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overzicht van 6 Valkuilen

or say FREEDOM:
-to live and let live
... culture NL and rights

- modern identity

... B.R.I.C. economies temper the crisis.

Plan anti FATE:

click Fates
protocols in Leadership; use a S.W.O.T., Organize Society
ACADEMY - Set Limits to a Stone Era of Leadership, in Clans:
Egypt'11, Kopts killed; religion is male rubbish/ not all seen as equal voter

ELDERS and modern Identity ; a freedom-PLAN in continents

In Ghana people got all facilities for soccer in villages/towns.

So, the country is safe: - even security in the capital, at night (unique in Africa
linkedIn........ Speaker

- professional/ a constitution ........... => - division of powers

tradition and Patriarchs:
-Stone Era of Leadership
- no safety, internal wars

Goals against

RISKS,(in red), because

traditionally in regional thinking: only 1 identity


... details per continent:
- e.g., a RUS 'CAN NOT'
- Arabs fail under CLANS
- emotion is status Africa
- Patriarchs, it's Fate 1

I prepared a course on Russia in 2009. This course will be held regularly in the Netherlands.
My approach is 'a country, its leader and RISKS OF leaders; convert it in chances' HOW?
e.g., Armee Egypt is not helpful towards democracy'11. Punish authocratic leaders
My vision is:
BUSINESS MODEL for big Change - courses on key countries -
1. 40% women as minister, CHANGE LEADER to realize :
2. not 1 identity and conflict; we all have 5 identities, in a free diversity
3. modernize administration, 1st in economic Zones
4. structure and organize (very often this is weak; so now change the crisis)
5. realize a social market economy. Markets must work well for the masses

- voter versus Clan/anti Ruler war... => - women demonstrate for

- sex no issue in religion => - women demonstrate for' ...
in landenlezingen 2009- 2011

- Apply protocols against Rulers / women inclusive

Patriarchs = clans + religion is male rubbish and a problem
Rulers as leaders:
- request 1 identity
- RED: for agressivity

Int. RechtsHof DenHaag
We exchange on 'oorlogsrecht'/ war right and underlying causes of 'internal war'.
- Kan Internationaal recht intervenieren in extreme landsituaties?
- mijn lezingen bij ACADEMY: Rusland en nu SAUDI ARABIA

.OOK: uw organisatie en dezelfde 6 Valkuilen, van slecht functioneren van alleen mannen.
- Ed van Riemsdijk

Flyer for your Course Enquiry


... details per land

de grenzen tussen LEIDERS in de E.U. en HEERSERS in ARAB. landen






Google: Riemsdijk



speerpunten :
1. Traditionele religieuzen afremmen. Ieder zijn eigen idee laten over God leven
2. Corrupte patriarchalen afremmen. Vrouwen als president/ vice president
3. Democratie vooral helpen door RECHTSTAAT, opleiden en werK
4. afremmen van collectief Staatsbezit, wat president wil tbv. De GROEP
5. Scheiden van bestuur en bezit /. Vrouwen als problem solvers
6. moslims see women as possession, god as male. Allah is a woman, energy to bring cohesion

SECURITY IN EUROPE? ........................... // ........ in FAR EAST and CHINA?
- I am an international economist; so my subject is inter- cultural management, as well
- I am a RISK- ANALYST, because , I.C.M. requires an insight in the identities of individuels
- get an insight in States, Group Risks and the RISKS of traditional Rulers in dictatorships
- can we convert the RISKS in chances, as it happens in B.R.I.C.- countries? Which tools?

A Ruler = 'Heerser' or better a Leader?

Traditie in moslim-wereld is groepen. >V.N. accepteert niet meer dat groepen volgens tradities vrouwen onderdrukken

SYRIA is onderlinge groepstrijd en westers blok + Suni tegen Rus, Iraans, sjiietisch blok????
=> zijn er geen 5 knappe koppen met een oplossing hiervoor ???? :

Bring goals before the U.N. to be signed by member States:
1. goal is protocol 1 against the dominance of 1 x culture or 1x religion
... it’s for Arab States and Africa. So go for diversity

2. is a politics to replace Group approach for a human and freedom approach
... specific for Arab States and also a goal in Russia: - 1 LAW FOR ALL

3. the minority Group, culture or religion, always gets vice Presidency, for better cooperation in mutual interests
... Arab States: religion must for now not be a sole and first mentioned identity for an individual. Restrict males traditional STIGMA's.

goal 4 is that selection commissions, always males, for now consist of 40% women. It is needed, because males think differently.
... women bring a second side and peace, when they select a president
... ARABS, other States: Racism against women must stop.

Modern society anti wars, STATES have to CHANGE: No improvement in peace; war remains now and ever, here or there. A turningpoint can only be realized after emancipation in each country in war.

=> do PREVENT INTERNAL WARS/ WAR. It allows women free in the streets/ in public roles, as it was in Holland already for 400 years.
ACTION 1: women to hold 40% of functions as 1. minister/ in parliament, 2. roles in religions, 3. as bankers. Males took all/ create danger.
ACTION 2: forbid use of the terms allah/ god, because it is misused by males with male rules and autism. Better use terms creation/ creator.
ACTION 3: Women have good morality for society and relations, so rules on women on sex, etc. only to be made by / through women. Males misuse religion
ACTION 4: enforce a loving allah/ god instead of a punishing allah/ god. Support therefore in Holland and worldwide a calvinistic islam/R.C.

ACTION 5: realize freedom of war: - respect life now and here by showing respect for all 5 identities of any person. Prohibit focus on one.



Where are 5 wise to solve PRACTICAL problems in States at war, using this science of Ethics ...?
Spearpoints to improve State U.S.P.'S:
1. stop traditionel religieus hate. Let all groups their own idea about God and life
2. stop corrupt patriarchs. Appoint women as president/ vice president
3. help Democracy most by independant Court, education and work
4. stop collective State for one Group only, as traditionals want their State
5. divide State politicians from business possessions/. women as problem solvers
6. moslims see women as possession, god as male. Allah is a woman, energy to bring cohesion


M1: Quality of politics is influenced by leadership, ethics and Protocols for mr. X: - we focus on 2 sides in culture. Our Motive 1 is 6 Fates of Rulers' focus on:
- Patriarch rule only - 1 Identity/ religion only - Masculinity (= X not Y) - bad Organization/ job Control - Traditional Friendship and Power - machine Ethics.
M2: GROUPS in SYRIA, EGYPT in war, etc.
1. For religious, bother with Your own Group, not with me, others. That is FREEDOM. 1 Religious image of males leads to Internal war in States. Allah is useless in war between groups and saves nobody.
2. Western females say: let women be various in culture/ religion? No, because males put to high pressure on women ... and males block EQUALITY: macho moslim is angry father, anti other ideas; a little boy

Males do stupid things in fields of LAW and Ethics ( quote Malala and Masai girls); together females now can get male rules changed easily. Allah is a sailing ship with captain+commander as male+female: equal.

M3. A spearpoint is not to let males dictate the LAW and dominate streets and images, because women and peace as image help prosper State and trade. Spearpoint is to improve a State's U.S.P.'s