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Brief aan President Mandela... per 16 februari 1998 opgesteld 

Vaaldal/ Rand versus regional provinces

To concensus in South Africa?


Dear President Mandela,

I speak to you as a 'Mwalimu'. Power is based on fairness. So, be fair and fight for
two stakes in S. Africa. First I agree with you that you fight to reduce inequalities.
Try to share wealth, yes!

However, arguments of fairness and nuancing for the white, Afrikaans speaking
inlanders are the following:
- their achievement culture must be valued against traditional 'leisure' cultures. So,
is it fair that provinces in the region share on equal level with the Randstad?
- in Gauteng and central VAAL provinces I believe it is more fair to share equality,
because everybody shares in gross domestic product effort, however, create fiscal
opportunities for white Afrikaners to start new businesses when they loose jobs in
administration and big companies. So, offer them opportunities. Is it fair that all
newcomers in Gauteng share immediately in all wealth there? I think it is wisdom
to create steps in doing so.
- Still the society has to secure competition for jobs in business in order to maintain
quality in business. In administration all governments have to secure a better admi-
nistration, greater fairness and a better infrastructure (of well functioning institutions).

So, I believe you should distinguish the central VAAL provinces from the Cape and
from the provinces in the region. The problem is in the central VAAL provinces 1st.
In the Cape jobs are much more in accordance with diversity of the population (co-.
loured 1st, white next and Xhosa then).

East of the Fish river Xhosa are 1st in what I see as a regional province. In all pro-
vinces in the regions I think it is fair to give high priority to the princeple of sharing,
because there is a vast majority that should be responsible for their own wealth. So,
they must be the owners and responsibles in the 1st line. However, tradition and
leisure culture require time. People need time and respect in a long process of
change to a modern society. From government some central sources are of course
helpful! It depends. Also they should decide on language preference here.

In Vrystaat and 'Randstad' Gauteng (the industrielized 'half moon') in central pro-
vinces a change process would respect stakes of white Afrikaners' historic and eco-
nomic position. The process is challenging here. I am convinced the change is possi-
ble, if it is based on the African tradition of respect. Also, the resources are availa-
ble there. So, try to be fair and clear that you serve both stakes for more wealth
for all within the context of a well prepared plan. Also, english would be banned
from communication in the central VAAL provinces. People prefer to understand
in Afrikaans or Sotho!

Sincerely yours,

Mzee E.R. van Riemsdijk

Managing cultural risk/ organizing for risk! ..... voor N.Z.A.V. door Saobab