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* Tradition versus concensus/'enlightening' ....... LIBRARY: 'leaders & culture' ........ Tradition ... & Show a 'patronate'.
Countries, leaders, RISK of leaders (right)RISK of leaders. In Russia patriarchs in the state. So: kick 50% of males out of government and church: women socialize rulers/ soften a life without patriarchs: from tradition to modern

S. Africa and concensus (left)

concensus fails in country 1 to 18

South Africa ... as a case study of good governance

5 mln swart consumenten erby

- teams / wit-swart spanne is wederom het enig juiste antwoord in de economie van Suid Afrika..
sukses in spanne

News per: 6 APRIL 2005

Opbloei kan nog lekker lank hou

DIT lyk of SA se hemel op aarde vir verbruikers nog minstens ’n jaar gaan voortduur – en dalk selfs langer, volgens sommige ontleders, ekonome en kleinhandelaars.
Mandela 2005 en verder -

- probleem werkcultuur, traditionele Zulu
- taalstrijd
- hoge muren

- HIV en Mbeki

AFRICA, COMPARE FAILING LEADERS ... specially after 8 years:
0. Zimbabwe. 03'07 Mugabe equals Milosevic. Bring'm to theHague
1. Malawi ....... human rights? Stop male violence against women
2. Sudan .+..... human rights? NL is in lead to train in governance
Somalia ....... NO human rights; human chaos is caused by males
4. Uganda ....... after 8 good years Museveni: human rights, d.i.c.
5. Kenya ..., economic growth fails, due to politicians corruption
6. Haiti/ Africa per country ....... human chaos is caused by males

, BECAUSE NO HUMAN RIGHTS- no development
7. North Korea . .... nuclear threats? Bring dictator to The Hague
8. Birma ....... NO human rights; kick out the military? sept. 2007
9. TIBET .+...... human rights? Is a 2-culture option oke??
10 Pakistan -.. when do women/ army kick taliban out of streets?

Arabs, Saudi fundamentalist king pays 11to 15-
11 Iran .......nuclear threats? Kick out those moslim church leaders

12 Syria ....... human rights? Force them to allow a second opinion
13 Iraq ....... is a change coming? TRIBES, analphabetes a problem
14 Maroc ..... is analphabetic; kick this king out like Haile Selassie?
15 Moslim/ Arab economic growth fails in a crazy islamist church

16 Bela Russia ....... no human rights; support all demonstrations
17 Central Asian ex Sowjet states.., no human rights; crazy males
18 Moldavia ....... no human rights; extremely poor. Crazy males
dictators, more of it vs. progress since 1949

From tradition to modern:

Give power to women in Africa;
Zululand a problem.
Economy and anti-corruption in traditional areas there: is it a model for success in other countries?


Males are crazy erotists and egoists in Africa, in all traditional societies.

- the world is saved, 2004, from nuclear threats by Libya and North Korea. Now: Saudi+ Iran church leaders offer nuclear threats.

- the pope sees women as a danger for our environment anf for fertility of Western males. Is a catholic pope normal? - pope versus pill