Back to KOA Debate! Title: Emancipation and Change of Rulers; GET 5 BRILLIANT PEOPLE with ideas for PEACE TOGETHER/ fine tuning a better life.
KOA, ABC speaker -MY ANGER is lack of professionalism + lack of security/
FAKE STATE, GROUP STIGMA's, RULERS '01 till 2013. Organize CHANGE '14

STATE+ ETHICS / Professional Stability
+ by ...1+2. administrative services/ delivery

A two sided vision ... - 21st century is feminine with a service-economy/ BUT: women are excluded in many cultures.=> it means fine tuning: by K.O.A. , a RISK analyst, 2000-'14- KOA, linkedIn

ACADEMY: Change FATE and the Lunacy of leadership
=> the problem of Clans and RULERS in Fake STATES is Internal War
- we want service and Professionalism of all governments. It depends on :
- the changes in the institutions of states: - legislation and protocols, e.g. MOSKOU ... e.g. Saudi
if Professional/ a constitution .......=> DIVISION OF POWERS:
=> Voter versus clan/ anti RULERS war => women demonstrate for
=> Sex no issue in religion.................. => women demonstrate for
=> Only be President if modern, widely interested / respects values
=> Organize (as mother/ man as child) => women demonstrate for

Change a S.W.O.T. of Risks into professionalism: Organize a STATE

The Question is leadership, by KOA, as RISK ANALYSTS
- Power and Money is misunderstood by Patriarchs, ... Organizing a STATE is the tough one to do-

Underlying focus:.3. CULTURE + HISTORY
on unsecurity in-
................... . -... .... LEADER + EDUCATION

Professionnal states and cultures, not Rulers
RESEARCH the Stone Era of Leadership
-no religious
doctrines: - set Limits to Rulers
Goals for a new culture. Organize new institutions:
... ends old institutions; styles of countries
... create Freedom+ Equality in democracy
... is identity: education for all, e.g. women
POLITICS = sharing of power = good governance:

1. a STATE at WORK or Rulers, who are unable to Organize

2. Modern leadership or Stone Era of RULERS, applying wrong Control ( X, Patriarch)

.........published in 'kantoor en efficiency' ............
Administrative communication
article -

Informal communication is based on reliable information processing (quick, in time, complete, correct and legitimate). The automation of processes in Administrations follows the same principle as in Office Automation, however, AA is the authentic version of OA for the purposes of the state: ... it supports communication, which is the heart in the process to deliver service and create support to the grassroots of the state. Previously the grassroots were the traditional elites of tribes/ nobles.

- characteristics in Fig.1...
The same support of office work (O) , which is based on the concepts of IRM, pqi and QCD (Q below) does also improve the quality in the 'political work' and it improves the integration process. Automation of processes in Administrations, that is what we focus on now. It will stimulate a smoother and quick process of formal communication in Administrations.

Good political exchange of opinions is depending on countervailing powers and diverse expectations and there remains a strong need for, non automated, essential political abilities such as good observing, listening, discussing, negotiating and ... working towards a balance of power.

For more quality in Administrations and its political process (on all levels) we therefore build this Q, which is the basis for a more professional and effective political management. ...In political management communication is the central aspect. That is caused by the characteristics of politics: positions taken, stakeholders, their supporters, coalitions, etc. This communication issue of informal communication can best be supported by the concepts in Q (good formal communication flows in ministries)

Even more important are the human networks. Typical in political work is discussion, concert, alignment and communication on all levels. There is a great need to integrate issues, so to optimize them in a complete policy. It means that this communication is crucial for the quality in any Administration. Thereby politics has mainly a management typology.

