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* Back to KOA Debate. ... Africa/ all countries, Apply 7 Rules and all Protocols for new Leadership -by K.O.A. RISK analyst
in 2011, a Mission:

Social culture old Leader /train new Leader
..=> in managing protocols
and => to Stop a Stone Era in Leadership
... 'know how the other half of the world lives' ...

This Flyer: ==> CHANGES, by Young World Leader Teams (W.L.T.), by
enlightenment from 6 Fates of old leader, mr. X
=> this flyer
Train Leadership

not Rulers: -so Set
Limits. Organize it.

- from a Stone Era
to Sustainable Leadership
.. => Twitter ed Riemsdijk

The Young and Wise will find twelve empowered, passionated, leaders with social responsiblilty in every developing country and they will change the mindsets of the youth by teaching and mentoring. The out of the box ideas will be communicated to the youth by using MEDIA and ENTERTAINMENT and working together with the ELDERS and ministries.

Male Rulers as Leaders

fail in Ethics


(originates from Speaker)

ACADEMY, Power, Leadership and Ethics
- for your company, organization / or for political women groups in a country (in Dutch )

My Conference is for anybody, who is in touch with leadership questions.
Motive: I point out for you the six Fates / pitfalls, where any form of leadership has to deal with.

Organize badly, political disasters over and over again ...=> goals
=> leading a country
=> leading a church ....... => and: what are the costs in your organization ?

What do you get from my conference on risk's in leadership and communication, around power ?
- it builds an improved consciousness, talking about risks and helps to work from there towards an 'effective organization' (by better functioning )
- my vision and experience are based on an analyses of leaders on a global level and offer my international experience with anywhere the same problem
( Africa, Latin America, Russia, Middle East, Far East)

Severe risks:
my conference gives you practical Take Outs by explaining the 6 Fates in the case of leadership
=> and it gives you 4 Take Outs
as to the Risk in group societies and 4 protocols for success/ security in States

Your enquiry for my conference for your company/ organization or political group
=> - via SPEAKERS ACADEMY, Drs. E.R. van Riemsdijk (google: riemsdijk academy)

Africa anti Failed States, Rulers and a
Stone Era of Leadership

KOA, linkedIn


. Foundation KOA
ABC, plan for Change

- for FATE 1-6







- Maintain everywhere
... the risks in society

or Set limits to a

'Stone Era' of Leadership in





- Egypt'11: diversity/ Kopts killed; - religion is male rubbish/ all must be seen as equal voter

by applying PROTOCOLS for Sustainable Leadership

C H A N G E - => 10 protocols


Now, Organize a STATE or keep dictators?
==> drie punten van science politique: analyse, -I. Risico: 6x in psyche leiders ;
II. Risico van Arab. plus Afrikaanse groepen samenleving ; III. Kans: nieuwe Constitutie en echte Staat

Ad III. new State => 10 KEYS for new ARAB Constitutions and Freedom + Diversity

1 . One LAW for all as 1st Identity prevails over any religious, Group Identity.
===> secure individual voters against CLANS
2. Reconciliation is the prevailing ETHICS , as Mandela created in S. Africa.
3. ETHICS of female Rules the TRUTH: - 2 sides, - sharing, - X+Y, - 2 wings
4. Promote Freedom and Diversity, giving better Results
5. Federation+ Leader roulation +b. president needs opponent as vice president
6. Obly 40% women participation in parliament. Women now speak-up
7. Develop education for remaining uneducated members in GROUPS
8. 10 years for Presidency or maximum 12 yrs. THEN: take him freely +
===> HOF in THE Hague procures justice
9. STOP old PERSIAN ETHICS of Truth, misused as religious TRUTH in the ARAB World
10. Ridiculise hate imams and hate priests and fake Elections of dictators.

So, 10 protocols : - as meant by the THE HAGUE INSTITUTE OF GLOBAL JUSTICE
a. it is not allowed to do what you want to do as a Group in society towards other groups in your society
b. Arab countries that had a marxist past can be expected to be more willing to give EQUITY to women.

c. a church for a Group is under the Law of any State. Your religion is one out of more religions and groups in any State.
d. being member of a religion should not be an issue. In a State it should not make sence at which group or religion
someone's loyalty is.

e. Souvereigns/ Rulers of Groups and States function, based on a wrong way of control. -their tradition is 'friends of friends'
in a group: -male-only as rule.
- group loyalty by force, to have one identity/ religion
- a one-sidedness in self reflection is a wrong Ethics and male insanity
- anti - women

- every religion/ NATION goes from dictatorship by means of a Group-/ church culture towards an
--- Individual Culture, which defends individual rights with STATE LAW of TODAY.

CLANS in Syria? .. En
Wie is niet klaar met dictators, ... OOK IN UW ORGANISATIE?? Lezing bij Academy: zoek op " Speaker Riemsdijk." ...

Flyer: politieke ellende komt steeds weer door dezelfde 6 valkuilen van mannen als leider.

ZET vrouwen in om ze bij te sturen. Bestemd voor alle politieke groepen.

LEER bij ons bij en plaats dictators simpel buiten.
De lezing geeft elke organisatie take - outs om effectiviteit te verbeteren.
Spreek een andere kant van uw managers aan.

= Ed van Riemsdijk, spreker bij Speakers Academy/ 1909'11 .==> - lees inleidingen op Twitter, linkedin en KOA debate " / vb. COA


... en over de Arabische Lente:


Leiderschap-training over Risico's in leiderschap en communicatie; lezing nu ...

... De Lezing zoekt naar 't HOE van 'n HALT aan Interne/ islam / Clan-strijd, dus

steunt vrouwen in Yemen en Liberia. Die krijgen de Nobelprijs voor de VREDE. Ook vrouwen in de Golfstaten pakken steeds meer rechten in de publieke ruimte.
- maar politieke ellende van groepen komt toch ook daar nog steeds door dezelfde 6 valkuilen van mannen in Clans en religies. Uitleg: risico's, slecht organiseren, steeds weer.

Ook klaar met dictators van Clans en religies? Kom, Check Google: Lezing 'Speaker Riemsdijk' , bestemd voor politieke en andere belangen groepen;
- plaats dictators buiten de orde. HOE? LEER ' t in de Speaker Academy over Syria en Saudi en over eigen land en organisatie.
...zie: Practische Take outs om uw eigen organisatie te hoeden voor risico's
/ vb. COA




... we have set Protocols to Leadership => now
ARAB new constitution = division of Power: Voter versus Clan/ anti RULERS war/ sex no longer issue in religion? All 3 need women to demonstrate.
Also in Saudi Arabia, a Clan State ......

modern en bent u ook teleurgesteld in Clans? (=strijd/ groep gedoe, geen budget discipline). En ook zo teleurgesteld in religie? (religie, i/d 1ste plaats, is mans' gedoe over sex, geen recht voor de Vrouw hierin). ... een clan is 'n traditionele regio groep/ familie
... voor inzicht bij Wilders