* KOA supports PROTOCOLS for Leaders '11 // 40 % women as Minister //SUPPORT role of Elders
The essence of leadership is 'binding & bridging' . Why is Congo auto- reverse? conferences

LEADERS of AFRICA? -KOA CONFÉRENCES >protocols, legislation

KOA RISK ANALYSTS- Compassion for security - ... every human has rights.

INTRODUCTION mes CONFÉRENCES, EX. CONGO (1/2/3 en Francais/ french):
1. Recherche CONGO, un part à l'ouest du FLEUVE CONGO et l'autre part à l 'est

2. Idées pour améliorer la méthode de gouvernement, example à CONGO

3. Questions, les trappes// In english+french, Culture S.Africa, below in english:

... les 6 Trappes/ Fates ...
PROTOCOLS anti FATE in my conference ---, anti - males only RULES:

4. Mr. X, red is one of the conflict drives: FATE is patriarchial / it is not with best results
- ... apply green and yellow: conferences, culture of power sharing. It is SO African!
- ................................................................. - Ukpadi; > Power, money, organization
5. 21st century protocols:
... - we do not live in a patriarchial world anymore, with - males' rules alone

... - ANTI the power of patriarchs/ Rulers. So apply protocols anti - internal wars
-- - anti 6 Fates BY DICTATORS and Protocols against a Stone Era of Leadership

ABC of Foundation KOA: - have Protocols

KONGO history and Monomotapa: basic info for today
- Change a S.W.O.T. of 6 Fates into professionalism

L'AFRIQUE, MA COEUR est la ... LE PAYS Congo: et 6 Trappes (RECHERCHE)
By managing change with protocols in countries well, we grow together
: -as in S.A
Passion: problems.
Preblems are anywhere. My next country for research is Saudi Arabia in 2010/'11-
Protocols 1 to 6 are now worked out one by one as Institutions, in order to prevent Fate 1, etc.
China helps Africa?

The Netherlands/ KOA , inspired by
international Law (Court theHague)

- 'n protocol is 40% vrouwen als bestuurders. 't Levert CONTROLE op eenzijdig mans-gedrag
- macht en oorlog in Mali is vervangen door oorlog tussen mannen met hun kleurrijke kleding
- communisme zou 'n tijdje goed zijn voor Arabieren om vrouwengelijkheid te verwerven.: - Ch./Rus
... AFRIKA gaat vooruit door de rol van CHINA daar?

Organisatie van Stabiele GROEP en STAAT / => het FALEN in vb. van CONGO:

Positive security by protocols anti Risk:
- Russia in 2009
- Arabs; Saudi'11
- in 2013 Congo
- have new legislation , institutions to control its leader .Power sharin, Leader term correction by a commission

1. Thailand, recently took him out
2. SA , ANC took Mbeki out
3. conferences on RUSSIA

Now control the EXTREMES


- ABC, plan for Change

Afrique du Sud, ma laboratoire // South Africa my laboratory for this research in other countries from 1995 till 2009


NEW Neighbours of the E.U.
........ 2 sides .....

Marokko ageert tegen andere Arabische landen over Zwitserse minaretten-besluit. ... Sta eerst vrijheid toe aan kerken en synagogen in eigen land, zoals in Marokko. MOOI. dec.'09

The Netherlands/ KOA , inspired by
international Law (Court theHague)