Management in a service economy does not require physical power, nor knowledge of technical processes. Females have more affinity with services than man do. That is their strength in this 21td century. The Admini-stration of a country means 'servicing' ( the state: it was fights between traditional elites, tribes/nobles, macho)*.
CHANGE in P3, below,
Management for 4 Take Outs as to the Risk in group societies and 4 protocols for success/ security in any States, ( S.Africa, where my 1st basic research started)
e.g. in most regions in S. Africa, there are more educated and all feel member of a STATE and feel secure. Law prevails. Mandela father of State. BUT STILL ...
- Traditional MASAI in Kenya experienced loosing ground. So, they sent some suns to University to become LAWYER. It made a CHANGE in position -

2. S.Africa: in poor rural area's in Limpopo+ KZN, Zulu-Natal, an educated wins. An uneducated always looses his ground in contracts. Kill? /=> Malema?
3. Plaasmoorde: a farm in S.Africa is a struggle area of GROUP Society, because poor and uneducated only meet in their own Group.=> Get Education now?

4. South Africa: in Eastern border regions poverty and traditional non education prevail. There is no State, but Group society ... White, black an easy one
In (S.) Africa, ARAB world is a trend to modern State, based on diversity; now still pockets of Group Society struggle, based on 1 Group identity.

............................. published in 'kantoor en efficiency' .............................

in a Global village we live;... we want delivery and change:

- integration in the groupwork of leaders of countries: - 40% of ministers to be women

- every leader ... he can be punished and can be fired, now. ... Landsbestuur is 2 dingen: rechtse ondernemerschap en kapitalisme en linkse anti poverty en Staatstaken . ... Re: new deal van Roosevelt

Professionalize Leadership, Organize a STATE in a COUNTRY:
* The purpose of management is to realize a best group result with OA and to improve labour productivity. The increase of labour productivity is then the basis for more jobs and increases of wages. The AA concepts discussed in this article are based on a general idea to be applicable on all levels of Administrations ... in municipalities, states, and international (e.g. E.U. and inter government)

Modern communication tools make us since 2000 live in a world which is defined as a 'global village'. This can be considered as an integrated system. The new, short distances, OA and the accelerating, mutual interdependencies make the world to be one whole. So, more integration now is a matter to organize it and create good Administrations.

The Administrative process has, like any process, some quality pre-conditions, such as professionalism, project control, system development, clear levels of power and responsibilities needed for the leaders of Administrations in countries. It demands a good role performance on each project, which is practiced within or between countries.

- in old elites we saw the power in the hands of 1 person or family servicing few families or groups
- this personal power in old elites is in the hands of males (the 'elephants')
- in a democracy there is a vote towards power for all via the elections, and under secrecy

That is why freedom (modernization) is a better institution compared to the old institutions. Control is the missing element in good management of governance. Also, democracy delivers a parliament which controls leaders, who allways grow to misuse their personal power as president at the end. AND in a democracy any president or minister can be sent away from his post
- misuse of power by anyone is something present in humans / leaders.

Therefore, democracy abolishes RISK and delivers SECURITY. And females bring less risks. It is normal, now, that in all Administrations of church and States women must be widely represented by women. ... That is what happens now, after 2000.
- those old elites of states still are a problem apparently in Iraq and Afghanistan, even Russia. BUT the 21td century is also for them the century of the integration of tribes/ immigrants into a multi- community society of the dominant culture ... or together in a federation like Switzerland.
- the democratic process requires more written records, compared to firms, in order to get the support from the grassroots.

- KOA , Ed van Riemsdijk

details of solutions, Subject KOA, as RISK ANALYSTS in 3, below -

'KOA is opgericht door Ed van Riemsdijk, een gepassioneerd risico- analist, die onderzoek doet naar de valkuilen in leiderschap en ethiek. Jarenlang heeft hij ervaring opgedaan in bedrijven en landen om leiders te beoordelen op hun professionaliteit. Een goed leider creëert verandering en kansen. Per risico- land moeten we een weg zien te vinden uit een "Stenen Tijdperk" in Leiderschap, op het gebied van Ethiek en Management!', veroorzaakt door mr. X (Patriarch en haantje)

1+2. PROCESSES versus 3. Failed States, no SECURITY of services

3. Professionalize Delivery, Organize SECURITY of people ... versus Power of corrupt Rulers

Professional process and good SERVICES -


administrative formal processes and integration:


- the quality (Q) of services of ministries


- better Q in administrative processes + leadership:

Figure 1
..Fig. 1
= STATES need professional management ... , as in firms

the results in governance -
of old institutions and elites - in FAILING leadership:
- balances of power ......... how is it treated?
- conflict of interests ....... how is it treated?
- professionalism ............ how was it shown?
IF OKAY? ... better life in a democracy.

