wars'.

1. Effect of Geography: big rivers (north-s), mostly big cities; enormous taiga
Still Power over law /// is Scandinavian social market economy acceptable?
>> ... Russia daily ... - open Russia; never isolate it.
Russia freedom? Not all equal? Russia, Ukrain, Belarus and Turkey in a European home, equal to E.U. and a position as CANADA/ Mexico versus the USA.
- advice Russia to invest in stability in the country side , against the wodka death FATE there.
... - have stable agricultural prices for farmers. SEE SOUTH AFRICA and HOLLAND

There are lots of males in Russia and Africa, wodka loosers suffer like the uneducated in Africa.
- enlightenment is missing, due to a juridical nihilism (= all misuse of religious, tribal, traditional, local, material macho-rules) Help the modern generation in developing philosophers of protest/ criticism in dialogue against juridical nihilism.
- modern Moskou now is better. Russians there accept FREEDOM, management and Scandinavian market economy? Or LET ELITE sacrifice RUS. ... RUS has much ego-rhetoric?
BETTER, Valentina Matvijenko. ... POLITICS: read a fabulous journalist, Olaf Koens in Moskou.
Country, culture: - in Africa: be no sissie; - in China: loosing face; - Rus: is not result oriented?

- RUSSIA is ONLY twice the population of TURKEY
- it should try to compare with BRAZIL, also a 150 million population and big.

- compare it with ITALY, Venice, being the 3td ROMAN EMPIRE after the fall of Istanbul.

2. culture in Russia ; where are women as ministers in administration ?
CULTURE: harsh North European tragedies, like in Germany, Poland and Russia ... allout in history. CHANGE IT:
... only 2 women as minister: economic development and health. More women, that works well to bind and bridge this society.
Male leaders Russia allways potentats? Now, a change with Svetlana Zjurova 2nd chair parliament? - Now modern? Or Valentina Matvijenko of St. Petersburg ... as a 2nd prime minister or president?

Russians are unable to control, however, wise in how to attack. Beautiful (Hiddink, soccer).
Swedes do not like risk, whereas Russians take risk and create opportunities (in the attack): - creative.
AUG.'08 a 'wild dog' attack by Russia on Georgia. Neurotic actions. I condemn Georgians also, because of their lack of modesty against Abchasians. Train them all modesty in their culture. 'Kozaks'/ Russia against Georgia; ... the gaz war against Ukrain hits Bulgaria/ Greece

RUSSIA, to be seen as a National-Religieus bond? ... again HOMO SOVIETICUS ?
- create power sharing + protocols against such neurotic males as state-/ church leaders -
>> Russia fact book ... and: STALIN was like Mao tse Toeng.
... Stalin succeeded to defend Russia against Hitler. Oké. Poetin does he make a change? Is Russia in 2009 still like Spain under Franco and like Turkey today? Males beat women up in Spain under Franco. Church is much to strong. .... China made a positive change after MAO. Russia?
... Rus, China share ' religion light' as acceptable. Putin checks the success in China.

CHANGE IS NEEDED as of 1st of jan. 2008: women for good governance

>> Is RUS a RISK taker?
Rus media monitoring
: - are the elite and macho in church against freedom ?

- the coming 10 years the people must be helped against a catastrophy:
59 is age of death for males in Russia; male with car is healthy/ male in metro is broken?
- corruption /// 1/3 of workers is in government jobs: It must be changed. Insight in courses.

COUNTRY COURSES, a mission. Research about Internal Wars of leaders:
Country, leaders and the risks of leaders -
Misuse in COUNTRIES: - history, culture; LEADERS: antroplogy, psyche, management

SUBJECTS describe Internal Wars. ADVICES in International Public Affairs:
leadership needs management theory as the 5th subject to modernize governance:
- organization theory
- behaviour and control
- risk analyses
- image building about leaders

HISTORY ... ADD RISK ANALYSTS of KOA build insight here in FATE, slides 1-5, of:
- 1. women participation, identity/ religion, masculinity, control; 5. tradition a fate

1. macho exposure (with 4 elements) ... see the picture
2. a money and power reflex
3. uncontrolled behaviour (depends insight and educational level)

Change new history of Russia? Or a land, which is still stuck in FATE and standstill?

>> Rusland, you name it ...

- the bond of religion + nationalism in Iran, today, a DANGER, as Apartheid in South Africa

Change it: - Questions for leaders. ... Professionnal states and cultures?
Goals for a new culture in new institutions :
... ends old institutions; UNDERSTANDS VALUES and styles of countries
... influence of Iran on Russia (e.g. Mazde, identity of Iran: truth, justice, free thinking)

1. orthodox Rus, free as protestant/ Mazde-Iran ..... versus - 4. religious men of rules, Sunni" / free: Sjii/ Iran
2. Catholic*, has negative rules as moslim"/ mani ... versus - 5. Augustinus de Hippo*, Mani are obsessive
3. Pelagius (vs. Aug*) = : free, truth; renaissance... versus - 6. Sjii (persecuted by Sunni) hope for/as Jesus

Identity - In Russia orthodox is the majority. BUT a diversity with e.g. also many protestants, etc. makes Russia good. Youngsters are a little religious with friends amongst all: orthodox light, protestant light, catholic light , moslim light. I like it!

