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* FATE of STATES and the Lunacy of Leadership
Protocols against lunacy of Leaders ... ==> and disaster as a consequence disaster of

- Clans en kerk zijn man X instituten

model Y. do not accept FATE ... by male mr. X // : - go for a stable group with Y

STATES, learning cycle of the 6 Fates of male Leaders: Saudi, ..Congo, ..Rus

mannen Y, vrouwen (= Y) brengen 'n gemengde, Stabiele groep=> 'n reele STAAT

Solve it // to sustainable Leadership

Get rid of the Risk ...
in your Organization/Nl

> a Professional State


- insight in 6 Fates of male X

- experienced in human behaviour

- expose X to Y's Ethics of governance

- Organize a stable Group and STATE

Males Y and females (= Y) bring a MIXED AND STABLE group
==> in a real STATE.