We describe The kernel in fig.2, below-

-HISTORY of governance by old culture Institutions
-RISKS of its power -- it keeps people dumm
is a big danger, but is their style

A. institutions of -- church elites ... dogma's by only males. e.g. Russian orthodox and moslim still

B. institutions of -- tribal elites ... e.g. in Iraq cause all the bloodshed. 80 scientists kidnapped. Kills
C. institutions of -- traditional elites ... want slaves, e.g. a wife; ... they like to kick a slave

D. macho elites -- dominate and kill in chaos.
--- So, we start to counsel in FREE ZONES where...
men can do all jobs alone, except in church and State! (40% women be represented) #.

the GOAL of leadership in municipalities:
- new forms of social service are possible , e.g. job search in participation with third parties. Municipalities can change-over from a 'secretary model' to a service structure with product groups, e.g. social development in sports, education and culture. Also attracting firms, creating infrastructure, taking care for housing and improving security for a good living.

3. TITLE: PATRIARCHS, mr. X , in Groups

Subject KOA, Ed

- 'countries, leaders, the RISKS of leaders':
- COUNTRY: - history, - culture
- LEADERS : - anthropology(X or Y) ,- psyche
..................... - management, - Ethics

Fate of Ruler, mr. X:
Fate of 1. Patriarchs/ no women participation,
Fate 2 = 1 identity/ religion only ,
3. masculinity,
4. bad management/ job control;
5. tradition a fate
in leadership,
6. machine Ethics

In summary -
- managing PROTOCOLS for... CHANGE:

P1. Individual male: a President is as his grassroutes:
=> 6 Fates
P2. Culture Groups create hate by religious & traditional, Group Fate
=> Why Groups do so? => CHANGES towards a true STATE

P3. STATE DILEMMA: - Old Ethics versus Modern Ethics:
=> State & Ethics, Party & Ethics, President & Ethic

... CHANGE THE LUNACY IN LEADERSHIP IN THE STATE, so against the rights for only 1 Clan+ 1 church + males;

- women ...


- Mandela: be the change you want to see in the world

- M. Albright: we have a responsibility in our time, as others have had in theirs, not to be prisoners of history, but to shape history


- what means my leadership to me?
- which longing do I have to use my talents

- where lies my passion?
- where can I deliver a useful part?
- where lies my responsiblity?

- why should people follow me?

Leadership, based on performance, power to delegate and find new ways and 3td promote your way plus inspire and network. Correct for change.

- Leaders ...


C H A N G E -


Now, Organize a STATE or keep dictators+ internal war?
==> drie punten van science politique: analyse, -I. Risico: 6x in psyche leiders ; II. Risico van Arab. plus Afrikaanse groepen samenleving ; III. Kans: nieuwe Constitutie en echte Staat

==> it gives you 4 Take Outs as to the Risk in group societies

and 4 protocols for success/ security in States
Ad P3. new State => 10 KEYS for new ARAB Constitutions and Freedom + Diversity ______________________________________________________________________

P3, The Hague Institute of Global Justice should envisage 10 protocols:
1 . One LAW for all as 1st Identity prevails over any religious, Group Identity.
===>goals, thi of GJ: secure individual voters against CLANS
2. Reconciliation is the prevailing ETHICS , as Mandela created in S. Africa.
3. ETHICS of female Rules the TRUTH: - 2 sides, - sharing, - X+Y, - 2 wings
4. Promote Freedom and Diversity, giving better Results

