* KOA - Compassion - 'every human has rights' ... - against ABUSE of POPULISTS = male behaviour.
The essence of leaders ... and risks of dictators: ... prevent 'Power over Rights'

a better security model

for good governance
against 'eerwraak/ revench, misuse/ abuse', macho-fear of populists

in the NLs. and
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fates 1-6
Learn from history:


Why Russia; later Arabs, Saudi
-risk research febr.2011 finalized
- Russia, courses in 2009/'10

-- leaders, masculin foolishness
-- fear of population

LEADERS: - PROTOCOLS anti - only males' RULES / anti internal wars
- the FATE of UNSECURITY/ no women participation' in government

Restriction of risk analyses for:
-- not professional in organizing


-- extremes ... do not accept it
-- acculturation, I.C.M: values
-- risks of traditional behaviour

Subject: regions, administration
- countries, it is my specialty
- subject: grassroots, leaders

Better: RIGHTS over POWER ... NOT FATE: - the constitution secures it
4x FATES: - males are incomplete - ... traditional males a FATE, due to tribal laws
Countries my passion
France: - what happens today in the banlieux of PARIS? - Arab migrants in no go getto's?

DEMOCRACY is good, because it offers CHANGE of leaders and 2. no tribal rule
- 5x CONTROLS against the misuse of POWER. Implement it by CHANGE /debate

in 2010:
Males in islam try to manage the bottom of the body of women. If YOU DO WRONG , YOU CAN GET DEATH PENALTY. (the incompleteness of males is shown here in ETHICAL matters). This happens in Iran even under 'Gods leaders'. All religious males do so. We better manage as leaders health care and other functional areas for the population. Saudi's, however, also have a kind of GODS- King.

PROTOCOLS, nu/ tijd ( in concept)
} inspiratie voor democratie, 't delen van vrijheid:

- male images of fear in BRAINS; a CHANGE be inspired towards WORK, love in Iran, China? HOW be DONE in Middle East?

- inspiration of Equality of women and peace as priority help prosper State and Trade.
- inspiration of LOVE for Society and against unsecurity or IMAGES of fight as conviction in BRAINS

- from sexist, tribal- conservative, right- wing IDEOLOGY of religion make a revolution of inspiration towards work in IRAN, CHINA, DUBAI?
... a Ghandi is needed, as another inspirator.... Oh oh
- INSPIRATION for THE GOOD, which is IDEOLOGY without weapons


- als geen verlichting is geweest, dan zinloos; doorlopende oorlogen/ IS
... en oekraïne.

- strenge straffen op wapens/ bedreiging

... is soft ...
Democracy by elections from a pencil are now unbelievebly unacceptable for dictators in the Arab world.
- e.g. Saudi research in 2010, rules

- e.g.. Arabs in the NLs, today

- insight: be used elsewhere

Protocols against macho-rules deliver FREEDOM for all.
... women
... no participation/ no chances?
- as earlier the 'pied -noirs'?


I disgust simple male systems of male Type X,


- Saudi Arabia
>> 3. they have slaves as dreams, moan
- Egypt
>> youngsters revolt in streets
- Iran
>> what is educational level of Ayatollahs? Uneducated as many imams?

They do not want another religion in the country and no contact with people of another religion: - e.g.

- Saudi Arabia
- Egypt




Male's ethics is limited:
-I disgust juridical nihilism of tribal, male law in traditional religion.