* KOA ... .COUNTRIES and the role of The Elders. the elders/young & wise and now: a 'leaders and wise' program.
The essence: Leaders a Passion and Risk of X- it needs Y, a change in 2013
change=> KOA

KOA - GOALS /PROTOCOLS for leaders, Arab countries, etc.

Coaching of Leaders: Qatar (Y , change) versus Saudi ( X , conserve)

- RISK analyst: - control the extremes in male leader behaviour; risk analyses :
a Risk P l a t f o r m ... worldwide
- of 12 'Young leaders &Wise'/ country (input : 12 'Elders')
The message :
- realize change by a media format. e.g. in a freedom, equality day
X: = => ARAB problem with Groups, hate and racism

---------- problem of Group Society in Arab Countries, ... in the 1st place
what to do? => I am Risk Analyst.
As in Kenya 2 culture Groups got presidency and vice presidency after bloodshed, this solution holds/ is a must in SYRIA/ GAZA.

STATES as SYRIA are a Group Society, not a REAL STATE:
Goals/ protocols
are needed for the The Hague institute of GLOBAL Justice.
Then bring goals before the U.N. to be signed by member States:
Y: => 4 GOALS -
1. this goal is protocol 1 against the dominance of 1 x culture or 1x religion
... it’s for Arab States and Africa. So go for diversity

2. is a politics to replace Group approach for a human and freedom approach
... specific for Arab States and also a goal in Russia: - 1 LAW FOR ALL

3. the minority Group, culture or religion, always gets vice Presidency, for better cooperation in mutual interests
... Arab States: religion must for now not be a sole and first mentioned identity for an individual. Restrict males traditional STIGMA's.

goal 4 is that selection commissions, always males, for now consist of 40% women. It is needed, because males think differently.
... women bring a second side and peace, when they select a president
... ARABS, other States: Racism against women must stop.

=> Even, rich Saudi keep male TRADITION, so spread religious STIGMA's and group STIGMA's.
I hope these protocols can be implemented soon. => Nr.3. can help Syria immediately:- Apply protocols against Rulers
=>>> PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA in EMAIL: - Ed, I appreciate your perspective. (end '12)

'unfreeze traditional Rulers in my ABC courses'
behaviour= acculturation/ capacity building
POLITICS = sharing of power = good governance:
= division of:
- modern State, a constitution for security of voter(s) , versus fate by
- traditional group Ethics in Clans, Church/ mosque
Change Fate 6
, Ethics of F.5 Tradition:= X

The Hague Institute of
Global Justice:


RESEARCH SUBJECTS: ... and CREATE results in Protocols
P1. Individual male: a President is as his grassroutes:
=> 6 Fates: in a S.W.O.T.
P2. Culture Groups create hate by religious & traditional, Group society
=> Why Groups do so? => CHANGES towards a true STATE

P3. STATE DILEMMA: - Old Ethics versus Modern Ethics:
=> State & Ethics, Party & Ethics, President & Ethic

=> change =Y => the news, learned of S.Africa + Arab Spring

Modern society anti wars, STATES have to CHANGE: No improvement in peace; war remains now and ever, here or there. A turningpoint can only be realized after emancipation in each country in war.

=> do PREVENT INTERNAL WARS/ WAR. It allows women free in the streets/ in public roles, as it was in Holland already for 400 years.
ACTION 1: women to hold 40% of functions as 1. minister/ in parliament, 2. roles in religions, 3. as bankers. Males took all/ create danger.
ACTION 2: forbid use of the terms allah/ god, because it is misused by males with male rules and autism. Better use terms creation/ creator.
Action 3: Women have good morality for society and relations, so rules on women on sex, etc. only to be made by / through women. Males misuse religion
ACTION 4: enforce a loving allah/ god instead of a punishing allah/ god. Support therefore in Holland and worldwide a calvinistic islam/R.C.

ACTION 5: realize freedom of war: - respect life now and here by showing respect for all 5 identities of any person. Prohibit focus on one.

No improvement in peace; war remained now and ever, here or there. A turningpoint realized after emancipation in a country in war.


SYRIA, etc.
1. For religious, bother with Your own Group, not with me, others. That is FREEDOM. 1 Religious image of males leads to Internal war in States.
2. Western females say: let women be various in culture/ religion? No, because males put to high pressure on women ... and males block EQUALITY
Males do stupid things in fields of LAW and Ethics ( quote Malala and Masai girls); together females now can get male rules changed easily.
3. A target is not to let males dictate the LAW and dominate streets and images, because women and peace as image help prosper State and trade.

