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Back to KOA Debate. ........ Show my visits; KOA marketing .... :* HOW to CHANGE FATE of governance into professional Administration ... CHANGE male Ethics

* TITLE: Countries, leaders and RISK of leaders. Analyses and CHANGE.

Change of vision: - ... women 40% in administration ... STOPS Masculin fate
see in wildlife (e.g. elephant, lion) old male dictators are put out of a group

- train a Young generation of leaders in ZONES for diversity without doctrines
- 6x doctrines/ FATES bring internal wars* by old males:
*- Research the RISKS, Fate1: Patriarchs 2: 1 identity and 3: MASCULINITY
,4: lack of control/ management 5: FATE of tribal males. FATE 6: Ethics

from RISK to BRIC?

for 1-6

a binding factor:
RISK of LEADERS. In 2009/'10: courses RUSSIA, . In 2010/'11 Saudi Arabia: - RISKS of internal wars: -COUNTRY reader

KOA on internet ... and Speaker

Introduction in 'Group Home'

>> Brochure// engl. of Foundation KOA


>> SET Limits versus a Stone Era
>> of Leadership:
- the traditional male in 1 identity focus and conflict

>Protocols anti - dictators RULES

KOA: RISK analyses, The context around styles of countries

- World Geografie and new wealth; which changes since the credit crisis?

- a map of an African dictator, more potentats. Hope for protocols

- Geografie and rate of freedom

Top measures for CHANGE: Institutions and protocols stop 6x Fates

Information point for courses:
DICTATORSHIPS FALL --> by courses AND information
BELOW - RISK/ country. Will it CHANGE into CHANCES of BRIC's


- be anti males' RULES only

= a need for protocols

COUNTRIES and RISK: patriarchs KOA: KEY COUNTRIES for conferences ... Our PROGRAM: - title is in *
1. KONGO as a weak state

2. Russia. ..... patriarchs till 2009
>> 2. so far... in history potentates

3. Saudi Arabia.
>> 3. they have slaves as dreams, moan

4. All/ more... on request

1. >> Kongo and nr. of participants. Subscribe your participation in 2009

2. >> Russia leaders, economy, in 2009; Courses and nr. of participants

3. >> Saudi Arabia .... planned 2010. in Dubai for research about Saudi's
4. >> Brazil. Courses and nr. of participants in 2010. AFTER China/Russia
5. >> Iran -VOC ... planned. ... Source : Axworthy - culture history of IRAN
6. >> India, China .... on request
7. >> South Africa, my laboratory. Since 2000: courses /nr. of participants

Risk analyses.

Speakers Dubai

COUNTRIES, preparing in cities for conferences: - YOU TUBE
Subscribe ideas on issue: patriarchs, traditional identities and conflicts in countries. ................. And: Brazil, Russia, India, China =

1. Moskou
........ 4. Teheran

2. Riadh ............ 5. Nairobi/ central Afr.

3. Astava .......... 6. Harare

1. World.

1a. Israel/ Gaza Exchange ground. Trade:- Israel takes Dutch millions for Gaza. U.N. to determine borders, like in Kosovo.
1b. Saudi's, they be demagogue newsline// yes, Omani work themselves. Good
1c. a fence on the Pakistan/ Afghan border? Yes/no. Pashtun live at two sides
2. South Afica has, after Apartheid, a good management-/ governance culture:

>> A BOOK with 50 pages ... INTERCULTURAL RELATIONS, South Africa
Risk analyses

in 2009 Marketing of 'Good Governance (marketing is my job) ...WHY ?

I am international economist with culturel and management focus:

Risk analyst for KOA:

- catch some leaders/ by U.N?
- send him to Bermuda, and/or
- radio program for resistance
- bring him to court
- agree/develop new institutions
- U.N. related PLANS stop fate of male leader

... with CAMERA'S on unmanned planes


HOW to CHANGE bad governance into professional Administration: *

WHY USE ADS? 'New Leaders are anti-dictators by new means':

CLUBS against masculin males and their juridical nihilism: -Game Plan
- .............................. is Russia of Poetin JUST as Spain during Franco?

TOWARDS 'anti males RULES only':
COUNTERBALANCES for 'valkuil'/ misuse of power by MASCULIN MALES -
1. Democracy; it's primarely change (F to M) ............. F = femine
2. women, active as leaders ........................ up to 40 %
3. anti-'valkuil'/ so feminin aspects in each masculin-male team
........... 'valkuil' of males= FATE and death (by tribal law)
4. law against masculin and juridical nihilism in administration and church
5. Arabs and moslims: improve the management against tribal law
HOW?/ ABC, plan for Change
a. Conferences and courses / country ...: better management / against tribal law
b. CLUBS start everywhere, PROMOTE to accept more identities in the 5 RULES


ACADEMY ... and Organize it: (KOA linkedIn).

40% women as minister, CHANGE LEADER TO -
- change focus from 1 tribal identity and conflict towards (e.g. Arabs+moslims) all people have more than 1 identity
- modernize administration, 1st in economic Zones
- structure and organize (e.g. improved management in Africa by the Chinese?)
- realize a social market economy, as in Holland/Brazil. Markets must work well for the masses

- any leader, also 1 to 10, must be out of office after 8 to maximum 12 years!!!