* KOA ... .SUPPORTER of the role of The Elders. the elders/young & wise and now: a 'leaders and wise' program.
The essence of leaders and Risk of X- it needs Y, a change

KOA -COURSES for leaders, about Arab countries

Coaching: Qatar (Y , change) versus Saudi ( X , conserve)

Countries+Leaders a Passion -KOA
control the extremes in male behaviour; risk analyses :
- insight in conflict and leaders; research of behaviour
… by courses and coaching leaders (NGL): - choices
… KOA supports and builds:
a Risk P l a t f o r m ... worldwide
- of 12 'Young leaders &Wise'/ country (input : 12 'Elders')

- realize equality by a media format. Also: senior & wise groups;
The message :
new generation ..........=> .............. control X,
leaders (Y) ..................=> .............. extreme Rulers

compassion and young: ................. CHANGE LEADERS NOW:
- insight in Risk : 6 Fates / workshop => - a 2nd side of behaviour
- good governance/ if unsecurity...... => - correct it by Protocols
- professional/ a constitution ........... => - division of powers
Organization and leadership:
- voter versus Clan/anti Ruler war... => - women demonstrate for
- sex no issue in religion ................. => - women demonstrate for
- Only President if modern……….... => -
widely interested/ respects values
- Organize (as mother/ man as child) ...... => - women demonstrate for

'unfreeze traditional Rulers in my courses'
ABC for
behaviour= advocacy/ acculturation/ capacity building
Organization coach for Young Leaders and Institutions.
learn about Risk:
, coach
powers; it's about division of:
- modern State, a constitution for security of voter(s) , versus
- traditional group Ethics in armee, Clans and Church/ mosque

Change Fate 6
, Ethics/ F. 5 Tradition

RISK analyst about Lunacy of Clans+ Rulers

- goals+ protocols in Leadership.

...=> twitter on governance ====> This is the ABC of KOA Foundation:
Y helps X => of 12 'Young leaders &Wise'/ country (input : 12 'Elders')

=> change and the news,
Al Arabia = Saudi (X, conserve) versus Al Jazeerah = (Y, change)
Clan, Type X the Saudi model.... versus the Y model of India and its Democracy
-Qatar has power, influences the region in a religious Suni fanatism

Y: ARAB constitution = division of Power: Voter versus Clan/ anti RULERS war/ sex no longer issue in religion? All 3 need women to demonstrate.


POLITIEK IS in de 1ste plaats SCIENCE van ETHIEK:
- hulp van de organisatie theorie over gedrag

- CLANS AND RELIGION deliver male rubbish ===> all are NOT seen as equal voter, e.g. Egypt


- onder 9., geen evenredigheid/ salafist in regio. Alleen onderwijs helpt er Change

model Y. do not accept FATE by male mr. X

SYRIA: groepsectarisme

eerst tegen communisme;
=> nu tegen Ethiek v.groep sectarisme/ religie:

- ethiek v. 'Man alleen' is 'n religious, ethisch dilemma vir vrijheid, democratie
- Ethiek v. groepenbenadering vervangen door ... mens als vrij kiezer
- stop religie als 1ste genoemde identiteit/stop rascisme tegen vrouwen

- ontwikkel steeds moderne Ethiek tegen 1000 jaar vaste Ethiek v. Religie
- zoek 5 knappe koppen, zoals in PC en zonne-energie technologie
- steeds nieuwe Ethiek past beter, levert jaarlijkse prijsdaling in leed

- meng traditioneel en religieus leiderschap niet in Staat en politiek
- fake States leiden tot bloedvergieten tussen groepen, religies, ongeletterden
- als vrouwen afwezig zijn in 'public life' wekt dit steeds mannen crises op

- cultuur-/religieuze groepen blokkeren vrijheid v. Opinie en EQUALITY
- deze groepen FALEN om 'n Staat en Ethiek van vrede te organiseren
- stop rare rol v. Maskers, penis en slaan in de manne-Ethiek van religies

- 'n Constitutie moet EQUALITY en kiezers beschermen tegen groepen
- stel vrouwen gelijk; => ze zijn slimmer in ETHIEK en organisatie
- individuen en niet cultuurgroepen zijn ISSUE voor 'n STAAT

Push any religion/nation from truth/ dictatorship in a Group-/religious culture towards an Individual culture, which defends RIGHTS of VOTERS by national law.

Organize Society:

bad, political disasters over and over again ...=>Organize goals
=> in leading a country
=> and it gives you 4 Take Outs as to the Risk in group societies and 4 protocols for success/ security in States




Y neutralizes X
realize by a media format

X: The rich took over parliament/ must out of parliament of Greece+USA, Saudi, etcetera to pay more taxes finally. Or war?


1. - Exchange of opinion generates THE TRUTH. It means that you NEED TWO. It is not one GROUP or dictator that, as a monster, dictates THE Truth.
25 januari
2. - X-type is Group Male of one Truth.///// Y-type Male does not like one truth in a Group/ religious dictatorship by Group Leaders in States.

Egypt: people hope THE best of new parliament and president. It is right to believe it now, but stupid. So make law for CHANGE in 10 years.
Religions we do not care. It is real for you. However, THE ground personnel of males is so bad. You a Male THINK best equiped, but are worst
Egypt parliament, 4 of 400 are women. Now make war + put the males in prison. All seats in parliam. for women. Put PHOTO on her desk. Peace.
Egypt and Syria: -in Holland religious groups let the other go; in Eg.+Sy. Religious groups do not accept the other. Stop talks on religion.
Mothers in SYRIA stop this fighting by a disgusting Male government. Just do it by coming out together with a leader and surround THE guys.