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ABC of Foundation KOA

Dear sir, madam,

Thank you for your e-mail.

In order to answer your questions I refer you to.......Foundation Kijk op Afrika,
KOA, who initiated a W.G.F. for a 'Leaders and Wise' program.

I organize, at the moment, a World Governance Foundation for regions (WGF).
The goall is to establish ZONES of 'governance parks' for good governance.

- I was informed as to your initiative in starting 'the Young and wise' on the issue
- the structure of WWF serves as our example for our plan to start ZONES.
- focus groups are: regional leaders, such as the local bisshop or the 'May Weggen' of St Petersburg to agree on their cooperation
- conflict mapping and advocacy, in ZONES in regions in this international work
- we do capacity building and 'advocacy' in zones to help educate emerging, young leaders
- praktice: make a 1st succes in a ZONE in Malawi and in Zimbabwe.

I propose a debate as to a proposed ADVOCACY in Malawi/ Zimbabwe.

I request your reactions and advices how to develop an approach with us.
As a consequence of this information you are free to pose more specifiic questions.

My job is that I also give acculturation courses. I am mentor and coach.
I have been inspired by 'the elders' and want to help change the quality of leadership.
We can strengthen each other in Malawi and Zimbabwe in conflict, leadership and 'how to install ZONES' (my international experience) ( see my FOLDER: the work to be done).

I look forward for your reaction.

With kind regards,

Ed van Riemsdijk
PLAN: Consumer service
PLAN: World Governance Fund
tel. 0493 311272
Foundation KOA (Kijk op Afrika)

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