* KOA ... supports the 'Young leaders vs. a TRADITION of FATE........... SUPPORTER of the role of The Elders
The essence of leaders - 'spotlight leaders': ... compassion and RISKS

ZUMA, Leader & Wise? More countries- ... Please e-mail ... Global village

PROTOCOLS, by KOA - Compassion for security - ... every human has rights

1. Problem definition: get insight in conflict and in leaders

Analyse the ANTROPOLOGY of a traditional leader and his/her 1st instincts:
1a. S. Africa, ground and poverty - Zuma wants to solve poverty by giving ground to the poor? SO: they can survive. - .......... I disagree, because it means a traditional African choice and poverty: - a HISTORY of internal wars on all continents. Pr.Zuma wants to Educate /Yes, SET protocols. More:

-- I propose to share 2 farms under 1 management, black and white, or give ground to individuals after proper agricultural education (there are already successes). THIS is modern and means a rich Africa.
-- in FARMING people do not need to be adapted to new S. Africa? - SO, CHANGE IT NOW (as in companies): /// President Zuma is a good Negotiator ( 7 Rules of Ethics, 1st Rule)
- license work and co-operate in farming. SO, HELP black NEIGHBOURS in farming

-- S. Africa, People in townships had no part in success and hope of WC. 2010: - no bread and games
- xenophob threat after world cup? So, have better labour law for honoust competition of S.A. workers
- and apply 7 Rules of Ethics in townships, like anywhere. Rule 1 applies for South Africa

1b. The TOP leader in leadership must be of academic quality, (in research and) in presidency/ or as prime minister, because of high requirements for correct views and in modesty and balanced opinions in conflicts. He is the modern family father of all groups.
-- President Bush was not qualified and left a financial crisis; Is Zuma. qualified for a TOP position? Yes, is a good negotiater. He understands 'education 1st'. BUT: ... A TRADITIONAL HAS OTHER RULES.

ABC of Foundation KOA

a. President Zuma thinks in terms of traditionals as Rulers?
... - the future of courts/justice. ... - e.g. free press
... - no real will in Africa, e.g. with Zulu South Africa to fight for good education? So, it results in silly actions and

b. traditional ZUMA thinks in Ruler terms/ defends Corruption/ tries to Kill free press, sep'10?

c. Instead, please Organize as a Leader!
but, worried about Zuma's Identity:
- song 'give my machinegun' is simplist danger
- he says: 'ANC governs till Jezus arrives'. It's idiot ideas

2. Problem and results of research: a report-
.. - result - a jpg page of many powerpoint copies as to 'leaders a tradition of ...'
.. - result - a jpg page of many powerpoint copies as to 'bad behaviour and effects?'
.. = sources - Shorto about early NYC and Kets de Vries 'what moves leaders'

3. Counsel/ Platform is needed ... , after 'the Elders' emerged the issue last 2 years
.. - a GAME PLAN , all continents, how to succeed ...... /'Plan van Aanpak'

4. Research as to... improvements, report as to results
5. Partners are needed :

6. Clubs, Coaching organizations and Action - for free Zones of diversity
.. - a NEW Generation of Leaders and control of the extremes: (protocols and courses)
.. - a FOLDER with 7 pages, handout/ country: - organize A CLUB', 40% women'
...................- PAGE 8 , it's with 7 x Rules to realize Sustainable Leadership

7. MEDIA FORMAT.... the Young and Wise, NL, ... make NGL well known...
A plan for ZONES: - train a new generation of leaders in Ethics / - not cruelty,

Positive security by protocols

Law, institutions and party do control its leader: - power sharing and correction -

1. Thailand recently took leader out
2. SA , ANC took Mbeki out


A green world and climate
- world population 2,5 to 10 mld?
Measures ?
1. China 50% down
2. India 50% down
3. Java 50% down


Protocols: - KOA, linkedIn
./leadership ...: organized


'unfreeze traditional leaders in my courses'

Leader :
ABC = ... advocacy/ acculturation, behaviour/ 'bestuur', capacity building

the elders/young & wise and now: a 'leaders and wise' program.

Organization coach for Young organizations.