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* Back to KOA Debate: Lunacy of Ruler Behaviour/ Internal Wars, now International Affairs: - Rulers or Leaders in'13 ?

koa presents Rulers+Clan

Male Leadership, Clan and Religion and (Un) SECURITY.

-Insight in internal conflict and Rulership in 3, 4, 5 -> Compare it with Leaders: 1, 2, China- speaker => twitter/ LinkedIn
LEZING, nl. grens voor Leiders E.U. vs. Heerser van Arabs/ Clan
1. The E.U., 2006- today .. for debate. Know its success + Risk; coach => governance Risk/ E.U. 'bestuur'/ E.U.-news
2. Holland, choices .. laboratory as social-economic model; model against catholic and Suni male behaviour

Rulers and Religions, KOA conference on Group Doctrine = on power over rights: - barbarian
3. Lezing 2009-'13: Russian patronage .. a debate on juridical nihilism/ .. Also in Moskow a designers economy
4. L.'11-'13: Saudi Sharia to Egypt? A debate on all Arab Rulers: -Arab roots/ failing Arab States blocked by Group fate
5. L.2013:.Congo; Chaos in traditional Africa, why?- Youth Plan. Males fail; Africa still only emotional.

explain women
position: moslim/ hindu
YouTube: explain State or Clans in my article

FATE in clientelism/ patronage system
and its hierarchy; it's the cause for feodal corruption and monsters and ... failing economies?
- styles p. country
- also Italy
- set limits to
leader terms;War..

Risk analysis States

Women ...

E.U. favours chances
... the INSTITUTIONS of freedom and Equality;
Leaders E.U in tension with Rulers

FOCUS: 3 Extreme States
Change legislation in
3,4, 5-
- for Arab, Rus., African leaders
- rights over power= enlightened

- Mekka nu Heerser: geweld, KERK- wet, rare positie voor vrouwen

Plan 3,4,5: Diversity and democracy:
- enlightenment. Fire Mugabe , etc.

Africa, auto-reverse /no Top leaders?
- a Secular State against a war, caused by religious hate and Clan Identities.

Politics is like sailing:
portside then starboard to sail strait towards a goal

create Groups of Young Leaders for freedom+equality: - we need 40 % women in administration in Suni +Catholic life
Now, Suni Moslim groups are as catholics the year 1000/ catholics + moslims learned maniism +'catch fight' from Normans

coaching SHARING OF POWER in new Contitutions:
- voter rights versus Clan is also anti Ruler war
a. what a crater now
! ... we need Protocols anti extreme, male leaders/ religious
rings of hate
- change African history ...- Role of male as 'African culture'? - stays emotional/ not rational
- Arab, religions +internal wars: ...- move away from national- religious hate, distrust, clans as dictators
- Is Indonesia poor, in Far East, due it's Patriarchs-/moslim doctrines?
- Rulers out of power ( male antropology: X +Y)- after 8 /12 years.

b. U.S.A. and S. Africa to follow Brazil's success under LULA:
- in an economy 'markets must work for the wellbeing of the masses'

ad 3, Middle East is church states; versus E.U. a rt & State history

Study/ be responsible
work as an individu:

The Culture and Style:
- of old institutions

Organizing States; - create it!

Ruler 6 FATES:
Male X is weaker in
- management and Ethics
... then mr Y+ women
ACADEMY-community building in more countries: males/ Rulers, dictators a problem in Clans and religions.
Change MISUSE of power by Rulers, dictators, which means 'against the other'/ no freedom: - e.g. in church States below.
- so, develop FREE diversity: - e.g. 'now you are moslim, ... but there is no islam ( justice)' ... in Iran. And in S.Arabia
- in S.Africa, a moslim woman can be imam and Muhsin Hendricks is a gay imam, married with a hindu. There is honoust life.