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Brief aan President Mbeki... per 16 maart 2008 opgesteld 

Governance parks in regional provinces: FREE ZONES

To concensus in Zimbabwe ? ......... NOW CRISIS ................ page 4 to PAGE 5
From: ed van riemsdijk
To: President@po.gov.za
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:24 PM
Subject: There is no crises in Zimbabwe' and . I propose a Counsel to evaluate leaders

Acculturation teacher
Ed R. van Riemsdijk
Foundation Kijk op Afrika
The Netherlands

ISSUES in enclosed powerpoint presentation
Your 'There is no crises in Zimbabwe' and … I propose a Counsel to evaluate leaders

Dear President Mbeki,

I invite you to add the 'enlightenment' to your background, as an addition to traditional, tribist, religious and macho rules.

a. 'Enlightenment' is missing in Africa, Arab world, Russia,
b. but it is better then all misuse of religion, tribe, tradition & macho- rules

. help in having own philosophers of protest and criticism in dialogue. So FREEDOM ('andersdenkenden').
- traditional, uneducated people are the problem of Africa. Change it like China did ?
- ZIMBABWE and the 13 x traditional presidential 'eaters' are not professional.

There is a crisis. There is no freedom. Africa will remain the last of all, as long as there are no freedom fighters
in Zimbabwe, etcetera. Mugabe is a dictator. I hope Africans do not lynch other tribes, because Mugabe hates
Matabeles. Viva THE 'ENLIGHTENMENT'.
- a. delivers a thinking of hope, good living, calmness and decency
- b. delivers always a thinking of fear and misuse

1. governance is a profession and not a tradition (of misuse)
2. misuse of religion, tribe, tradition and macho rules keep Africa stupid and poor.
3. help a life of calmness and decency and women in power in Africa.

I propose a Counsel to evaluate leaders:
1. capacity building in acculturation
2. advocacy to develop ZONES (a park in a region)
2.1 - in a foundation W.G.F.
2.2 - in ZONES
2.3 - in world governance parks
2.4 - 1st a regional approach of Zimbabwans in a E.U. country with ZIMs in the region.
We need cooperation of governments and of E.U. region founds.

The 1st Counsel and park to be established in Zimbabwe around Bulawayo.

I need your help to get in touch with Zimbabwans to be partners in this project and new Foundation.
- in july I am in South Africa and would like to meet new potential members.
- young people can be organized via UNOY, peacebuilders
- KOA, and I deliver the courses and the initiatives and evaluations

I am waiting for your response and hope we establish this ZONE soon.
Other parks in more countries will follow for mainly the extremes in governance situations.
South Africa is not one of the intended countries.

Sincerely yours,
Ed R. van Riemsdijk

Managing cultural risk/ organizing for risk! ..... for a 'Leaders and Wise' program.-
critics 1-3 as to:
'There is no crises in Zimbabwe': ... there is no threat to other countries (Mr. Mbeki per 12 june 2008)
1. it is like me saying to my cruel oncle Mugabe 'that he is a hero: I'll look the other side'. This is not on!
2. TODAY the trend is to focus on
internal wars of unresponsible and failing leaders, such as Mugabe
3. Mr. Mbeki, goes after 8 years. It is enough. Is he like TARIK AZIZ in Saddam's Iraq...'
I'll look the other side'.

... or is there a positive change around the 12 th of september in Zimbabwe AND AFTER(Mothlante and Mbeki chairing). OKÉ, IT'S MUCH BETTER!