* RISK ANALYSES ... RUSSIA , ... Russia. a history of patriarchs
ESSENCE OF LEADERS. ... Inter Culturel Management in RUSSIA.

- my observations and interpretations. POLITICAL CULTURE -MOSKOU !

- RUSSIA -CONTEXT … those are generalizations; ... make paralels :

Russia is a normal European country; it feels like a European U.S.A., rich and patriotic:
Inter culturel management Russia: cooperate/ elite's internal wars
in RUSSIA. KNOW the risks in LIVING here. DEBATE 'internal wars' and CHANGE: - still 'nasty old people' or a LOT of young modernism in Moskou/ Russia … and more;
- 1 identity -behaviour not a problem: ---- women are the majority/ 'change leaders' -

1. in LIFE: a POWER- NETWORK of bureaucracy: all uniform as in China? -however different , because maffia is government in Russia; in China, power is anti minority cultures
The ELITE is different in Russia. Their approach is threat at last: - gaz war, milk war, illegals war, Far East, due internal debates do not result in decisions: - NO CONTROL

2. living: a threatening power is felt; e.g. in a car or in business.... /RUS: no discipline as in China. It gives less productivity, less efficiency and less management/ control of their job

3. fine people, no 'enlightenment' yet in the countryside. Their church is not a problem.
In MOSKOU, young people flew in from allover the country. Moskou is a young city.
In Russia orthodox is the majority. BUT a diversity with e.g. many protestants makes Russia good. Youngsters are a little religious with friends amongst catholic, moslim, etc.

4. passionate people, who need to be given space for their capacities for themselves (8+13 stand against this issue)
... point 4 is made in a statement by Derk Sauer IN MOSKOU. This offers success (e.g. on internet)

5. culture of nature and a government (and people?) freed from communism. The new, rich middle class wants to get away/ be free (so, go to Moskou). Is this the new Russian dilemma?
6. Russia lived in isolation, caused by its geography? Fly to modern towns from Moskou.
And Russia is a world with 100 minorities, so with many influences:- an accepted diversity.

7. extreme groups like friends only, not others 'it is no training to bridge/ moderate/bind'
8. organization-/ money-/ power culture; power of young Moskou / power of the state
9. Elite: males are loyal: friends in their group: so, no respect for others. Suppression
10. macho's: orthodox church supports this? Women consider the State their enemy?
11. Moskou is paralel power to state power; capacities used, as Sauer's staff in his Moskou- organization
12. make a score: individuel authoritarian index. . e.g.: shouting of Russian coaches of teams. I is an outdated management style: - not productive in fulfilling a role/ job. It results, that a situation goes out of CONTROL: - see point 1. (not in a meaning of 'Stalin control')
13. macho groups: in church / state. Unpredictable. Questions: no control/ no stability is bad for economy, because it continous to result in internal wars in Russia. It is not our problem, e.g. of Holland, U.K., U.S.A. We only observe and appreciate a modern Rus, having a good life.
This is the RISK of local, fatal, feodal, tribal, racial, material, male leaders, doing cruelties:
- macho is the source of problems, is not a leader with ideas; not bringing law and freedom …this is: 'juridical nihilism': - it continues to bring e.g. Russia 'internal wars'
14. Russian world in all eras has had a violent type of culture, with authoritairian joy
- stop that. see Russia as a neurotic organization/ with symptoms of a not functioning state, because it only lacks one management aspect, how to control a process for the better. Training in the subject is the only way to improve competitive position of old industries, like Rus car and airplanes and all the rest, in the future. So, the issue is CHANGE of weak management (not: culture, identity, religion).

MORE CONTEXT of: ... LIFE, WORK, RISKS, ... in Russia- my subject -
- a form: evaluate leaders … and their RISK ( country, leaders, the RISK of leaders.)
All religions are in Russia, but only accepted: - 'moslim light,- orthodox light, -etc.light'
My base for 8+13 is Michetet, history of France in context of its neighbours, 18th century

- observations given: 2008/'09

RED = make conflict:

to much rhetoric ? /patriarchs in Russia.
And compare it with other cultures

No religious fanatism against women.
- military elites: bears in internal wars
population is relaxed: women and men
- nashi's???? and ... RISKS of internal wars
RUSSIA, ... government as maffia is not so European

- juridical nihilism kills the mindset of 20% of males?

I believe Russia is a country of women. Without questioning the value of Russian men — nor considering the immense Russian cultural, artistic and religious treasures and relics,

what definitively impresses most visitors (obviously including me) during a trip to Russia are the Russian women. ……YES, powerful and stable

- a tradition of patriarchs,
- a ' regional 1 identity' focus
- a masculinity, that fails for 25% of them. See -

- change/modernize identity
- the RISKS and chances of Russia

All religions are there in Russia, but only accepted
- 'moslim light, - orthodox light, - etcetera'

- Americans are not a problem. They are like the Moskou police. They are islanders, far away and not colonialists. They are the only people with freedom as priority.
- the problem , the coming 2 decades, are the moslims in identity crisis, due to their internal wars versus modernization. They are angry/ - attitude: point 13
- key countries manage the problem:
- U.S.A., China, Russia and India

- see my 14 rules 'for better governance in modern culture' / still unstable regions. PAGE 5

- Russia , ever, a member of the E.U.?

A spirit vs. China and Wahabi moslim!

more on culture; in the E.U. we experience 10 Eastern European coutries as still not really democratic and yes still corrupt, even mis-using rules. - MOSKOU is not East European.

HISTORY RUSSIA (a European country , plus 'long term' Asian contacts) :
- Russia around Wolga river; traders between Baltic sea and Caspian sea: - bont/zijde
- since the fall of Byzantium, RUS see themselves as the 3td ROMAN EMPIRE
- culture of IRAN's Empire extended in the Kaucasus, Siberia and in Central Asia
... more than 2500 years. ... Since +/-1800 it is Russia ( great 'trek' to the Pacific).

Country Reader/ change in Russia?
- 7-14: maffia = government
.. - it is not so European

- culture Central Asia =
Iran, Russia; India, China