* research States. => issues study S. Africa apply for all States. model Y. do not accept FATE
Sustainable Leadership by President ZUMA or RISK IN SOUTH AFRICA? 

=> STATE & Ethics, => Party & Ethics and => president & Ethics

DILEMMA of Old Ethics versus Modern Ethics

- after ANC 20-12-2012, after Mangaung ; How is Stability of the State S. Africa?
- Strikes in NW., WestCape break economic growth and take jobs. Can you act?
- Mbeki was good. His 1 big fate was not to see HIV. Is yours to be a traditionalist in Ethics?

Dear President. Zuma,

I am worried about South Africa as a State => Global Justice => goals.
Do things go Wrong after 20 years ? => (your) Old or modern ETHICS?

- => my goal to deliver on DILEMMA's in a State, => a Party, => you as President-

PARTY & ethics?
Is ANC stronger, then OLD ethics/ corrupt ANC representatives, Pr. ZUMA?

in China party TOP members have better qualities, then in African situation. Now
- in Mangaung ANC attacks lack of qualified ANC representatives
- ANC attacks unqualified behaviour of teachers in rural area's
- ANC attacks Dilemma on lack of modern, professional ETHICS. Great.

STATE & ethics ?
A modern STATE is for individuals; cultural Groups are not issue of a State.

ANC Dilemma's as to the State:
1. Do not mix traditional, religious Leadership in STATE POLITICS
2. a President is for ALL and has TO ACHIEVE for people
3. Rural people in rural villages are still BLOCKED by GROUPS
4. In rural areas an African State does not work, so far, not for people

YOU & ethics, as Pres. ZUMA ?
- get rid of tradition is to get rid of emotion only, still an African TRADITION
- bring your African, traditional way in KZN ? ; rest of S. Africa is a modern State
- why does ANC'er of survival culture applaude its leader? It is innocence about Fate
- an applaude emotion keeps Africans poor, due mighty Presidents do not work for the State
- better keep all institutions of a State, party + press, then suffer under any mighty President
- why not live as president as a buddhist monque, instead of in corrupt housing. You in KZN?
=> e.g. State Cameroun was exhausted, after 20 years, since the 80íes. S.A. since 2012?

ARABS... Egypt, Syria, Saudi, all - & Ethics
Above issues are partly idem for Egypt, its brotherhood party, all ARAB STATES

a. are fake States, due to Group society and a President acting for one Group only
b. elections in fake States lead to bloodshed between Groups, religious groups
c. no women in public life emerges towards continous MALE CRISES, ad a. and b.
d. culture Groups, religious groups, block freedom of opinion and EQUALITY
e. culture Groups do not ACHIEVE in organizing a STATE, nor in peace Ethics
f. better one Party for all, as in China, then a mighty President for one Group only in Arab, African world
g. if no modern State & Ethics develop, then fake States Egypt and Syria will split as SUDAN

Please calm us in our worries.
Sincerely yours,

Mzee Ed van Riemsdijk
HOLLAND. cc. LETTER to Pres. Mandela at that time and letter to Pres. Mbeki at that time
Thank You! ... Your contact request has been sent and you will be contacted shortly.

RESEARCH => then to Sustainable Leadership and less RISK ... in South Africa Viewer.

Organisatie van GROEPEN tot Stabiele STAAT => 't FALEN in vb. van CONGO: X


- onder 9., geen evenredigheid/ salafist in regio. Alleen onderwijs helpt daar Change

model Y. do not accept FATE by male mr. X

THE SOLUTIONS ... new wealth, differentiation in Africa: - now, add education of all girls for a real change

SYRIA: groepsectarisme

eerst tegen communisme;
=> nu tegen Ethiek v.groep sectarisme/ religie:

- ethiek v. 'Man alleen' is 'n religious, ethisch dilemma vir vrijheid, democratie
- Ethiek v. groepenbenadering vervangen door ... mens als vrij kiezer
- stop religie als 1ste genoemde identiteit/stop rascisme tegen vrouwen

- ontwikkel steeds moderne Ethiek tegen 1000 jaar vaste Ethiek v. Religie
- zoek 5 knappe koppen hiervoor, zoals in PC en zonne-energie technologie
- steeds nieuwe Ethiek past nu beter en levert jaarlijkse prijsdaling in leed

- meng traditioneel en religieus leiderschap niet in Staat en politiek
- fake States leiden tot bloedvergieten tussen groepen, religies, ongeletterden
- als vrouwen afwezig zijn in 'public life' wekt dit steeds mannen crises op

- cultuur-/religieuze groepen blokkeren vrijheid v. Opinie en EQUALITY
- deze groepen FALEN om 'n Staat en Ethiek van vrede te organiseren
- stop rare rol v. Maskers, penis en slaan in de manne-Ethiek van religies

- 'n Constitutie moet EQUALITY en kiezers beschermen tegen groepen
- stel vrouwen in gelijke ROL; => ze zijn slimmer in ETHIEK en organisatie
- individuen en niet cultuurgroepen zijn ISSUE voor 'n STAAT