* KOA - what's the role of China? .... CHINA considers itself as a - already 3000 years- civilized nation
Countries in the 17th century. V.O.C. (green)... in contact/ developed nations at the time:

China was in ZION and its ships withdrew before 1500

Todays contacts of CHINA in Africa, ... e.g. doing management in Ethiopia

SAUDI's (Arabie) use Indians for management ... and buy LAND in Africa - for agriculture-

21ste eeuw koopt S.Arab. land in Afrika/ Rusland. 21ste eeuw 1 mln.Chinezen in Angola, etc....MIDDLE EAST/ NORTH AFRICA, NOW: - Juridical nihilism, 2011, is caused by moslim church groups in church States/ police States.

CHRISTANITY WAS 100% IN EGYPT till year 300


brought trade and Christianity there, before the Colonisation, since 1840.

Nubian piramids
Ethiopian priests

Christianity came around the year zero from traders in Sena in Yemen to ZION at the Limpopo between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

=> tradition in AFRICA makes STATES WEAK; all is EMOTION due to low education ...
A supurfluous academic pool of the Chinese, today:
* Chinese women are in management functions (due to communism), however, not in the TOP.
- CIVILISED Chinese do not like military intervention far away, like before 1500 at ZION.
- China, India, South Africa cooperate as the new powers (with Brazil). The ROLE of the SAUDI ?

growth of G.D.P.
Anti - males only RULES ( it' a crisis in moslim countries, Iran ) - women are a victim of tribal rules:
- 'n protocol is 40% vrouwen als bestuurders. 't Levert CONTROLE op eenzijdig mans-gedrag
- macht en oorlog in Mali is vervangen door oorlog tussen mannen met hun kleurrijke kleding
- communisme zou 'n tijdje goed zijn voor Arabieren om vrouwengelijkheid te verwerven.: - Ch./Rus
... AFRIKA gaat vooruit door de rol van CHINA daar? ... Click e.g. Ethiopia:

Most moslim countries have no growth due to aggressive tribal law and a standstill in male thinking.

Iran is well educated, women also.

They do not accept religious government anymore:

- this is males' juridical nihilism, with the use of tribal RULES.

Tribal LAW:
Now change these male-only rules in Saudi Arabia.