* KOA ... .ABC of Foundation KOA - religion is not the only identity....... SUPPORTER of the role of The Elders
The essence of leaders - 'spotlight leaders' compassion and RISKS/ 6 Valkuilen IN ORGANIZING

eligion = hate, a problem
in many religious groups:

do not insult other; only a CIA
- STOP potentats, also Israel
- why no secular law?
= bad ETHICS of male X

Secular Freedom is the best
identity to bind people :

- NATO should defend GAZA AND OPEN ITS PORTS FOR TRADE (june 2010).



Most Patriarchs males,

now in Africa, Russian world

and moslim Arab world

are a danger for internal wars!

- put Jew wal outside East Yerusalem

- economy West Bank = better, due stability in 2009


the Liberty aim in Arab countries

makes Arab interests ours in the Obama administration and in the E.U.


feedback@mfa.gov.il 2001'09 ... A solution for peace, in Gaza, to President S. Peres

Dear President Peres, May I be so free to create new ideas for peace, wealth and cooperation. 1. There is no peace with Syria and Gaza 2. there is no chance for existence of 'the island' Gaza 3. Hamas is the potentat in the mentioned countries

a. Make peace in negociations with Gaza and Syria b. the colonists took land in the Westbank, so exchange a strip on the Egypt border, in Negev c. The Dutch and others help to build land as a palm tree in sea, in front of Gaza d. a new town to grow next to Eilat and Akaba, which is good for trade and commerce. See my MAP in the appendix I am sure and trust that you will take this idea to a good end Yours sincerely, Mr. Ed R.
van Riemsdijk
.... Clans and the mighty in Religion ... ; they are against the State (or NO REAL STATE?)

Russian Israeli, 1/6 of Israeli's now, and orthodox are a danger as fascist fanatists against Arab Israeli's. febr.'09
Over 50% are orthodox jews now and Arabs. They do not work and are not in the army. Israel cannot afford it. Forbid the orthodox, male behaviour of black haired idiots, which harms society. I am against orthodox ruled Israel.
I hate black fascist hairdress of orthodox males, type X. I HATE IT LIKE THE BURKA: it's idiot male systems
- SPLIT UP ISRAEL IN 3 PARTS (East Yerusalem and Tel Aviv, rest); West Bank in 3 parts. Peace.
- Dutch support to mr. van Agt. - Dutch support against a religious , fascist state called Israel. Change. Secular

- East Yerusalem is not Israel. Even bomb those U.S. citizans out there, claiming Jew fundamentalism.

religion = war

Religion brings bad male systems/ RULES OF MALE TYPE X IN ISRAEL. ISRAEL versus IRAN

1. Do the Israeli realize what happened to them in World War II? TERRIBLE. This is what Israeli do
against Palestines. Unacceptable. The result is/ I foresee t they can loose East Yerusalem only ...or CHANGE -
2. The Dutch are very angry that the Israeli destroyed all the Dutch private investments in GAZA in vegetables, flowers, transport and ports. Trade:- Israel takes Dutch millions for Gaza. We do not want hinder of Israel and its religious. Only accepted: - jews LIGHT, orthodox light, protestant light, catholic light , moslim light.

3. More and more Dutch are against Israeli religious fanatists, now, because reserves are created by them in Palestine/ West Bank. Palestines are outlaws. The religious male jews are awful creatures, just as in Iran.
It is like former APARTHEID in South Africa. This, now, is Israeli apartheid against Palestines.
- I am against the Apartheid laws against any right of Palestinians , today

NOW: - give the Palestines a land. We have to get rid of religious males, Type X, in East Yerusalem and Qom:
Iran religious leaders and Taliban are awful: - compare these males with awful bulls, who are dangerous
- nevertheless these males are with thousands in the streets. So a moslim world is a dangerous world
- ..........................................masculin is not with best results. ... So, we see very poor moslim countries

I do not like religieus jews and the Russian, masculin males in Israel (they are not democratic):

MISUSE: all mono god religions, with MASCULIN MALE only structures, are war makers.

Darwin: God does not exist. Male believers and leaders are stupidly making war. They spoil the earth.

Mental kills in the World, in countries with a low % of educated people (1)/ many religious male fanatists:
- it's not GOD versus the devil. It's (2),'the sheep (god') killed by masculin, male leaders: (3, monkeys and tigers).
- understand it and then recognize it. SO take action against the stupid, 'masculin, male only' leadership.
MASCULINITY; a FATE? Yes, I remember dictators


Where are the women to take the lead?
- push males out of the streets.

Religion makes male, Type X not nice as people of Israel.
- man is incomplete and that harms humanity in terms of ethiques and leadership
- that delivers one-sidedness and threats/ internal war by males, type X