- traditioneel zijn is een vervelende mannenwereld : - Arabs en Afrika .. wantrouwen en geen wil tot diversiteit
.. wat 't leven stoort is traditionele cultuur, niet zwart/ wit of rascisme; die verhalen vervelen
.. 't gaat niet om kleur en geloof, maar om verzet tegen veel ongehoorde stommerds van onopgeleide mannen: - rascist en religieus onverdraagzaam, vlgs traditie bij Arabs.

INTERN CONFLICT en de piemel
- religie is verschrikkelijk, want verbreid beide
- mannen in groepen, religie, zijn bloedlink
- een man is link, vanwege zijn tunnelvisie
... in India is het TOPPUNT van hindu religie voor de man weer zijn piemel en 'n kunstje met een stok eromheen.
Conclusie -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Traditioneel mandom -Religieuze mannen brengen zoveel ellende mee:
C1- tegen vrouwen => stichting femmes for freedom is er nu en is nodig
C2- oorlog tegen andere groepen en culturen => TheHague Instit. for Global Justice is er nu en is nodig,
1.- alleen mannen-groepen stigma versterkt ellende , zoals genoemd in C1 en C2
.. en brengt sexueel misbruik mee in R.K. kloosters, onder moslims, etc.
.. Religieus huwelijk maakt dit een kerker voor vrouw=> nodig is belang van 40% voor vrouwen overal

2.- mannen-groepen stigma is extreemst in ISLAM:
.. en focused op groepsbelang => nodig: belang individu moet voorop
.. de minderheidsgroep bij Arabs, Afrika en ook Afrikaans moet altijd vice presidentschap

3. - => Saudi:
.. traditionals think in a survival society ( some in a feeling of 'achtergesteld zijn '), whereas a majority lives in a consumption society.
.. the change from survival to cons. society creates some to want equal rigths, others to search alternatives and conservatives to try to hold security in cultures as religion and tradition. Even , we find no time to create new ways in quick technological changes, today.


a . Lezing den Butter... Uit Schiedam (jan.'13)
globalisering, want dit leidt tot meer transacties.
DAARDOOR kan specialisatie plaatsvinden op de globe
DAT GEEFT meer transactiediensten binnen en buiten eigen locatie

NL. heeft voordeel, als ze dit beter weet te ORGANISEREN
..=> en stuurt op lagere transactiekosten, dan concurrenten
Transactiekosten breiden verder uit in VELE transactie- JOBS (R'dam)
- dit is naast kennis- productie en kennis- diensten economie (A'dam)

b . lezing KOA'13: Religieuzen, bemoei u met eigen groep, niet met mij, ander=> dit is FREEDOM
=> slechts 1 Religieus BEELD, wat mannen hebben, leidt tot Internal war in STATES.
Westerse vrouw: Laat vrouwen anders zijn binnen culturen/ religies? NEE, want die mannen belasten vrouwen zwaar ... en blokkeren EQUALITY
- en doen domme dingen op vlak van recht en Ethiek ( zegt: Masai meisje en Malala )
- SAMEN krijgen vrouwen de mannenregels simpel omver ...
- doel is ook dat mannen NIET alleen de wet en het ( straat-) beeld bepalen,
- want vrede en vrouwen in beeld helpt ook HANDEL en WELVAART ... eindelijk ook in die STATEN.

Bij leeuwen, olifanten, paarden als beste vb- en, geldt de man als afschrikking/ bescherming ( geen ethiek).
WAT mannen niet kunnen:
... Jagen doen de ranke leeuwinnen en
... de oudste dame geeft leiding aan/ organiseert de groep.
HELAAS is bij de MENS de man alleenheerser in allerlei functies/ is door religie geen sprake van dierfamiliegroep focus met dames meer.

Y is change




to neutralize X, traditional male stigma's

rich Saudi keep male TRADITION, so spread religious STIGMA's and group STIGMA's
=> religieus with compulsion/ coercion
=> embitterment versus other groups/ narcism.

It's a road to nasty group war … ; male is not holy. So, neglect their STIGMA's ... . A
Religious is as tradition in nasty war today, due to Male stigma;
=>Syria needs help to solve the pain of these STIGMA's as a 1st nation, now.