5. Federation+ Leader roulation +b. president needs opponent as vice president
6. Obly 40% women participation in parliament. Women now speak-up
7. Develop education for remaining uneducated members in GROUPS
8. 10 years for Presidency or maximum 12 yrs. THEN: take him freely +
===> HOF in THE Hague procures justice

9. STOP old PERSIAN ETHICS of Truth, misused as religious TRUTH in the ARAB World
10. Ridiculise hate imams and hate priests and fake Elections of dictators.
P3, Goals/ protocols are needed for the The Hague institute of GLOBAL Justice.
Then bring goals before the U.N. to be signed by member States:
Y: => 4 GOALS -
1. this goal is protocol 1 against the dominance of 1 x culture or 1x religion
... it’s for Arab States and Africa. So go for diversity

2. is a politics to replace Group approach for a human and freedom approach
... specific for Arab States and also a goal in Russia: - 1 LAW FOR ALL

3. the minority Group, culture or religion, always gets vice Presidency, for better cooperation in mutual interests
... Arab States: religion must for now not be a sole and first mentioned identity for an individual. Restrict males traditional STIGMA's.

goal 4 is that selection commissions, always males, for now consist of 40% women. It is needed, because males think differently.
... women bring a second side and peace, when they select a president
... ARABS, other States: Racism against women must stop.

=> SO, now, get w 5 brilliant people with ideas for peace together, in 2014.

Selection and dismissal of disfunctioning Ruler, Patriarch, mr. X -
- Global Justice needs change in old Ethics, in Arab Clan Group law, extreme Rulers;
- balances of power ......... how is it treated?
. a proposal in a ............. Country- conference Viewer of KOA
- conflict of interests ......... how is it treated?
. understand why ............ in a MODEL
- professionalism ............ how was it shown: leaders in a,b;c, d?

...Fig.2 modernize, as in S. Africa

Professionalize in ZONES: create the surrounding slice in fig.2-

Modernize leadership.. It means organizing for risk/ managing risk:

- against church, old landlords (a + b) , c and d; and , more reasons
- we see Leaders , money and power versus freedom and equality of people
- people ... live, learn, work and ... need security. However, they are mislead ... by old elites (the kernel).


and implement new legislation: - ... 40% women should be elected in all Administrations
a S.W.O.T. of mr. X to deliver Freedom for Y: - morality. / it helps. - … Saudi riots?

Organizing a Society
- a historian to debate a situation in a country or develop Organizational Insight in the Rulers and the reasons of Fate
..................................................................................-> environmental research ............-> the Risks


- protocols for those 6 Fates 0f Leaders and Model of CLAN STIGMA's, below-

P1.Failed States: - Rulers of Clans still continue a 'Stone Era of Leadership'
- Risk Analysts build insight in FATES 1 to 6 of Patriarch mr. X / - apply protocols

... a Leader: ... => AND ETHICS PUSHING group stigma into change, we grow together - ...........


POLITIEK IS in de 1ste plaats SCIENCE van ETHIEK.
- hulp van de organisatie theorie over gedrag van Groepen levert 4 TAKE OUTS:

ad P2. WAAROM is Politiek zo rot met moorden?

=> G R O E P E N S A M E N L E V I N G/ a Group-/religious culture
=Science...opgesteld in 2012
. ..................Clans ............ heersers ........ mannengedrag

K E N N I S: ------- steeds weer --- GROEPEN --- corrumpeert na 10 jaar
1. de Waarheid,
... Stop 't: ======> =Tegen: _____ ander geloof___ en Buitenlands werker (V.A.E.)
==> moorden ........................... - intimidatie identiteit

2/3.Getto gedrag. => Groepen: ___ vrouwen? ____ en Veranderingen?
- Isolatie ......................................... -'untruthful'
- Mani/waarheid

4. Juridisch == of => de WET: ____ Vrijheid. _____ beschermt kiezer
... Nihilisme ..............wel creeren..... - helpen ........... - tegen narcist/ groepsleider

