* Back to KOA Debate: Debate RISK. ... supports Young & Wise' leader clubs, of which 40% women'/ SUPPORT role of The Elders
The essence of leaders - 'spotlight leaders': ... compassion, RISKS, protocols
-ABC of Fnd. KOA:

Organize FREE ZONES for Young & Wise/ country- ... Please e-mail

Organize a Constitutional State. Rights / Not juridical nihilism

Put Limits to a Stone Era in Leadership : - protocols
- a GAME in MEDIA as effective Plan for all continents-

1. Problem definition: get insight in conflict of masculin leaders: my reference
2. Problem and results of research: a report-
.. - result - a jpg page of many powerpoint copies as to 'leaders a tradition of ...'
.. - result - a jpg page of many powerpoint copies as to 'bad behaviour and effects?'
.. = sources - Shorto about early NYC and Kets de Vries 'what moves leaders'

3. Counsel/ Platform is needed ... , after 'the Elders' emerged the issue last 2 years
.. - a GAME PLAN , all continents, how to succeed ...... /'Plan van Aanpak'
4. Research as to... improvements, report as to results
5. Partners are needed : - a way to do it; read in Peecho

6. Clubs, Coaching organizations and Action - for free Zones of diversity
.. - a NEW Generation of Leaders and control of the extremes: (protocols and courses)
.. - a FOLDER with 7 pages, handout/ country: - organize A CLUB', 40% women'
...................- PAGE 8 , it's with 7 x Rules to realize Sustainable Leadership

7. MEDIA FORMAT.... the Young and Wise, NL, ... make NGL well known...
A plan for ZONES: - train a new generation of leaders in Ethics, - not cruelty,

sharing of power

- KOA, linkedIn
./leadership ...: organized Limits

Speaker => KOA,
apply protocols to
'unfreeze' traditional leaders:
- do a S.W.O.T.

Countries+Leaders a Passion -KOA courses
control the extremes in male behaviour; risk analyses :

a Risk P l a t f o r m ... worldwide
- of 12 'Young leaders &Wise'/ country (input : 12 'Elders')

- realize it by a media format. e.g. realized in freedom day
The message :
===> ARAB problem with groups, hate and racism

---------- problems in Group Societies in Arab countries
Goals/ protocols are needed for the The Hague institute of GLOBAL Justice.
Bring goals before the U.N. to be signed by member States:
1. goal is protocol 1 against the dominance of 1 x culture or 1x religion
... it’s for Arab States and Africa. So go for diversity

2. is a politics to replace Group approach for a human and freedom approach
... specific for Arab States and also a goal in Russia: - 1 LAW FOR ALL

3. the minority Group, culture or religion, always gets vice Presidency, for better cooperation in mutual interests
... Arab States: religion must for now not be a sole and first mentioned identity for an individual. Restrict males traditional STIGMA's.

goal 4 is that selection commissions, always males, for now consist of 40% women. It is needed, because males think differently.
... women bring a second side and peace, when they select a president
... ARABS, other States: Racism against women must stop.



Film onYOU TUBE : Your Conferences on RISK in countries
...................... - Saudi and risks due to a 'STONE ERA in LEADERSHIP' ...................... - in nederlands
Questions on a police state and 6 FATES/risks of males (also in your organization)

1 please INTRODUCE yourself?
yes, I do Conferences for Speakers Academy on the issue./ Search: Academy. Riemsdijk.
- situations in Failed States: do not ask historians, but organizational guys
- Now, we see a Stone Era of Leadership/ and police states in ARAB. countries
- ANALYSIS: compare 2 extremes in behaviour, situation in NLs. vs. e.g. Saudi Arabia
- Conferences discuss RISK in Saudi Arabia; BEFORE: Russia: State and church
- the FORM: Conferences for managers/ the State. TIME: 1 hour 15 min.+ a diner

2. you bring insight in 6 Fates/RISKS of males?
............ do you use a S.W.O.T. for mr. X?
- explain it
: - yes, ... I aim for a LEARN EFFECT
yes, how different from historians approach, due it concerns WEAKNESS of LEADERS
- THE ISSUE IS PEOPLE (organ. perspective). NOT GROUPS (focus of historians)
- a Risk check by an organisational guy delivers S.W.O.T. info on Patriarchs in Groups

- now the Group/ CLAN characterices the Arab state, e.g. Saudi Arabia
- a moslim church group imposes the Cchurch State; a Patriarch imposes a Police State
- these Arab Leaders follow Machiavelli's rules. IT IS military behaviour: honor a focus
-... this means: 'the result is good for a group, however, group members / others suffer'
...................................................................................., however, this is not necessary in a 'civil society'?

3. you speak about leaders and antropology (X or Y?)
- explain it: ... Yes it concerns RULERS, type X, and their MACHINE ETHICS
yes, a mechanism of X: a Group wants as tradition that they continue to suppress women'?
- this and the psyche of mr. X tells us about all details of 6 male FATES/ risks of Rulers
- those 6 Fates/ risks produce the dictator, mr X and finally the police state + church State
- organizational guy's lesson : male X and Y, together, lead to a stable group: = honoust
...- a successful leader goes after 12 years or hunt him / stop clans, women who produce sons needed
... for the defence of a family / the State is to educate small uneducated in Clans in Arab. countries.

4. what do you want to realize with this insight ?
yes, I use Conferences in Holland and P.R. on YouTube to spread this INSIGHT
- this way I help people to strive to a stable group without a dictator
- by exposing mr.X to the ETHICS of Y we can let disappear police states and mr. X
- then , a new COUNTRY and law: - towards a SERVICE SOCIETY and WELBEING

COME AND BOOK / search on google - ACADEMY +Riemsdijk( also for your organization: Insight in the failure of mr. X and protocols for improvement)
My Summary and Experience: Lezingen in NL'2011 / KOA, linkedIn
... the E.U. is ROLE MODEL for population+ leaders in many Arab. countries

ABC = ... advocacy/ acculturation, behaviour/ 'bestuur', capacity building
the elders/young & wise program. Key issue:
identity to bind is freedom and equality

Organization coach.

YouTube, Arab States, 'Machiavelli Rule' in a Police State