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Brief aan President Mbeki  

Per 23 februari 2000 opgesteld

The two identities of South Africa!
Dear President Mbeki,

I write to you as a 'mwalimu' and as an economist like you. I am Dutch, but Afri-
can: 'at the outside I am white, but inside I am black.' This can be SHARED!
South Africa is 'the only country for black and white'. The country can be shared
in terms of power, the economic effort and wealth and in view of its identity and mission!

I ask you to consider sharing as a KEY ISSUE, like Mr. Mandela does. In Hol-
land we share succesfully the rights and work and income, however, all are obli-
ghed to do their effort to gain their income themselves.

In South Africa I can see a 'Cape mix' of people, a 'Vaal/Rand diversity' of peo-
ple and 3td the regions in the 'lowfields' with a 95% majority of a specific identity.

There can be identified three KEY issues in South Africa:
--------------------- sharing of income
--------------------- identity/ reveil
--------------------- democracy, which means to respect the minorities.

The identities are so different between traditional Africa and mixed S. Africa or
the Rand/ Vaal diversity of S. Africa: that seems to make it logical that I prefer
a federal state: one part is the mixed Cape (Karoo) with the Vaal/Rand highlands
/ grassfields, whereas the lowfield savanna's are the second part of S. Africa with
the unique African identity of South Africa.
The second part includes 20 million people, traditional and modern!

Together, this is the reality of South Africa: two worlds in one country. This is
important, because e.g. democracy, identity and sharing of income do mean
different things in these two identities of South Africa: the press, courts of law, etcetera!

In this vision all people can identify themselves with one of the TWO IDENTI-
TIES and they have to commit to that identity, according to their culture. This
makes it congruent. Both subgroups have the same MISSION of S. Africa, but
in DIFFERENT WAYS. In this vision both identities get space (ruimte). This
situation of S. Africa looks to me comparable with the situation of Switzerland, Canada and Belgium.

Not very far away in S. Africa we can see bad examples of autocratic leader-
ship and governments in Namibia and Zimbabwe. Those presidents should
have the wisdom to go, like president Mandela did: 'a Mwalimu'!

I oppose these presedencies, like I opposed earlier autocratic governments in
Greece, Spain, Portugal and as we saw more bad examples more recently with
mr. Kohl in Germany, ex president Suharto in Indonesia and maybe in Kenya,
where President Moi is to long in power, also? However with him the minorities
are in power and we see a sharing of wealth with other parts of that country,
which was not the case during the presidency of ex president Kenyatta. This is
maybe a positive aspect of the presidency of mr. Moi as well as the apparent
stability ofKenya during many decades, with a rational approach, in that turbulent
part of our world!

I am convinced that I did my best to serve you with a different view and vision.
I consider myself as African and I do have a mission to help to stimulate demo-
cracy, the rights for an identity and a sharing of wealth. This is all we can do for
the benefit of our children and grand children in our beautiful world!

Sincerely yours,mzee E.R. van Riemsdijk



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