1.: Arab Ruler with machine ethics is war, Clan president/ 2+3 now, change & for minority a vice president, e.g. in new Syria

from Rulers towards developments of 'total democracy'?

Leader FATE now/ better security model for new, professional government, e.g. Russia, Africa, Arab/moslims
Obstacles of unprofessional Rulers' behaviour, E.g. Saudi; never again 'this Clan and hit', but all equal.
ACADEMY- Protocols Y against Rulers
LEADER RISK of traditional Patriarch/ Clan. So, 'unfreeze' ARAB LEAGUE: - Speaker Riemsdijk:
Middle East' 3 Religions mean Group Hate and narcists SEE! Polish and Bangla Desh women demand power. Great!
'Enlightenment' since 2005- Paraguay free, Servia chooses E.U. Rwanda makes real progress;
Cuba turnaround in 2010
China (macho Russia?) seem in a way directed to a colour yellow? ... in economy green? - Youth Africa makes Planl
Zimbabwe, please revolt as in Kirgizie: - Females free as leader (due communism)? - Birma, N. Korea, maybe a female?
Iran? Islam church Group as State is a hindrance; as in Somalia and Saudi Arabia: sharia rules against women
Congo, Sudan and Chad: Dynastic dictators, Type X, fight and kill; - is Female power sharing a next step?
India middle class women loosen traditions. Dynasties of Arab dictators' Police-/church State end by freedom revolts?
People 2012 STOP Male X as Ruler, idiot/ country in danger if no women in NEW Government/ institutions:
N. Korea Rulers be killed by intelligence China? Nuclear Fate due N. K.? Abuse of population
Afghan women are 25% of parliament, but threatened fighters and my heros. Elections 2010: Ethical change?
Bangla Desh, women dominate politics in a moslim country/ Arab people want freedom 2011/ Turkish model?
Egypt needs support for Kopts and diversity'11/'14; religion+ clan in Egypt ... all to be seen as equal voter.
- for tourism EGYPT dirty; people not nice/ Sudan people nice; borders a crime/ South Sudan free
Saudi: 80% non Arab worker. Stop moslim, male Rules, who like dynasties, with CATCH, execute women, others
- Saudi keep male TRADITION, SO => they spread religious, male STIGMA's and group STIGMA's. It's nasty group war

Moslim Sectarism be debated. Lybia liberated, '11. TURKEY, better a federation with Kurds(incl. Iraki Kurds)?
Arab clan- president; a Ruler, stands for family/ clan. Arabs, seculars must separate religious Groups and all
now realize that religious groups are crazy
: e.g. : Saudi suppress Sjia; - in Syria, Alavits suppress suni etc?
YouTube:stop mr. X,
leader in nation/ church. Mr.Y/ Syria, stand up, have female ministers in public space'14.
Lybians: educated in english; millions of foreign workers have jobs! Syria in Revolt against narcist Ruler, Assad
Religious Qatar:
money is power for Qatar and wrongly used by the religieus there. Apparently now in Mali war?
Religious means males who go for murder, because those males are Ethicly incompetent and stupid.

Model: Leaders and institutions in Europe,
linkedlinkedIn + Speaker speaker. Elsewhere,

as Leader, Ruler mr. X:

DICTATORSHIP of Patriarchs is a hindrance.

Tradition, in that form, point 1 1

... has been left behind in Europa due to its disfunctioning

- the E. U. works as a democracy


Elswhere you got to go alike, keeping the own culture, as in China, Japan and Dubai.

In point 2 +3 arrows are essential: - towards left and top is a RISKY fallback towards 1/ Protocols for SECURITY 2,3





Maathai: lessons in society, democracy:

Autocratic Law to

e.g. NON-EDUCATION of imams (= 1) :
Misuse of those religions make life rediculous and
bad, laughable, because of LUNACY OF males' stupid Ethical rules:
- CHANGE: 40% of ministers to be women, because they are better in management and Ethics!

- CHANGE the pain for women not at the funeral, isn't it crual MOSLIM, male X'S STUPID ETHICS?

ARAB MORAL WEAKNESS: - but, Sjia States are better?
Let Arab League organize interventions for better leaders
- change to modern+ free = ''egalité, fraternité, liberté'


human rights, culture, gender, history and power are the basis ... Protocols for fair leaders ... ( STOP moslim brotherhood)
The market must work for the well-being of the masses (= social market model)

... Leaders and ... institutions) =
1. Ethics ( = spirituality) from group autocracy and group doctrines
( see X+Y: antropology: X +Y)
... ...................................... towards individual freedom of a social life and of religion ?
2. Lead and organize for all - e.g. education, etc. ... ; organize the budget of Ministries

- why is there no commission of supervision to send a president away after 12 years (by law and forced)?

3. Send Leaders , longer than 12 years in power, home (it's a young world of social media)
... uneducated or traditional Patriarchs are a dangerously and agressive specy against women
... police-/petty officer level of politicians in parliament is a danger ( they kill for this: 'my truth')

4. Build a new capital + new financial streams and let the dictator ('haantje') in agony in his former capital (till he leaves)
5. a Kernal of democracy is change of mr. X as Leader every 4,8,12 years, for mr Y and women: it helps law X+Y both.

Now, Lunacy by corrupt clan -presidents (as gods) in no real States of Clans.
CHANGE: let's have women as president in ARAB world to realize a Constitution, where a Voter is defended against Clan
/ religion dominance.

Lattakia ... AREA of Alavits as moslims
- after French decolonization it had to become part of SYRIA
- the Alavits resisted...
- when they thought to be Syrian => most of them went into the armee/ Baath party
- they were and remained so afraid for the SUNI majority group

- EITHER the Alavits return in Lattakia and we split up SYRIA?
- or Alavits integrate in SYRIA under conditions below ?

CHANGE is needed ... initiated by a Foundation The Hague <==> SYRIA
- we need 1 Constitution for all
- and also to SHARE power...: presidency and vice presidency for political opponents

Syria initiative to be developed: ... Passion ... GOAL:
=> F. 'The Hague - Syria' to bring the ideas into publicity / events

1. CHANGE to be negotiated, because
=> CHANGE ALAVIT presidency of fear into ALavit vice Presidency of hope

2. CHANGE the role of religieus Groups for fear, fight as group behaviour, because Suni want
their religion for all to be a LAW. ... SO =>Suni must learn as President to SHARE power with
other groups; do this in SYRIA by respecting each individual's freedom within the State LAW
- being a religious group member must be an individuals choice
- the constitution / State Law must secure women against the claws of religious law of marriage

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