Untitled Document Back to Group Home.( Strategic Management of GROUP, RELIGION, MALE as LEADER) // LinkedIn: change, GET 5 BRILLIANT PEOPLE with ideas for PEACE.
* Fake STATES - conference Viewer: => Risk/ Leader => models; COURSES 'risks of Clans'/ Apply protocols against Ruler
Unsecurity by Rulers of Groups:
- internal war, Fake
State: details 1, 2,3
Risk in States my passion => insight in Leaders: I remember Rulers/ dictators/ Arab terrorists.
Culture, Religion, Risk;
styles and Insight in mr. X. Found. Kijk op Afrika offers:
1. S.W.O.T. of 6 Ruler fates, 2. Groups as Fate, 3. States as Risks or => Global Justice => goals and Insight

ad Risk in 6 Fates: a Patriarch (=1), Identity, MASCULINITY=3 ; +FATE 4-6..Scarcity of women brings unsafety/ need Arab Ghandi to change culture?
==> ARAB' Internal Wars due to Suni-moslim, Clans+Ruler: - enmity/ terrorists

Not only males as change'14 towards Constitutional STATE? => Y means Freedom + Equality
a. Essence of sustainable leadership by K.O.A., a RISK analyst about Lunacy of Clans+ Rulers / => prepare a plan
b. Rulers' Internal wars/ Country insight on Rus, Saudi, Congo; ==> And: Youth in Africa, Plan to win!
c. Change Rulers: - Questions for leaders => culture NL/ Risks in key Countries// NGIZ
Y=institutions X = Rulers

Risk Analyst, by research of Culture S. A. ;
define limits:
1. leadership terms+ no hate imams
2.to no-scarcity of women in government, cath. church, mosque

Honour my Dutch grandfather
, Y, accountant anti - corruption and pro
- ethical leadership and equality

Help of organization theory; typeY
, culture India
versus typeX, Arab, etc

I know Dutch culture
: old books
/ map V.O.C.
history & V.O.C.
60th & ...N.Y.C.

RISK of Rulers
a. no rights or Institutions
b.Clans' Male rules only
c.Stone Era of leadership
DILEMMA of old+
Course goal of modern governance. ... Pop up
Women right Institution:
- women demonstrate for
- sex no issue in religion
- civil right over Power

a State, Leadership & Ethics
leader abc,
Speaker on society; coach for POLITICS to be sharing of power, Equality for all.
- 1989 Sowjet collapse caused
>01, islam group attack N.Y.C

- 2011, Arabs+ social media resist 6 x Ruler/ Clan fates

- women excluded by Rulers and religions; enmity in'15

Resist to Group Doctrines in a,b,c <==> internal wars due to Rulers, Religions in 21st century... anti women
- re a, b, c -> Stop Clans, Ruler behaviour / towards modern professionalism and Ethics (my conferences for Y): - create it!

ess RISK for a world, if: - Plan: not only males -> YouTube, e.g. Egypt. a. Read first; Then b. Rus, Saudi, Congo
a-=> Arabs in social media fed up with Rulers' Clans/ church Groups sectarism , but want Freedom and Equality in the State for all
b-Women scarce as leader=> unsecurity. Use their value => create Insight + institutions to divide State rules of religion
c- Insight/Country, based in antroplogy, psyche, male organizer; fate in Ethics e.g. Suni Groups' religion.. Support competition, protestant, Sjia.

more Belg/NL, me

Economy, Africa and damage by
Malaria: - solved

new JOBS created asof 1970 - 2014:
1. automation industry
2. service industry

3. asof 2011 sons+me/


3a. internet for industry, transactio-nal services
3b. States not to impose religion

... males fale in Ethics

=> Lunacy of Leadership

by ARAB Clan +religion;
no real State.

ED ACADEMY, IMPROVE MANAGEMENT and ETHICS of LEADERSHIP (reduce risk by protocols: -> Sustainable Leadership) ad a,b,c* : => research
l learned of Books HISTORY of Internal wars, so, change juridical nihilism in Clans, group behaviour in Religions
- Autocratic Countries (=X) continue a STONE ERA of Leadership or change Law to protect ALL people (=Y)?
- AL jAZEERAH in Qatar ( Y , change) versus AL ARABIA = Saudi ( X , conserve) => the news in 2011/'12
=> Even, rich Saudi keep male TRADITION, so spread religious STIGMA's and group STIGMA's.