* FOLDER p.2: de voorgenomen STRUCTUUR . van W.G.F. for a 'Leaders and Wise' program.
PLAN for a STRUCTURE, the foundation and a date of establishing

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Dear sir, madam,

Thank you for your e-mail.

In order to answer your questions I refer you to the 'statutes' on our website:
http://www.wgf.nl/ organisation/statutes_wgf/index.cfm

The World Governance Fund has two statutary directors under a Counsel of Evaluation.
...............are our statutary directors and ....... the chairman of the Counsel of Evaluation

Other interesanting things you should know about the World Governance Fund are in:

Foor an overview of our money flows you can download our year report:
http://www.wgf.nl/actual/publications/year report/index.cfm

We do not send our people overseas. We support local WGF offices with the excecution of projects for a 'Leaders and Wise' program.. More about this can be found on our international website: www.KOA/partNGL.org

In case you have more specific questions on it, please let me know.

With kind regards,


Ed van Riemsdijk
PLAN. Consumer service
PLAN. World Governance Fund


a 'Leaders and Wise' program and courses

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1-day Discourses on RISKS per country -

RESEARCHER, PUBLISHER AND IMAGE BUILDER (on security in governance) and WRITER/ teacher.

ad 9. ZIM locals with ZIM locals in a certain country:
e.g. - ZIM zone/ region with e.g.an E.U. region

'unfreeze traditional leaders in my courses'

DEBATE - (ABC, governance- instruments)

... advocacy/ Leader : ABC =
... advocacy/ acculturation, behaviour/ 'bestuur', capacity building

... acculturation courses