5. Pockets armen=>=Isolatie: _____ extremist. ____ Man, geen sociale hersens
- wantrouwen ................................... - éénzijdig ....... 'god's rules in males hands'?
- verliezer ......................................... - narcist
- geen opleiding

a MODEL of PROFESSIONAL GOVERNMENT (Leaders + protocols):
1. Ethics (spirituality): from Rulers' group autocracy/ group doctrines (see antropology: X +Y)
... ..........................................
towards individual freedom of a social life and of religion ?
... DIVERSITY gives a better Result: all have 5 identities. Law instead of 1 truth. Develop in Zones

Kernal of democracy is change of mr. X as Leader every 4, 8,12 years, for mr Y
... and women: 2 SIDES / X+Y both be in balance: no group getto's. Ruling Ethics of female rules
. - a maximum salary .... pension rules for a president ( business interests not allowed for that Leader)

Lead and organize for all - e.g. education, etc; so, organize the budget of Ministries

4. Send Leaders home, longer than 12 years in power (it's a young world of social media)
uneducated or traditional Patriarchs bring a dangerous Group society, and against women

5. Build a new capital +new financial streams and let the dictator ('haantje') in agony
in his former capital (till he leaves)
=> Lezingen in NL'2013

P3. Staat & Politiek is i.d. 1ste plaats SCIENCE v. ETHIEK:

P3: y = CHANGE: - door 4 TAKE OUTS:
- een echte S T A A T / STATE, which defends RIGHTS of VOTERS by national law
... opgesteld in 2012:
Politique. ..................Vrijheid.......... leiders ............. gedrag
6. Diversiteit====> Identiteit, ____ Tunis/ Oman__ Al Yazeerah voor change
- geeft beter .............. ieder, 5 x ....... - vrij? ............. - / WET beschermt kiezer
.. resultaat

7. federatie: ====> President+ ___ Vice president_ DEMO door vrouwen
- 2 ZONES. ............ delen macht ............................. - tegen:
- van ontwikkeling ...... Egypt/ Syria. .. Ga Stemmen: ... - zonder ASSAD

8. moet saam: ===> getto - ______moderne Ethiek _ 'female rules'/ sociaal
................................. belasting ........- heersend/wet... - 2 sides/ 2 wings/ X+Y

9. Zones: ....... ===> geen _______ in 2de zone ____ HET NIEUWS:
.. - in pockets ........... evenredigheid.. wel de WET:.. .. - welke vrijheid verworven? diversity ..........: salafist ................................... - vb: Syria 2012

- door KENNIS van GEDRAG van mannen en Groepen
.. kunnen we ...WEL werken en naar een oplossing streven.
===> a STATE must not impose personal Rules of devotion. There is freedom and equality.

Push any religion/nation from truth/ dictatorship in a Group-/religious culture towards an Individual culture, which defends RIGHTS of VOTERS by national law, because:

P2, scarcity of women in government and religions brings insecurity/ internal wars in States
P3, so, STOP RACISM against women, other cultures and other religions (= Y in P3 ).

is the difficult part #
for leaders:
- so, in a 'ZONE' .... e.g., below:

ARABISCH probleem met groepen, haat en rascisme
- Probleem van Groepensamenleving in Arabische e.a. Landen
PROTOCOLS zijn nodig Bij het The Hague institute of GLOBAL Justice
=> want, die protocols bestaan daar nog niet als doelen voor LANDEN:
Materie is bekend, maar het Institute of Global Justice in The Hague heeft nog geen protocols, zoals deze zijn geformuleerd en het werkt nog nergens

SYRIA, WHERE ARE 5 WISE TE HELP ON ETHICS (use this text of 3 levels in political science)?
M1: Quality of politics is influenced by leadership, ethics and Protocols for mr. X: - our Motive 1 is to block 6 Fates of Rulers' focus on:
- Patriarch rule only - 1 Identity/ religion only - Masculinity (= X not Y) - bad Organization/ job Control - Traditional Friendship and Power - machine Ethics.

