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Misachievements analysed in neighboughring countries of S. Africa and the plans in S. Africa itself.

Government in Botswana is doing well. Government in Zimbabwe creates a new ‘banana republic’; a mis- achievement. In this article we try to analyse a combination of factors, which might be active in Zimbabwe, then try to learn from these factors for S. Africa and in particulur discuss ‘ the grass roots problem’ there and the solutions in S. Africa as well as the housing challenge in the townships in particular. Finally I com- pare the situation in S. Africa with some of the problems in Zimbabwe.

Many cultures in this world are focused on the moral and religious sides of a society. This is implemented in their societies, more than in the Western culture. Does this orientation help them to build an economy? Why are they not able to organize economic issues in order to make a good life? Why do they so much ex- pect help from others, e.g. from government?

The tropical heat has an effect on the capacity to work effectively. This effectivity is limited. We see the big- gest problems in the weak economies in the tropical regions in three continents. Do groups in cold mountain areas around Mt. Kenya and in LESOTHO have more capacity to work? Does a cold winter force those men to make a plan for winter? Is that what lacks in tropical areas, namely to make a plan or to take your own res- ponsibility? Is this what we see in Mr. Mugabe?
Patriarchical cultures and patriarchical leaders detoriate democracy, equal rights and good governing, be- cause they don’t listen. They have the power in the family and in governing (Mugabe). Is a patriarchical be- haviour related to a lack of education in a particular society?

Do non protestant religions have a disadvantage, because they are less enabled to organize their work? Is this true when we compare Southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana and South Africa) with Zimbabwe? Protestan- tism is successful in South Korea and in Brazil now. What is the role of a religion in modernization?

Is governing based on communist ways of thinking of its leaders damaging the effectiveness of that society (Mugabe)?

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