* ABC anti RISK ... Change Now from a Stone Era of RULERS in Religions towards Sustainable Leadership? - BETTER SET a MODERN IDENTITY
The essence of leadership - compassion in spotlight; - SET women in power: 40% of ministers, e.g. in Haiti

Females are better in management and ETHICS, than males.

Males / dictators

are a problem as RULERS and in religions -

Most Patriarchs, male X ,

now in Africa, Russian world and moslim, Arab world.

are potentats, RULERS:
- no law!


Freedom is the best identity ... to bind people.


- protocols versus a Stone Era of Rulers

KOA, OBSERVATION OF LEADERS: - no women participation is RISK 1. WOMEN AND Reading, a danger, the Netherlands around 1900. // Arab+ moslim FATE: there should be no males in Afghanistan, no Alavit males, who support Assad in Syria
- when do women in Saudi Arabie, etc. conquer the streets from unethical males, because Indonesian women is killed/ onthoofd , etc.?
- Maroc king changes law. Oké?

Males / dictators are a problem in religions -
1. there are to many young males, who fight each other as a consequence in the streets (e.g. in GAZA)
2. religions, in the 1st place ISLAM, only bring males in the streets, who create fights and chaos
3. traditional religions, moslims and orthodox, make males dangerous in attitudes against others
4. males make misuse of religions, SPECIALLY AS RULERS
5. religions, e.g. islam, discriminate women. They consider them as sheep. Also by religions in India, China and Africa

Most Patriarchs, males, now in Africa, Russian world and moslim Arab world. And in catholic (all) churches
So, it is time to discuss religions and males role as Rulers:


U.K., PAKISTAN AND ARABS are no NATION, so religion to BIND? It is a danger for internal wars.

BUSINESS MODEL- countries, their leaders and the RISK of leaders/ patriarchs

deliver courses on all countries in big change ...:

1. 40% women as minister, CHANGE LEADER TO -
2. not 1 identity and conflict; we all have 5 identities, in a free diversity
3. modernize administration, 1st in economic Zones
4. structure and organize (very often this is weak; so now change the crisis)
5. realize a social market economy. Markets must work well for masses

- I am an international economist; so my subject is inter- cultural management, as well
- I am a RISK- ANALYST, because , I.C.M. requires an insight in the identities of individuels
- get an insight in countries, their leaders and the RISKS of traditional leaders in dictatorships
- can we convert the RISKS in chances, as it happens in B.R.I.C.- countries? Which tools?

By managing change/ diversities in countries well, we will grow together:
Passion: solve problems in religions
and change ruler ethics of male X anywhere.
Next country for research is Saudi Arabia in 2010-

about Arab rules ?


internal wars!

or organize CHANGE