... - is growth towards protocols, find the direction towards freedom/ better legislation
....- .instead of macho potentats in the elites ............ : see it continued in 4

4. FATE of CONTROL and misuse of power by MASCULIN MALES:

- Centre and Capes: why not have STABILITY/ security there for economy and population?
So , restrict CHAOS just to the border/ 1: - areas, e.g., in the Caucasus or illegals in Far East?
Binding the regions and bridging the many identities, there, is the problem -
- apparently, risks in border region (1): - the Caucasus is unstable with 'internal wars' today
>> Rus. Centre, Capes and in 1? 1, In Siberia, only the BORDER of ASIA is well populated. It's functioning. Country has a RUS identity there as well.
So bring thew Centre of Russia stability and freedom, a good economy-
1. freedom, even Democracy; it's change (from feminin to masculin; F to M: every 4 - 8 years)
2. have women active as leaders. 40% WOMEN AS MINISTER
3. males are not well equipped for good governance. Add feminin aspects in masculin teams

Is a RUS identity a National- Religious bond? Isn't freedom a better identity to bind/ bridge?
- history tells us: .MASCULINITY and wodka; ..... a FATE? Yes, ..... I remember dictators

Questions about Russia:
- The Swedes delevered the first 'Tsaars'; later, the Swedes and Russia were enemies
1. Compare Swedes with successful Chili; Russia so far with tragic Argentina. Y/N?
2. Russia so European, but traditional like Africa, in relation to a threatening early death?
3. Russia a State of minorities? - A diversity like Iran? ; I saw history of Iran in the Hermitage
4. Accept death/ FATE? Or have protocols and legislation as means agaist masculins rule?
5. Are E.U. protocols an example for Russia? What priority/ means for change in Russia?


5. CRISIS IN Russia ... during its history

- Derk Sauer: 'Russian male is so unsuccessful, so unable to bridge and bind

- masculin males think they know better: - dispute on any issue; - technically accepted as best
women can do better and are able to bridge and bind people in arguments. femine participation as minister would help enormously to improve results..

Is there money after the credit crisis? Yes, oil and gaz
- oil town Chanty Mansisjk is the best recent example. A succesful Russia is founded there.

BRIDGING and BINDING unsuccesful aspect of a male in Russia:
- stop corruption. Less government jobs: - social programs or always human catastrophs?
- create work for the population in economic zones, due to better protocols and legislation for good management by government in those zones.

- learn FROM SOUTH AFRICA. Mbeki and from BRAZIL: protocalls



6. QUESTIONS as to the RISK in the IDENTITY OF a RUS:

- where is a vision and strategy?


Do historians only reflect on male stories; e.g. also T.V. makers as G. MAK?
a. Brandt Cortius sees the value of interviews with women in Russia.
Intellect (I) and emotion (E): - however, male stories work on I.Q. aspects only

- women work both on I.Q +E.Q. ........ - together it makes a better working battery.
b. therefore Misuse? Yes - ....juridical nihilism,
- also a RUS is a RISK taker versus e.g. the Swedes / it results in more chaos


T.V. research on Risks, received, on THIS ISSUE of Russia's internal stability:
1. life is difficult, fate and internal war; in this situation males go down with as a reflex
.. - Rus elites: - a belief in a right in greatness /// a Russian fate: - a belief in wodka
.. - religion as a belief to understand everything, without knowing something. It is a risk.

2. females are really strong and do say more realistic and useful things in interviews

3. Rus identity in problems is humour or be irresistable patriot to resist a fear for chaos

4. Russians live in the times of railways as means of transport and fly from city to city
5. Russia lacks institutions for a long term, stable administration, by means of protocols
.. - a Goelag again or really a VALUE for people by protocols for parliament/Doema?
.. - wrong actions due to fear for chaos could break up old Russian treaties on unity?

6. disadvantage per sexe for stability in a country, e.g. Russia:
.. - some males are dangerous, as politicians more. What to do about this problem?
.. - women just can make things happen; in politics even protocols. How to change it?

7. Russia is definetely a B.R.I.C. country: - Brazil, Russia, India, China , upcoming.

.. - RUS, economy still small, half the size of FRANCE: - only two hands of cities as markets

....RUSSIA ... not understood? ...- STABILITY = SHORT TERM


More questions for Good Governance : - not well so far? A modern team, now?

- is Poetin/ Medvedev a TEAM of anti poles? ; is it the Russian individualistic alternative for the groups in China (a group culture). Can it offer more balance in strategy and action and so being a helpful tool to modernize? A hard and soft side together bring the better results.


- is the choice for Medvedev an attempt to modernize? Is it against the harsh Russian,
masculin line of choices so far?
Or is Russia of Premier Poetin STILL just as Spain during FRANCO?
- or is premier Poetin only scared, if the Poles, Kazakstan and China get richer than Russia?

- the new security plan for 10 years, 2009 - 2019, for the 1st times talks about social-economic issues
- is there a challenge in agricultural potential, now, in order tto supply the rich Arabs with food? how? ... Is there a will to solve, this way, the wodka problem caused by rural poverty?


Passion: problems in Russia and anywhere. Next country for research is Saudi Arabia -


Organization for a meeting place in africa-viewer


Please e-mail us for questions, suggestions or remarks.


1. Economy and a big change:

B.R.I.S.C - countries
- Brazil, Russia, India, Iran, Saudi, China

2. Leaders and a big change

Request me
for country courses:

Kongo, Russia, Brazil in june 2009


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