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Governance, hampered by traditional culture and a lack of skills in management theory 

In some areas good examples started in South Africa '96! - Guus Hiddink: Russia/ Korea

The casus in Russia, 2009: - managers/ workers/ sport team unable to control its own job

The casus of KOREA, TILL 2000?: - Governance, hampered by traditional culture:

Mr. Hiddink learned his Korean team to take individual responsibility at work, irrespective of seniority. Seniority is a key in Korean culture.

We know that S. Korea boosted its levels of success considerably during the last world championship soccer. This is an example how to improve quality in a working environment irrespective of a traditional culture. This is the challenge for African countries, Arabs also.
- a modern work culture is not Western culture. The West has its traditional cultures as well.

This is the cause why many governments (Arab and in Africa) destroy everything for their population, in terms of the creation of wealth:

- weak implementation of work, for their nation, by governments and
weak institutions; no rights.

- the context of the national mentality and traditional culture
- traditional ways of doing, at work, instead of a modern organization
- keep your traditional culture at home.

- no leadership by those governments; many take the role of a patriarch
- the 'grass roots', people are traditional followers of the patriarchs.
- in Holland we teach children to think critically; nobody is 'a follower'.
- the traditional patriarchical SYSTEM, which many leaders create

More sources to the problems in many cultures as to create a modern society-
Due to a patriarchical system:
- suppression, initiated by governmental leaders
- lacking to stimulate the rights of all people to have another opinion
- why sex with many, instead of care and love for one only?

- where is the moral thinking as to sex, love and life in the thinking of
so many males?
- female and male are equal; It is not in the thinking of many males

- no rights means no creation of conditions for the creation of wealth
- patriarchs, in churches, create a suppressive system either failing systems.

- Often leaders, who are unable to bring a new, modern way of thinking
- modern Japanese and Koreans, succesful at work, are still Japanese, Korean