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* the WORLD, CLUBS against masculin males/ patriarchs and juridical nihilism: - now, INSIGHT in Business model, FATE 1 to 6

Business model
anti internal wars

a. Conferences and courses on identity and conflict in countries
deliver courses on all countries in big change ...:

1. 40% women as minister, CHANGE LEADER TO -
2. not 1 identity and conflict; we all have 5 identities, in a free diversity
3. modernize administration, 1st in economic Zones
4. structure and organize (very often this is weak; so now change the crisis)
5. realize a social market economy. Markets must work well for masses

- I am an international economist; so my subject is inter- cultural management, as well
- I am a RISK- ANALYST, I.C.M. requires an insight in the identities of individuels
- get an insight in countries, leaders, RISKS of traditional leaders in dictatorships
- can we convert RISKS into chances, as in B.R.I.C.-countries? Which tools?

TRADITION and PATRIARCHS; - in the world there is a fear for unsafety.


modern Identity and freedom

- let's make people aware of hope

- change a tradition and PATRIARCHS

RISKS,(in red), because traditionally, in regional thinking, only 1 identity

II. The BAD and threats; ... countries, leaders and RISKS of leaders; so,


-> for all FATES - 1 to 6


I start as RISK ANALYST of internal wars/ about MORE ingredients for RISK
6. I recently took position in WORKING ON CHANGE
7. I specialized on dictators and to help to get insight and change things into opportunities and chances -

- COUNTRY: history + culture - LEADER: anthropology, psyche, management
8. I realize that all kinds of changes happen, e.g.
... - millions of Chinese migrate into Angola
... - thousand-s of Bangla Deshi migrate into Iraq

9. I give classes about countries, leaders and the RISKS of leaders, for groups
... - patriarchs / traditions determine Fate *
... - modern and B.R.I.C. - countries are determined to realize their chances
- RICH Arabs and China buy Agricultural land in Africa? … and how in Russia?

Business model, FATE 1 :
- have free zones
- a change model
- found. KOA

Apply protocols

By managing change/ diversities in countries well, we will grow together. So,
- change, in programs in CLUBS and ZONES/ COUNTRY. SO, apply protocols for situations in pictures 1 to 7