* Back to KOA Debate: dictatorship ...Arabs moan: Why this male behaviour? ........... MECCA. a RELIGION of CLANS, how it results in internal wars! ...in dutch
Leadership/ communication in the 'Arab world'. CLANS: cooperate/ negotiate

- Observations, interpretations in S. Arabia, Dubai, Oman: influences from India

- moslim-ARAB -CONTEXT … juridical nihilism of tribes (males' RULES):

OBSERVATIONS: Identitity/ male ETHICS =
--- there are many, different moslim groups --- (Suni experience fate like R.catholic )
Differentiate and ridiculize: ...MALE - X and his male- Mania (6 Fates/ Valkuilen)
1. 'being a moslim ' dilutes in Nations
2. equalize: coloured mr X is a Mani alike white mr. X
3. their group laws mean 'surrender':
- is it dictatorship in a church group of moslims?
- ETHICS of mr X, it is not coming from al-lah, is'nt it?
- and nomad culture delutes , as well as the value to guard a Virgin?
- trade value of mr X has diminished to only 3 sheep?
- Is Al-lah itself already a 'She'?
- Is a church group only one element, a side-issue in a Nation?

WISH: trust and agreement for males( from mars) // females (=venus) need notion and attention

4. Mohammed is Oké, ... however, NOT mr X with their Male Mania in CLANS
5. the Trend towards Individualism in Nations means Women Rights as well
6. amongst Suni Moslim groups activists are a danger. Beter: Sjia and Alawits

Culture Y, a solution in public space, as in INDIA. STOP the Fate of type Y Saudi
Religion/ NATION goes from dictatorship X+V in a Group-/ church culture towards an Individual Culture, for Y, which defends the individual rights with Laws of todays nations.

- observations 2008-'11: - relations are full of distrust (conservative)
.. Saudi are extreme from Mars and Venus (modern ,=1, has no chances?)
Rich States and cities around the Gulf
A minority, Arab nomads, bring a culture of CLANS and Rulers;

- mostly these are poor States and cities (capitals), under 2, below:

- Democracy from a pen is seen as unbelievably unacceptable
by most Rulers of governments in the Middle East.

4 groups: 1. modern; 2. poor traditional ; 3. extremist and 4. traditional modern (= rich)
Which 'change leaders' at situation 3. and 4. in Saudi Arabia?
- permit Saudi women in public space, as in INDIA
- let women create own businesses in RICH GETTO's; S. Arabia is RICH= 4.

IMAGE, left
: X and V are the extremes in communication - wishes
................... type Y, you see on TV. ... Type Y values knowledge (= kennis)

under type 4
- LAW must work against extremists: simple CLANS of moslim church groups
- male-CLANS are characterized as type X, they dominate male type Y , because one who yells , type X, wins.
- X, in NLs. Create space for man and woman, type Y, as in India.

Let Y solve conflicts differently ... E.G. Arab peninsula versus IRAN.
- nov.2010 - is a crisis near between a rich Arab peninsula versus rich Iran+ Turks? Are U.S.A and Rusia controlling Iran?

Type Y, Organizing a Society, - use a S.W.O.T.:
1. STOP YOUR QUARRELS. Arabs on peninsula and Iran, you are to small
2. give India a ROLE and the Turks. Let China compete and let grow there
3. explain the attitudes of fear and quarrel of mr. X's behaviours
4. create a type of E.U. for the Arab peninsula and Iran:
................. Germany balances France + Benelux and Italy , at the start of E.U.
................. Iran balances Egypt + Arab peninsula + Jordan?

A problem however, islam tries to regulate all aspects of life, as communism did.
- moslims accept that religieus life continuously deteriorates, till 'the end of times'
- if suppression (by clan, leader) becomes to big, then consult imam and islam law


Type Y solution:


economic growth as well as in IRAN.
Egypt and Jordan will catch economy up.