M2: GROUPS in SYRIA, EGYPT in war, etc. -
SYRIAN Alavits and Suni fight due to religious dogma's, identity as priority. It's 5th.; 1td identity is Syrian

REPLACE MALE CLEVERNESS IN RULES FOR FEMALE WISDOM as moral and Ethical compass... in Arab world and Africa ( many cases). Males genes fail.

I act as feminist claiming women 's role as national ministers and married to priests; women 's role in church and mosque only brings justice in Ethics

Males are afraid in life, SOLVE this by precise rules, dogma's and autism about a truth of god and sex, being against other dogma's. STUPID.

Males do stupid things in fields of LAW and Ethics ( quote Malala and Masai girls); together females now can get male rules changed easily. Allah is a sailing ship with captain+commander as male+female: equal.

M3. A spearpoint is not to let males dictate the LAW and dominate streets and images, because women and peace as image help prosper State and trade. Spearpoint is to improve a State's U.S.P.'s
- roulate presidency (women) in a new, federal Syria. It ends internal war. Measures as in divers MALAYSIA.
- the advantage of modern males in work, rules, precision is better, than disadvantage in traditional males: dogma's, precision in religion, internal war.
- every religion/ NATION goes from dictatorship by means of a Group-/ church culture towards an
--- Individual Culture, which defends individual rights with STATE LAW of TODAY.


Modern society anti wars, STATES have to CHANGE: No improvement in peace; war remains now and ever, here or there. A turningpoint can only be realized after emancipation in each country in war.

=> do PREVENT INTERNAL WARS/ WAR. It allows women free in the streets/ in public roles, as it was in Holland already for 400 years.
ACTION 5: women to hold 40% of functions as 1. minister/ in parliament, 2. roles in religions, 3. as bankers. Males took all/ create danger.
ACTION 4: forbid use of the terms allah/ god, because it is misused by males with male rules and autism. Better use terms creation/ creator.
Action 3: Women have good morality for society and relations, so rules on women on sex, etc. only to be made by / through women. Males misuse religion
ACTION 2: enforce a loving allah/ god instead of a punishing allah/ god. Support therefore in Holland and worldwide a calvinistic islam/R.C.

ACTION 1: realize freedom of war: - respect life now and here by showing respect for all 5 identities of any person. Prohibit focus on one.

No improvement in peace; war remained now and ever, here or there. A turningpoint realized after emancipation in a country in war.


- (as in: creative blue ocean for industries, look for 7 factors and weigh a policy
of CHOICE in the factors)
THIS FIGURE: --> to the right we find the factors for peace and wealth -
Factor 1 and 2 should be low, as in democracies; factors 3 to 7 to be high.
- Strategic management for CULTURE -

RISKS require Strategic Management for RELIGION

CHANGE LEADERSHIP: deliver Freedom, Equality for Y:
Organizing a Society as well as to get INSIGHT IN your workers, e.g. in S. Arabia


Lezingen in NL'2011

.By Ed van Riemsdijk

Political emotions.

To understand/ solve-

PROTOCOLS, nu/ tijd ( in concept)
} inspiratie voor democratie, 't delen van vrijheid:

- male images of fear in BRAINS; a CHANGE be inspired towards WORK, love in Iran, China? HOW be DONE in Middle East?

- inspiration of Equality of women and peace as priority help prosper State and Trade.
- inspiration of LOVE for Society and against unsecurity or IMAGES of fight as conviction in BRAINS

- from sexist, tribal- conservative, right- wing IDEOLOGY of religion make a revolution of inspiration towards work in IRAN, CHINA, DUBAI?
... a Ghandi is needed, as another inspirator.... Oh oh
- INSPIRATION for THE GOOD, which is IDEOLOGY without weapons


Foundation 'Kijk op Afrika' (KOA) - founder Ed van Riemsdijk LinkedIn about change in Leadership

foundation KOA

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